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  • The Villa at St Louis Park Minneapolis, Minnesota 55426

    Sorry to say I agree with all the reviews already submitted. The first floor is beautiful to look at, but not a nice thing to have to experience living there. The night staff do disappear. The nurse is either passing medications or doing admissions and that leaves one nursing assistant for all the residents on the wing. One nursing assistant cannot help everyone to bed at bedtime. I guessed can wait half an hour for the light to be answered, easily. There is no flexibility or accommodation for the patient, it is simply what the nursing assistant has time to do in her best order. I did go upstairs to visit and that place should be gutted. It looks like a warehouse And smells worse. If you visit during the day on a weekday, you will probably find what appears to be sufficient staff, but try visiting in the evening or on a weekend. And it seems that this place is contracted with hospitals and patients have little choice with the vulnerability that they are currently experiencing to find somewhere else to go. But if you do have someone that can advocate for you, go somewhere else.

  • The Villa at St Louis Park Minneapolis, Minnesota 55426

    Shortstaffed. Shortstaffed. Shortstaffed. My friend staying there found it virtually impossible to get help during the middle of the night. It's like all the staff disappear. Day staff will help you to the toilet after the call light is on for between 20 and 30 minutes and then leave you there for another 20 or 30 minutes before they return. If they return. The building itself is clean and the first floor is dressed to impress. It seems MANY of the staff that they do have are very nice people and good workers, but completely overworked and don't have the time to give the residents optimal care.

  • The Villa at St Louis Park Minneapolis, Minnesota 55426

    My father was at the transitional care unit of this facility and did not have a good experience. The facility is newer and he had a big private room but, except for the PT, he did not receive very good care. Other than getting up for PT or OT, and for his meals, he was left in his bed the remainder of his day. He ate every meal alone in his room. But the real negative was how unclean the place is. He struggles with incontinence and was not cleaned on a regular basis, nor was his bed or clothing. He had not showered the day he was discharged and smelled very bad. His room also smelled very bad. I would not recommend this facility to your loved one.

  • Edenbrook of Edina Minneapolis, Minnesota 55423

    I can't say enough good things about Edina Care Center. My mother went there for transitional care after leaving the hospital. She was already on hospice care. The people at Edina Care took very good care of my mother. When she couldn't or wouldn't eat what she ordered they tried to find something she would eat. They were always right on time with her meds. They gave her massages, washed her hair, and did everything they could to make her comfortable. During her last 3 days when we knew she was going to die, they turned her every 2 hours, put cold compresses on her head, made sure she was dry and comfortable. During those 3 days my sister and I held vigil and they brought us food and beverages and were very nice to us. Once the entire family came they made sure we had enough chairs and offered lunch to everyone. They were all just so thoughtful and caring.

  • The Villa at Bryn Mawr Minneapolis, Minnesota 55405

    This website is incorrect in stating that the owner of Bryn Mawr nursing home does not own other nursing homes. It does. Villa owns Bryn Mawr in Minneapolis Villa in Osseo and St. Louis Park Villa in St. Louis Park. As well as nursing homes around the United States. Bryn Mawr is a very old nursing home that has been semi-redecorated. It stinks of cigarette smoke both fresh and stale inside. I can see that some of the staff are very concerned about the residents, but there are also staff that seem to look the other way and goof off quite a bit. No one cares about their family member should consider this nursing home. It runs shorthanded, the aesthetics, and food are awful, laundered items disappear, and Villa healthcare company is getting a reputation for the bottom line being dollars in.

  • The Villa at St Louis Park Minneapolis, Minnesota 55426

    FYI The statement on this website is incorrect.

    "The Owner does NOT own multiple nursing homes"

    Villa healthcare also owns Bryn Mawr in Minneapolis and Villa in Osseo Minnesota. It also owns several other nursing homes around the US. It is a corprate owned and run institution.

    I've seen Bryn Mawr and would never consider working or allowing my loved ones to live there. It appears as though most residents smoke and their residence smells of stale cigarette smoke very strongly.. Osseo is newer and might be better. My experience with Villa of St. Louis Park is that it's a well-maintained building, but greatly understaffed with a lot of staff turnover which is hard on residents.

  • Redeemer Residence Inc Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408

    My father is a resident of Redeemer Residence Inc., and has been for around 3 years. The facility is, in my opinion, understaffed. My father has had long waits (20+ min.) for assistance when nurse call button pushed, and I have seen this with other residents also. Within about a 4-6 week period, my father has fallen 4 times.

    The short-stay rooms are nicer than the long-term rooms; so I'd recommend touring multiple floors of the facility before placing a family member there.

    Quarterly reviews are rushed, 20 minutes allotted to each review, even when additional time has been requested by family members. Certain staff members have had an antagonistic relationship with my siblings and myself, but this has been improving recently. Some of the staff have been unwilling to accommodate family members' schedules for quarterly reviews. This changed when it had been repeatedly challenged by family members during the past 2 years.

    My father has complained about specific items on the menu at 4 of the past 5 quarterly reviews, and they are still being served.

    There have been multiple instances when my family members have threatened to report the facility to oversight organizations. It has sometimes taken this to force Redeemer Residence Inc, to take action--for example sending notifications of dates of quarterly reviews. In one instance, the notification was postmarked THE DAY OF the review, and didn't reach the out of state family member until several days after the review, which made it so family members were not included in the quarterly review. Other times (more than one), some family members were notified of review, while others were not. After Redeemer Residence was finally told that all family members had to be notified in advance for every single review, or they would be reported, the situation changed.

    For one quarterly review, I was told my father couldn't attend the review because he was at a doctor's appointment. Meanwhile, one of my siblings found my father in his room immediately after the review, and my father stated he did not have an appointment that day.

    There have been several instances when the staff of Redeemer has told one family member one thing, and told another family member something else.

    The facility does have several types of activities for residents, and that is one of their better features.

    My family has been trying for several months to have our father placed in a different facility, and he is on a waiting list for other nursing homes. Personally, I wouldn't recommend the facility overall.

  • The Villa at St Louis Park Minneapolis, Minnesota 55426

    We've had several friends/family stay at this facility prior to it's becoming "The Villa." It was bad then, if possible it's worse now. Following hip surgery at Fairview Southdale this facility was literally jammed down our throats. Apparently Fairview Southdale employees get some major kick backs for recommending it. Some new tile on the floors and paint on the walls do not constitute a "multi-million dollar makeover." The staff is not only non-responsive, they are harsh and cruel. No one would want to be there and certainly not see a loved one there. Yesterday we witnessed a St. Louis Park fire inspector writing them up for litter and debris piled up in a lower level exit. It would have taken a worker 30 minutes to thoroughly clean the walkway but it's obviously been neglected for some time. Instead of an attempted remodel, this place should have been bulldozed along with the staff. The only reason their staff works in the health care industry is because they couldn't get jobs anywhere else, not because they really care about people. A sad fact which is demonstrated on a minute-by-minute basis. My advice is to run, don't walk, away from this facility! It is not a good place at all.

  • The Villa at Bryn Mawr Minneapolis, Minnesota 55405

    Villa at bryn mawr……I give it 0 stars if I could. The management is not the best. All they think about is money and not the quality of care the patients receive. Management have no clue as to what is occurring in their own facility. Don't send your family members to this home. Your love ones might die from the poor care and the nastiness of the place.

  • The Estates at St Louis Park LLC Minneapolis, Minnesota 55426

    My son was in Golden Living Center after a lengthy illness and was transferred from University of Minnesota hospital.

    He got there Dec 23, 2014, and never saw a doctor until the second week in January.

    His bed broke the first weekend, he could not raise it because he was told it would tip over if he did. He got a different bed the next day, which was too short fr his height but I heard the maintenance person tell the staff they had no other beds.

    He finally got another bed after two more days.

    He called me on his cell phone one evening at 8:00 PM, asking if I could find someone to change him as he had laid in his own waste for over an hour with no response from the call button/light.

    It took me over 20 rings to get another nursing station to answer as they have no operator after 5:00 PM.

    They sent some one to assist finally after calling the nursing station where he was.

    He was ignored, and when he asked if they could do something for his bed sore was told *NO* by a male staff person unless he had a prescription and the wound was left uncovered until the next day when a different aide at least put a pad on it.

    Problem after problem was reported to the home, they would change for one or two days then start all over.

    The end came when I went to see him and he wasn't in his bed or his wheelchair, and when I found a supervisor for the nursing staff they said he had been sent to the ER the day before, I asked why I wasn't called and was told my name wasn't on the chart.

    When I told them I had made sure the home's social worker had my name and my daughters name I got the blank look.

    When I asked where they sent him, they had to make telephone calls and ask the hospital if they had him as a patient. When I asked why he had been sent, I went through another 30 questions and the supervisor at one point asked one of the aides if she knew.

    I found out and finally went to see him where he was actually getting care.

    He was supposed to get physical therapy to get him walking again, and I think he got maybe 4 visits in the month he was there.

  • Brookview a Villa Center Minneapolis, Minnesota 55427

    Was there for over a year. Administration within the facility is weak. They serve powdered eggs only. Food is okay though. They seem to be Understaffed regarding nurses. Most of the daily work is provided by immigrants. They manipulate data. Such as there surveys fall behind, they try to catch up by coming in 2-3 times a week asking same survey question. The survey taker acknowleged this practice. When a resident needs help, It may take 15 minutes or longer to respond. If you do not have private insurance they will try to get you to leave. Social workers are good, but there hands are tied.

    Overall a clean facility. but I would not recommend this facility. Being a for profit company, they cut costs. The facility is close to a strip mall which is nice.

  • Texas Terrace a Villa Center Minneapolis, Minnesota 55426

    The 1st floor rehabilitation floor is nice, spacious and clean. My family member was moved up stairs to the 2nd floor which is a whole different world. Her living space in a shared room is 30 square feet. A twin bed and a bedside table with 3 drawers. The heat is on constantly and it is dark and gloomy. It is so cramped in the room that the outside door has to be closed in order to get into the bathroom. I would not recommend sending your loved one to this facility.

  • The Villa at Bryn Mawr Minneapolis, Minnesota 55405

    Terrible place, staff is loud, rude and pays no attention to patients. I would know I have lived next door 6 years and watched the staff take a terrible turn. Constantly lacking and hanging out in the packing lot, selling drugs from the parking lot and spending more time in their cars than the facility.

  • Brookview a Villa Center Minneapolis, Minnesota 55427

    The staff at Golden Valley Rehab & Care Center is EXCELLENT! My brother is currently housed in the long-term care portion of this facility due to a massive stroke effecting the left side of his brain, leaving him paralyzed on the right side and difficulty talking, amongst other brain trama issues. Despite this fact, he is always in a good mood when we come to visit him. This I accredit towards the staff. I have first-hand knowledge PT worked extremely hard with him to walk again, however it just was not meant to be. He currently still receives Speech Therapy. Upon entrance to Golden Valley Rehab & Care Center he had difficulties speaking at all. But now he can spout a complete sentence every now and then! My brother is in very good spirits everytime we see him. This was NOT the case at other facilties that he had been at prior to Golden Valley Rehab & Care Center. It seemed like he knew he was not receiving the proper treatment at these other facilities and acted out physically as he had no other way to communicate this to us. Even though Golden Valley Rehab is a bit rundown, it is the people that make the difference! My brother's attitude can attest to this. Even though I wish he was home or even in a facility closer to my home, I am so thankful that he has a safe and caring place to live to provide him what he needs day and night! Thank you Golden Valley Rehab!

  • Victory Health & Rehabilitation Center Minneapolis, Minnesota 55430

    Our father recently stayed at Camden Care Center in Minneapolis until he passed away. While at the Center he received excellent care, the staff was attentive, informed and compassionate. Our father had several heath issues, including a tracheotomy which required consistant care and monitoring. He had been at another nursing home where we had constant battles with the staff over their negligence and felt we needed to be there around the clock to make sure his needs were being met. At Camden Care we felt confident he was getting the best care possible, it was a huge relief to know we could trust the staff and are truly thankful for all they did for him and our family.

  • Edenbrook of Edina Minneapolis, Minnesota 55423

    By far the worst care center EVER!! poor management, poor communication, no follow through with concerns. My mother complained multiple times to ce home. After around the 5th complaint I took her home. The nurses didn't know how to handle my mother. She got worse due to the poor care she was given. I will never use or recommend Edina to Anyone.

  • Camilia Rose Care Center LLC Minneapolis, Minnesota 55448

    My Mother has stayed a Camilia Rose 3 times for rehab. Twice for knee replacements and now a partial hip replacement. She seems to like the rehab people and they keep her to task. But the response time to nurse calls for help is about 30 minutes. I can't believe that they would let this continue. I am there most evenings and both my Mother and her room mate have had issues with poor response times.

  • Walker Methodist Health Center Minneapolis, Minnesota 55409

    Our family has 18 months experience with a parent living at Walker. It is not a flashy place, but in my opinion, they are among the leaders in skilled nursing home care. My father's condition has improved THREE levels since he arrived from out of state needing the highest care on the scale. The facility is older but has everything necessary, and the staff could not be more caring and skilled in their roles. Never once in a year and a half have I seen anything less than an expectation of excellence in level of care. My father has twice declined the opportunity to move to the Minn Vets Home, preferring to remain at WM. Administration is responsive and easy to work with. Small opportunities in their management process and side services is the only reason I did not give a 5 star rating. We recommend them without reservation.