Review of Woods Crossing at Woods Point

2 Star User Review

Greta residents who deserve nothing but good care. But the owner under pays the staff even when they lie and say you will get more with certifications. They will use you and burn you out, especially when it comes to leaving people alone to work the floor. No health benefits or even remotely good pay. You get awhole 25 cents after your 90 days, so they say. The turnover rate is through the roof because there is no changes being made to make the staff happy. Residents are at risk daily with the lack of staff. Also if you want to report someone, you better hope its not one of managments favorites or family, because they will yell in your face and tell you to quit complaining. Management truly makes this place a HORRIBLE experience and yet they wonder why they cant keep any staff when they move on to a place that is willing to pay you for what you should be getting.