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  • Arbor Hills Nursing Center La Mesa, California 91942

    Dysfunctional administration that unfortunately affects the nursing care of the residents. But they do have a family council that meets monthly. It is a self-led, self-determining group of families and friends that are independent from the management. The group works to improve the quality of care and the quality of life of the residents as well as provides families with a voice in decision making that affects them and their loved ones. This has been a valuable resource to improve the care of my loved one.

  • Grossmont Post Acute Care La Mesa, California 91942

    The worse care I have ever seen. Charge nurses and staff are never available when patient is in need of care. So disgusting when you see your friend sitting in dirty dirty diapers. A friend of mine had a stroke and the staff didn't assist her with her needs. My friend had to call her granddaughter and have her call the facility to get help because she couldn't breath. They left her sitting in a wheelchair for hours and didn't even give her lunch. So horribly sad when a nursing facility won't take care of you.

  • Villa Rancho Bernardo Care Center San Diego, California 92127

    My mother was a resident there after a stroke for a bit over a year. We found only a minority of the staff acted professionally. Most were poorly trained. We saw one stealing from a resient's room, reported it and were treated as if we were lying. Stopped another staff member from stealing from my mom. When mom ran out of Medicare coverage we were urged to take her to another facility because the place was going to receive less money for her care. The first floor was the only place where she received good care. At all costs avoid the second floor. We learned too late that cannot force a patient to be moved from their originally assigned room. in the end mom chocked to death by being force fed. Note this is a "for profit" facility.

  • Reo Vista Healthcare Center San Diego, California 92139

    Because you give so much: To our Reo Vista Family, day by day, week after week, month after month you gave amazing care & comfort to Felicia. Her home here during the final years of her life was such a blessing to her and to us. Amazing place because of amazing people!

    We love you & thank you.

    Barry, Mike, & Tammy.

    The best place for me. I’m new person. Thanks, god bless


  • Aviara Healthcare Center Encinitas, California 92024

    I wish I could give it less than one star. It took me 3 hours to get one of the pain killers I brought here. And then they wouldn't give me my own, which was full in a sealed bottle. They told me that they couldn't trust the source. It's a brand new never opened bottle. What thismeans is they want me to pay for their pills,which I'm sure they are going to charge way to much for. No showers in the bedroom is gross, and if you just got out of the hospital with recent surgery wounds it becomes a very scary risk. It's 2:30 am right now and the staff is having loud conversations in the hallway which echos. The staff couldn't get jobs in the local hospitals so they work here for 30 or 40 percent less. That speaks for it self. If that's not enough. read this link.

    It has to do with a $ !00,000 fine and the death of a client.


  • Community Care Center La Mesa, California 91942

    This is the most repulsive Skilled Nursing Facility Rehab facility around. It smells of feces and urine to the point of it lingering on your clothes and mouth after leaving facility. Unprofessional staff. Do not leave you loved ones anywhere near this place. I cannot say ONE positive thing regarding this facility except I hope the state steps in and shuts it down. One star is to much for this dump.

  • Somerset Subacute and Care El Cajon, California 92020

    Horrible place! Staff is not professional. My mother suffered so much being in this place. She is so much better now at a different place. The director in specific was very difficult, unprofessional.

    Please get your loved ones out of there ASAP !!

    If there was 0 stars I would have chose that.

  • Somerset Subacute and Care El Cajon, California 92020

    We sent my mother in law there on a recommendation from the hospital. She got bedsores and lost a lot of weight while there. When we visited there was urine on the floor where they had let my mother in law pee because they did not respond to her calls to use the bathroom. Their director in training was rude every time we called to talk to her. She told us that she would give us plenty of notice to find an assisted living place when they were ready to release my mother in law but instead she called us the day before and said my mother in law needed to be OUT tomorrow. We had to scramble to find a place. I would never send my mother in law back there.

  • Brookdale Carmel Valley San Diego, California 92130

    My mother was at emeritus a few months ago the staff was nice but seemed to be not enough help!!! and my mothers bathroom and room was never cleaner until i told the social worker. The social worker was very knowledgable and was a great help in getting my mother set up with home health and noticed all her long hrs she worked as well as the Director of nursing without those two emeritus would be at a loss …

  • Magnolia Post Acute Care El Cajon, California 92020

    I would have choose NO STARS, but the website does not allow that!

    DON"T TAKE YOUR FAMILY MEMBER HERE, I would commit suicide before I would personally stay at Shea Family Magnolia!

    My mother was at this facility for ten years. This place was a terrible place, especially if you are not going to be there everyday and make sure your loved one has AT LEAST an expected level of care. These big corporate mulch-facility nursing homes (SNIFF's) have nothing in mind except the bottom line of their profit and loss statement!

    Complaints after complaints continually until we ended up with formal complaints to the State of California resulting in numerous State Nursing Home violations. I can go on and on and it may even sound unbelievable, but I assure you what I am saying is true and I have the State of California complaints to prove this.

    These places are mostly ALL terrible in one way or another. I am not sure there is a good place I can send you to in the El Cajon area, but I can say … not this place until Shea Family cares more about the patient than the bottom line. Not even a call, condolence, card, nothing after my mother died last month after being a "customer" for more than ten years! What does that tell you?

  • Palomar Heights Post Acute Rehab Escondido, California 92027

    I was sent to this facility after I had a surgery. It was early morning and I was in a lot of pain the first thing I heard when I came in was what seemed to be the boss yelling at a staff member. When she noticed me she was kind to me. I heard her a lot throughout my stay every morning and through the day yelling. It was very loud all the time. The boss lady is horrible to her staff. I don't need to hear all the things going on with the staff. It didn't make me feel like she was confident with their abilities, which then made me uncomfortable. I would not recommend this facility to anyone, in fact I would say stay far away. My daughter is a nursing supervisor at a hospital, she would never treat her staff that way.

  • Grossmont Post Acute Care La Mesa, California 91942

    From the moment I arrived to the moment I was "discharged" there was plenty to complain about and little to admire. The admin staff was especially distant, non-communicative, and disagreeable. It is, after all, a for-profit corporation and there is pressure and emphasis on pushing their related services/products, i.e., home inspection to lead to in-home sale of products and installation related to senior safety. I found this especially distasteful considering all the articles and admonitions regarding salespeople who prey on seniors. Most, if not practically all, of their patients were aged and infirm or cognitively unaware so "sitting ducks" is an appropriate metaphor. Their physical therapists, while mostly a pleasant, knowledgeable bunch, were especially good at shortchanging patients timewise - after all, they needed some of those physical therapy minutes to write their reports.

    One especially egregious blunder was receiving the wrong med's in the middle of the night which was later acknowledged (but not by Shea personnel) but never apologized for.

    So the foregoing is just a smattering of the negative atmosphere/conduct that I experienced. Must say, however, that the CNA's were really helpful, understanding and on the ball. Their superiors could learn a thing or two from them!

  • Villa Rancho Bernardo Care Center San Diego, California 92127

    Using the suggested elements to write a review of Villa Rancho Bernardo is helping me to be objective.

    The FIRST thing we should have been wise enough to ask about was, "Did the facility have a Family Support Group?". It does not, and attempts by myself and others to establish one were firmly discouraged. We learned that VRB does not want family members to get together and compare notes, experiences and be supportive of one another. (There is a Resident's Support Meeting. We learned from several residents that although they have an opportunity to voice their concerns, "nothing is ever done" about them and participants consider them a "farce".)

    The SECOND thing we should have investigated was whether or not the facility was a "For Profit Facility" and if it was part of a large corporation that owns more than one business. VRB is just such a for profit facility and part of a group of more than a dozen like businesses. (After being sued, one of their facilities was closed. The amount facilities can be sued is limited by the state - as in the case of the VRB resident who choked to death.) Because of the owners/managers focus on profit, staff and resources are stretched thin. Comparing staff ratios with other facilities in CA is misleading. We've learned that the staff is overworked and it was unable to properly care for our loved one who was unable to care for herself. She was left to sit in a wet diaper or wet bed for hours until we complained. Although there was a pitcher of water at her bedside, she was unable to pour it for herself. The staff considered the few spoonsful of water she had with her medications to have provided her with a drink of water. They do not seem to know the meaning of the word "hydration".

    The THIRD important thing to know is that after the first three months, Medicare and our mom's private insurance stopped and she was placed on Medi-Cal which meant that the facility received a greatly reduced amount of money for mom. We were repeatedly encouraged to take her to another facility - we felt it was because we were vigilant about how mom was being cared for. (When one is no longer eligible for that first three months worth of full coverage, other facilities don't want to take a person in. They want - and need - all the money they can get.)

    The FOURTH thing we should have known is that once a person is put into a bed/room, they cannot be forced to move to another. (We learned this fact from a representative from the CA state's Ombudsman - months after our mom was moved from the "Showcase" room she had been originally assigned to for the first three months on the main floor - and her FULL insurance coverage ran out.)

    The FIFTH thing we learned was the "Contracted" staff members are much better paid for their efforts than regular staff. This is probably why the Contracted Therapists were professional in treating mom vs. the regular staff member who provided physical therapy for her. He was assigned to put mom into a "Standing Frame" to assist her and help keep her upright as she bore weight on her legs. We saw that her ankles were crossed and only her toes were touching the floor. When we reported this she never again received this therapy when we were present. There was no oversight - whether it was that PT was being done correctly or that at mealtime residents were engaged in conversation rather than ignored as staff interacted amongst themselves. In the more than year our mom was at VRB of the more than forty+ staff members assigned to her there were perhaps six or so who considered what they were doing a vocation and not just a time card to be punched.

    The SIXTH thing we learned was to DOCUMENT all of our observations - in both writing and photographs. Doing both of these things helped mom get better care. Involving both the Ombudsman and State Licensing also let the "Business" know that we expected mom to receive the care promised in the advertisements. It did not make us popular but it did keep people on their toes and got mom better care.

    The SEVENTH thing we learned is that the staff - including the Senior Staff - in particular Nursing - will lie either outright or more likely by omission to protect the institution. For example when we asked if mom had been treated by a Medi-Cal physician vs. the private one we regularly took her to when we learned by our own observation she had received an injury, we were lied to and told, "No.". Only after we took mom to her private physician did she receive treatment when we learn that she had contracted a virulent infection that complicated her health and which contributed to her death. The fact that several written notifications were posted around mom's bed to ALWAYS keep her head elevated were ignored and, she died gasping for breath in our presence shorty after we found her so flat in her bed, we initially thought the bed was empty. Hours of ignoring her position were never recorded in her record. The representative from State Licensing told us there was "no documentation" of the fact in her record and after-all "She was old." - as if it didn't matter that she died because of staff negligence.

    FINALLY, it should have been an indicator of things to come when the doctor at the hospital (after mom had the stroke that resulted in her being transferred to VRB) did not want her to be fed. Then within the first few days of her being at VRB - the doctor who came highly recommended by her personal physician - asked me, "Why do you want to keep her alive? Does it make you feel good?"

    REMEBER - you are the customer - "BUYER BEWARE!" Your involvement is critical. It will not make things perfect but it is necessary if you care about the care being given.

  • Villa Rancho Bernardo Care Center San Diego, California 92127

    My mom stayed at this facility for a month. The rehab team were encouraging and friendly to everyone. My mom stayed downstairs and she had the worst time. The morning staff seemed to be always in a hurry with their care and the RN's and the unit manager were so unprofessional. The unit manager, who dresses up as if she were 14 years old, would yell across the hall to get the attention of her staff member. It was totally unreal. The gossiping was another problem I saw during the day. I saw that the assistant director of nursing talking "not so nice things" to the unit manager about their staff aloud and the fact they were laughing out loud annoyingly. I would not recommend this place to anyone. They had a choking incident last year and the patient ended up dying. You wouldn't want that to happen to your love one right? read on about this facility:

  • San Diego Post-Acute Center El Cajon, California 92020

    I just previous sent the rating of 3 before. I made a mistake and press the wrong star. I would rate this as a 1 star. It use to be a caring home care situation, but it has fell tremendously. They appear to be understaff and the nursing staff is not friendly or kind. The MA's or nursing assistant seem to be over worked. It looks like they have way to many people to attend to. There is never toilet paper or clean towels available. The patients smell bad. The RN's are not friendly and you can never find them when you need them. Your love ones have the same clothes on day after day. No one seems to help them be clean or look in on them. They are just there with not interaction of any kind. There is absolutely no stimulation, no going outside. Depending on when you go there they seem very short staff and always at the nurses station on the phone. You would want more for you loved one. Not a happy or clean place.

  • Jacob Health Care Center, LLC San Diego, California 92105

    About a year ago my mother fell out of bed at Jacobs Health care,they informed of the fall ,yet made no changes on the monitoring of my mother .We decided to give them a second chance, because we like some of the staff and the place seemed clean .Recently my mother fell from bed again, this time she fractured her femur above her knee, leading to the loss of her left leg. I don't know how long my mother was on the floor, but I know she must have been in a lot of pain.I have been looking for a different place to take her and have been unsuccessful, Please help , This place is bad news

  • Amaya Springs Health Care Center Spring Valley, California 91977

    Though I had my doubts because CMS only rated this facility 2 Stars, we admitted my mom at Presidio under the recommendation of a family friend. The facility is small and home very like. The staff was excellent, the concierge Yanet was so helpful. She would pick up my dad from home and drop him home again everyday while my mom was there so he could visit while we were at work. In no time my mom was back on her feet with the help of the great rehab team and back home with us. Keep it up Presidio!

  • Palomar Vista Healthcare Center Escondido, California 92025

    I absolutely second the review about lack of cohesion in this facility. I gave specific information about my mother's care to the intake person, but no one seems to be able to open the file to read it. It appears like the PT, OT, and speech therapy are good, but the nursing staff are completely disorganized.

    I have found my mother laying neglected twice in only one week. Every time I make waves, they apologize profusely and rush to fix the problem, but I have NO CONFIDENCE about what happens after I leave.

    Stay away. This is the nursing home in your nightmares.

  • Abby Gardens Healthcare Center San Diego, California 92123

    I would highly recommend that you do not place anyone you love or care about here. This place neglects its residents and employees. It’s all about profit.I have seen this happening. The ombudsman is here almost every week. The administration only cares about profit and their self. They will take any one with INS, they treat the residents with the better INS differently from the residents whose INS isn't so good. They are constantly moving residents around like their pieces of furniture. There are employees there who neglect their residents. Lots of resident’s items go missing and they get bed sores or pressure sores. There is a rash spreading from resident to resident and employee. Been spreading for over a year and still not treated or been taken care of. Residents contentiously complain but are neglected. The food is bad lots of residents are experiencing a significant weight loss due to not liking the food.