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  • Evergreen Crossing and the Lofts Indianapolis, Indiana 46254

    If I could give a zero, I would. The admissions director promised that a bed would be available for my brother on Friday, September 27. When we arrived to check in, she refused to come out of her office. The executive director came out to say there are no beds and there was nothing he could do. So uncaring and unprofessional.

  • Rosegate Village Indianapolis, Indiana 46237

    Both of my parents came to Rosegate in 2014 with one in long term care and one in memory care. The staff in both areas have always shown great care and compassion for them, and worked to find time for them to be together. As I have been their main caretaker these last several years, the staff has always been responsive to my suggestions about what may be affecting them and we have worked together on their behalf to give them what they need emotionally and medically.

    During the time my Dad recently took a turn for the worse, and passed away a month ago, the staff has been very compassionate and took extra special care of my Mom's memory care needs to strengthen her emotional state.

    It is not an easy task to care for the elderly, and it has meant so much to know the staff cares and stays on top of the needs of each resident.

  • University Heights Health and Living Community Indianapolis, Indiana 46227

    Our family members were residents here June-October of '16. The staff lacks communication with each other, with the patient, and with the family. When we asked questions about our family members health in Long Term Care, no one seemed to know anything about them, their care, or their current status. No one ever knew details of labs, results, current conditions of issues, or even if they had eaten that day. Answers were always vague, or not available. We were commonly told "We are severely understaffed. Can you call back and ask someone else later?" We felt that the patients here were neglected because the majority of the on-floor staff seemed uncaring, and seemed bothered to have to check on the residents. The policy is that each resident is checked on every 2 hours or less, however, we spent a number of hours at a time in the room, and never saw anyone come in. The response time to pressing the call button runs on average from 45 minutes-2 hours. This response time was consistent over 5 months. The staff seemed to be unaware of the general health of our family member, and we would regularly have to call and request them to be seen by the Nurse, or ask to have common medical procedures started. Most of the time, the health issues were first reported to Nursing by family. Due to lack of medical skill and knowledge, their medication was administered incorrectly, and they were taken to the hospital where they spent 2 weeks in ICU, and another week in a regular room. Ultimately, due to the decline in their health and the staff unwillingness to provide the care that we felt was entitled to them, we moved them to another facility. I would never recommend this place.

  • Clearvista Lake Health Campus Indianapolis, Indiana 46256

    The INDOH reports are very telling with regard to ClearVista Lakes Health Campus! Please do not make the mistake we made by placing your parent at this facility! Aesthetics mean nothing if the care is substandard. They also have a newer nursing director that worked at another nursing home for several years; she cannot solve the problems that plague Clearvista as she created more problems than she solved in her last position. She does not have the skill set to manage or care for anyone. No empathy, not truthful…beware of her untruths!

  • North Capitol Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Indianapolis, Indiana 46202

    I am writing a review of North Capitol Nursing and rehab. On 8/28/2015 I needed to place my mother in a place for two weeks, I used this place the cost was $2500 for two weeks which I paid out of pocket, and she came home 9/11/2015 they lost all her clothes as well as shoes she left barefooted, they made no effort to find her clothes,they over charge and add other things to the bills but the real problem came in the mail in November with a bill in the amount of$454.48, it says coinsurance copay which I find odd but my main concern is the specialty equipment, I wrote them a letter asking what this was, their reply was to send the same bill, plus they waited more then a month to send these made up bills, the day she was released they told me I owed a additional $275 which I paid so how can you wait a month and a half and send another bill. my mother has alzheimers and takes a blood pressure pill nothing else, she is 80 years old and has no other medical issues and would still be doing everything except her memory no longer allows that. they charged her insurance for wheelchair therapy, she does not use one as well as several other things and I feel if you charged her insurance for all these other things, this charge of $454.48 is untrue and they are over billing clients, if her insurance did not pay it why should I. they kept her medicines that were paid for by her insurance, they kept her clothes and asked me to sign a inventory sheet in October,which should have been taken upon entry, plus they lost her clothes on admission and were not found until a week later, new clothes which I had bought and several hats,so now someone is walking around with my moms name on them I learned to write names on the front of clothes as well as the inside, the care is terrible, the memory cottage has all patients together and the patients roam in and out of the other patients room,stealing their items and my fear was the terrible things that could happen, they are short staffed and need more help, the staff is over worked, I was there two to three times a day and never seen them give any one therapy, unless you call the hokey pokey therapy, I worried about my mom the whole time she was there, I would not want any one in this place they do not deserve more then a one star rating and that would only be for they kept the place clean, they also kept her toiletries which were new and did not return them either.I will do better research next time.

  • Allison Pointe Healthcare Center Indianapolis, Indiana 46250

    Dear Kindred-Allison Pointe,

    I stayed at your facility for about a month and I found it to be a very clean environment as well as an amazing service and meal plans. Although the food was great I did not appreciate the times that you brought my meals. other then that you have a nice facility and service was nice you just need a little more staff, your nursing staff was very nice.

    Thanks for your service,

    Anna Mason

  • Westminster Village North Indianapolis, Indiana 46236

    I went in to visit a family member and what I seen was very disturbing. I seen call lights going off and the CNAs sitting down in the dining room with no residents in their company. The evening shift supervisor is rude and has a horrible demeanor for comforting family members in a time of crisis. I was just so displeased, I took my loved one out of there.

  • University Heights Health and Living Community Indianapolis, Indiana 46227

    I went in for rehab Jul 20 after having a total hip replacement. On the first day, I was awakened by a severe pain in my chest. I pushed my call button, there is no intercom system, for the RN. I told her I was having chest pain and wanted to go to the hospital. She said she would go call. When she came back she sat a glass down beside me. I asked her what it was and she said Miralax, a laxative. I said I'm having chest pains and you bring me a laxative. She said she thought I needed a bowel movement. I was furious. I have been an EMT for 37 years and have taught CPR. I could have had a blood clot. I told her I wanted to go to the hospital and asked if the Dr. had told her to give me the Miralax. She said no, that she would go call. I told her I would call and I did call 911 telling them I needed an ambulance for chest pain and the nursing home would not call. The rooms do no have numbers in them so I did not know what room I was in. While waiting for the ambulance, I told the RN to get my stuff together as I was not coming back there. Even if this was not a heart attack, I didn't want to take the chance of having one and her bringing me a laxative and letting me die.

  • University Heights Health and Living Community Indianapolis, Indiana 46227

    My father was admitted and has not received the best of care. UH does not even provide him with a menu to select his food. Very poor carry-over between nurses shifts, they seem to care less, just clock out. The long-term care wing is not among the best, consider carefully before admitting your elderly parent here, I regret this decision.

  • North Capitol Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Indianapolis, Indiana 46202

    this place doesn't deserve a star at all i agree.. here is my story. I had been my mother's care provider for several years during her stages of dementia and when her mobility issues had become to great we contacted mobile docs to come to our house to provide medical treatment for my mom… after about two months with them i was bombarded with them forcing me to relinquish my mother to a nursing facility or they would have legal authorities have me investigated for neglect and they recommended this rehab center with promises that with some treatment she could come home in a few months. Obviously not wanting to go to jail and wanting my mother to be treated for is illness I complied. I too was promised by a whole staff that my mother would have the best treatment and that I would be updated on her care 24 hours a day with a promise via phone called care plan meetings due to the fact I worked 6 days a week at crown hill cemetery and it would be very hard for me to have a day off without pay in order to meet with them at their open hours etc. over the course of the first year I never received a single care plan call in fact the only time they would call is if they needed permission to move her to different rooms or for a change in medications I was never in the entire time she was there updated on her treatment or condition. feb. of this year is when things took a turn for the worse suddenly out of no where my mother had to have a feeding tube put in due to her vomiting her food into her lungs and was told she had lost weight that having this feeding tube in would improve her quality of life. I asked what caused this sudden issue they blamed it on her years of smoking. I asked what the side effects could causes they said she could get sepsis which can come from having the incision for the feeding tube. Obviously wanting the best for my mother I again complied. from that month on every month my mother ended up in the hospital with breathing issues the formula from the feed tube was getting into her lungs she even ended up with phenomua from it. and every time she ended up in the hospital they would call my sister instead of me because they kept calling my dead cell phone number though my home number was also listed as a contact, in fact the time before the last trip to the hospital they didn't even contact me to tell me she was in the hospital methodist hospital contacted me needing permission on treatment!. for months i had requested to the nurses to please contact the caseworker in regards to my mother's funds so i could arrange her burial and funeral plans ahead of time due to my suspicions that my mother was being neglected and knowing with working in the field i do that i would need to do this.. it took having a councilor from crown hill to call this women before she finally would return my calls so that i could have my mom's exsisting funds transfered by check to take care of her arrangements as due to the fact immediately after my mother had been admitted to this facility they took over her social security check without giving me any warning and was handling her funds. three days before she passed on august 13th of 2013 i got an odd call from one of the nurses to simply tell me how my mother was doing and that she was fine and had been asking for me. the next morning the case worker called to tell me that she had things started on having moms funds sent to crown hill and that they were recommending that my mother be placed in hospice and that her condition had taken a turn for the worse… The next morning I was called and told my mother was being sent back to methodist yet again this time fully coded meaning she was dying but was still coherent. I immediately rushed to methodist hospital and was horrified to see my mother. she had lost weight alright she was reduced to a husk, literally skin and bones her eyes wide and bugged from their sockets and her jaw perminantly hinged open I can only describe her as ghoulish and she struggled for every single breath, the pain and anguish written on her face broke my heart and i struggled not to cry in front of her so i wouldn't alarm her. You must understand that when healthy this women had been chubby and when she left my home a year and a half before she might not have been extremely over weight but she still was at a healthy weight limit.. this.. this was inexcusable. I struggled with not having her ressessitated but in her fragile state i fear it would have done more damage than good… and yes the dementia had done quite alot of damage but she wasn't dying from dementia she was dying from sepsis and it had spread to her kidneys, she had a urinary tract infection which she had been treated for several times only to return with it over and over to the hospital it seemed she would get better at the hospital only to get worse once returning to the rehab center and be back in the hospital again. and she was dehydrated.. so this is what my mother's money had been paying for for 24 hour care. she died at 10pm on august 13th from sepsis a bactrial infection and most likely due to the feeding tube surgery she had gotten the previous feb. and yes i too also smelled the over powering smell of urine every time i went to this place.. I am currently in hopes of contacting a lawyer to state my case to over this in hopes that no one else's parent or loved one ends up like my mother did, she was a good woman and didn't deserve to suffer and die the way she did I will be praying for those of you who have family in that place or end up like me forced to place them their and to any one considering putting there loved one in this place for the love of god and the sake of your family please look elsewhere

  • Eagle Creek Healthcare Center Indianapolis, Indiana 46254

    My family member was waiting on a transplant and stayed at this facility while waiting. The caregivers were supportive and very knowledgeable. I felt this was the correct place to be until the transplant occurred. It was a very difficult time for our family and we all wanted to be kept informed. We learned an important lesson that the facility can't notify each family member of changes. We chose one person to be notified of changes and inform the rest of the family. That worked.

  • Creekside Health and Rehabilitation Center Indianapolis, Indiana 46205

    Very appreciative of this facility and all that they have done for my family. It has been a very difficult time seeing my grandfather go through his sickness. The staff here has been extremely supportive and caring. It's made this time a lot less stressful for our entire family. Thank you all so much!

  • Creekside Health and Rehabilitation Center Indianapolis, Indiana 46205

    Briarwood has went above and beyond for my mom here. She is ashore-term patient and I was very upset I couldn't take a leave from work to be by her side. Thankfully, Briarwood has a wonderful facility. The staff works really hard to make sure all residents are in good shape and happy. I know she is getting better everyday and the staff has been very supportive. She doesn't complain at all about the facility. I am very thankful for everyone at Briarwood!

  • Wildwood Healthcare Center Indianapolis, Indiana 46219

    My first impression of the building was Excellent. I was warmly greeted when I arrived. I was offered a drink and snack or meal. Someone offered to show me around the facility. My room was clean, neat and smelling fresh. The call light has been answered promptly. I would rate the staff courtesy and friendliness as Excellent. If the President needed to stay in a facility, I would recommend this one.

  • Altenheim Health & Living Community Indianapolis, Indiana 46237

    The nursing wing is terrible! This used to be one of the nicer homes when it was a Not for Profit… however… it is now FOR profit, and they are very expensive, there is a super high turnover with their staff… they are constantly under-staffed… the patients suffer with bed sores, skin rashes & diseases, dental decay, poor hygiene, etc. Because they are short-staffed, the staff just does not care. There is no consistency, no continuity… and the prices are one of the most expensive in the central Indiana area (for no reason). WE do NOT recommend this facility

  • Harrison Terrace Indianapolis, Indiana 46219

    Very disappointed in this ASC facility with regards to management, insufficient staffing and overall low morale of the nursing staff and workers. Fact: Better State regulations are definitely needed to help protect all residents to ensure families that their loved ones won't become a statistic or fatality of the 'nursing home' system.

  • North Capitol Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Indianapolis, Indiana 46202

    this site won't let me rate unless i choose at least one star. it deserves nothing. this facility greets you with at least 12 people crowding in the room stating how they will be there at your every wish - not true. the entire stay that my relative had was horrible. the elevator smelled like urine, i mention it to the nurse, she stated that she just got off of it and she didnt smell anything her fix wast to get up and spray air freshener. the elevator floor was dirty from everyone probably stepping in the urine. they do not have a set meu in the kitchen when i asked the manager for the kitchen. she stated that they do have a menu and that they sort of go by the menu but when i asked to see it, she never provided it. I cant give details just yet because i do not want my family member to suffer during their stay. I can go on and on but I only have a limited amount of words to type.PLEASE HELP AND LOOK INTO THE CONDITIONS OF THIS PLACE. THERE ARE SICK PEOPLE AND LOVED ONES IN THIS BUILDING. I CHALLENGE THE EMPLOYEES TO EAT OUT OF THEIR OWN KITCHEN!

  • Golden Living Center-Brookview Indianapolis, Indiana 46219

    My grandfather has been in this nursing home for several months now. My family has a problem with how he is cared for. They do not make sure he is clean, shaved, or even his teeth brushed. His personal belongings, which have his name on them have disappeared. My Aunt made him some pajamas and he only had them a few days before those disappeared. When I have been there for a visit, staff is scarce and you cannot find anyone when needed to help. If you can help it, do not put your family member in this nursing home. It is a very nice facility and very clean, but that is all I can say that is good about this nursing home.