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  • Continuing Healthcare of Gahanna Columbus, Ohio 43230

    I must try to tell everyone about the awful care this facility give !!!!! They neglect the patients and have even abused my loved one on numerous occasions.

    They lie and try to cover up their actions over and over. Most of the time they don't answer the phone and never call back .. The administration is terrible and the nursrs and aids are so untrained… PLEASE don't ever put your loved ones in this awful place… I can't rate this place because I would give it a - mark NO STARS at all .

  • O'Neill Healthcare Fairview Park Cleveland, Ohio 44126

    This is a Great facility although the very first day I was not impressed by its appearance (mom's room walls are all scratched up with areas where the walls have pieces of dry wall broken) and lack of staff available. Since it was Sunday I figured there are less staff scheduled to work there. I will state the Nursing staff was much better the following day. I have seen caring staff and lots of help with mom. Great customer service from all the staff. Overall I would recommend this location. The facility was recommended by many other friends and I feel I made a good decision by bringing my mom here for her temporary stay and recovery.

  • Arbors at Streetsboro Streetsboro, Ohio 44241

    Please review Medicare nursing home compare website since this website is misleading. This is a one star facility with their last survey receiving 17 citations. These citations were for basic resident care such as hygiene, nutrition, and administering outdated medications. From November of last year until March of this year they had complaint surveys every two to four weeks with each complaint resulting in a citation. I have worked here and have seen what goes on in this facility and it's not good. I am an RN and have been in LTC for 33 years and have never reviewed a facility but this one was so bad that I left after only a month and felt the need to share with others. On the surface this may seem to be an ok facility if you can get past the dirt and smell when you first walk in but what goes on that you don't see is what you need to worry about. I am aware that nurses administer all meds that are due to a resident over a 12 hour shift at one time. Yes, that means your loved one could be receiving a massive dose of cardiac medications all at once. I addressed this with the DON whose response to me was "I can't speak for what she does". Facility has the cutest little baby ducks in the courtyard that residents use for gardening and fresh air. They feed these ducks manufactured food and supply them with a small pool for water. Nice of them isn't it? Here's the problem: This area is contaminated with duck feces which carries diseases that can be transmitted to humans. These ducks are unlikely to leave the area since they have been supplied with everything they need. About a week ago there was an outbreak of GI symptoms in residents and staff but not once did they consider these ducks as the source of the outbreak. This situation is not good for the ducks come winter or the immunocompromised elderly but the DON and administrator don't see a problem with this. Makes you wonder about their knowledge base of infection control. I have seen them serve fruit with mold on it for supper. I had the DON, LPN unit manager, and LPN admissions nurse refuse to help me when I needed help with resident care. I have seen trays being left in room just out of residents reach and if I didn't stop what I was doing to feed these residents they would have never eaten, residents being left soiled for hours, call lights going off for 45 minutes with staff walking past them, and staff refusing to help residents saying they can did it themselves. I had a nurse tell me she stays because she cares about the residents (please understand this nurse gets 20-30 hours overtime every pay here and is the biggest offender of being rude to the residents out in the open and gets away with it) but I left because I couldn't bear to watch this go on any longer. Floor staff can't make the difference here but the families and residents can. You may already have a family member here and think things are fine but don't be so sure. My advice to you is: check dates on dressings, show up on off shifts, cameras, ask for itemized bills from the pharmacy, date briefs, ask questions, utilize the ombudsman and other state agencies as needed.

  • Laurels of Huber Heights The Dayton, Ohio 45424

    All these beautiful people, that can walk well always seem to have to use a wheelchair and walkers for no reason at all. What is the purpose of this? Could it be because they want to milk there insurance companies so they can stay for free at The Laurel's Of Huber Heights and to get free meals. I truly don't understand when there are other people that could really use them and they have no extras.

    I have seen these people who don't need wheelchairs or walkers using them as a play toys, racing around in there wheelchairs popping wheelies, and then walk away from there walkers and just walk around like nothing. Also I have seen them also push others around in there wheelchairs. This is just plain ridiculous! When we have our laundry done and it's brought back to us, there is always something missing. I feel laundry employees and or other staff members all taking them home. This is Theft! That's wrong when we pay for our own clothes not them! Leadership should spend more time talking to the residents to see how everything is going, like is there something we can do to make you feel more at home etc. Activities Department should go around to the residents and ask them what kind of activities do you enjoy doing? Taking care of all the residents here at The Laurel's Of Huber Heights is more important making sure everyone is happy being here, except on how much money we are making. If there were no residents here, the business would close. Is it all about making money or having no residents, because a lot of residents are ready to go somewhere else I have never seen a business ran like this in my life. So poorly ran, working only 8 hours a day for Management is not enough time to resolve all the issues that's going on here. Maybe I should just call corporate and let them know what all is going on here. My family and so many other families are so disappointed in the way things are ran here. It needs to change for the better or close it or sale it.

  • Parkside Villa Cleveland, Ohio 44130

    I DO NOT recommend Parkside Villa. Mom was there for rehab after surgery. She also has dementia and was in another facility prior to Parkside Villa. The staff ignored all concerns the family had regarding safety and health. The social worker actually said mom is competent. I raised numerous concerns about leg wound. I finally had enough and demanded a doctor examin my mom. I told the Adminstratior, Director of Nursing, Social worker that they either have a doctor examin mom or I was calling 911 for ambulance to take my mom to hospital to be examined. Due to several other instances I was documenting all visits with mom. Because I was video recording the Adminstratior called 911 and had police remove me. Well 9 days later mom was admitted to the hospital with a raging 103 fever, pneumonia and leg infection…YES the very same leg I kept begging parkside Villa to have a doctor examin. This is just one of many instances. Parkside Villa was more concerned about covering their butts than takng care of mom. Please DO NOT place a loved one Parkside Villa!!

  • Avenue at Macedonia Macedonia, Ohio 44056

    The Avenue at Macedonia, without any hesitation can tell the world, save my 100 year old mother's life!! The entire staff, from the admin to the smiling helpers in the dining room make my mother feel like a queen! When you walk in the front door you have to pitch yourself, is this a hotel for wealthy folks? OMG! it is bright and clean, does not smell like a typical nursing home facility. My mother was slowly being starved to death at her previous nursing home, within 6 weeks my mother gained at least 7 pounds!! She looks forward to leaving her room and sharing good conversation with her new friends. Now let's talk about therapy!! OMG! those ladies must be hiding angel wings under their shirts! They take their job very seriously and give my mother 150% effort everyday!! Her room is clean and bright, HD TV on the wall and the bathroom is also like new. I could go on and on about how happy my mother and our entire family is with this little piece of heaven. My mother has lived her entire life with honor, and she is being treated with the kindness and dignity she deserves.

  • Crystal Care Center of Portsmouth Portsmouth, Ohio 45662

    i wish there was a negative rating family member was a patient finally got family member out of this place, please go to this place before consideration of placing a love one, look at the meals they offer to residents, look at staffing schedule if they even have one posted, most of staff comes and go no long term staff apparently stays very long. i strongly suggest just to visit on evenings and weekends to see yourself. no sitting area to visit family member. parking area not paved , so that makes it rough and kind of dangerous when walking especially if you need cane to walk, not enough handicap parking.

  • Villa St Joseph Cleveland, Ohio 44125

    My mother was in this facility, and it was the worst experience of our lives. I was there daily and witnessed neglect, and indifference in the nursing staff, I felt so sorry for the people who had no family to watch out for them, and how they were ignored.

    The most decent person there was the lady that cleaned the floors, she was very caring. My mother would tell me of the things they did when I was gone, and I witnessed do much with my own eyes. After complaining to the director, nothing changed, had I not been there to assist and watch over her, I know her treatment would have been worse, we pulled her out.

    This review does not include the physical therapy staff, who are like a separate entity, they were very good.

  • Green Village Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Ltd Akron, Ohio 44319

    My mother stayed at this facility briefly while recovering from back surgery. My family agrees that no one should see their loved ones treated the way my mom was treated there! I’m giving one star because the therapy aspect was good and we appreciate that. However, there are so many complaints with the rest of the staff that it’s hard to review them here. Aides and nurses would use my mom’s bathroom to have private cell phone time. It seemed like the staff had a goal to dodge responsibilities. We heard countless excuses of “that wasn’t my shift” or “I can’t do anything about that” etc. The patient is the constant in such a situation and the patient should not be drastically affected by shift changes or different staff members caring for her. The care should be unified! The nurse practictioner even said the words “I don’t even work here, I have no idea what goes on in this place”. These are things no patient should ever hear! My mom had to fight to receive her prescribed medication. They treated her like a drug seeker and sometimes her call light would be on for over an hour (she was not supposed to get out of bed without assistance, yet assistance was rarely available.) We has a meeting with the director but nothing changed. We found out that my mom was reported for calling a nurse a profane name, which is untrue and actually laughable if you knew my mom. The nursing staff at this facility is a group of poor quality individuals, seemingly personally as well as professionally. They lack empathy and the basic fundamentals of caring for another human being. For the past week, my mom has begged to be checked for possible pneumonia but nothing was done about it. So she’s currently in the ICU being treated for severe pneumonia and other infections that were ignored during her stay at this negligent facility. She will not return upon her discharge from the hospital. We are disappointed and disgusted at the people we encountered at Green Village. My hope is for the staff to re-evaluate themselves and try to remember why they got involved in nursing. Surely they would never want a loved one to be cared for by nurses like themselves.

  • Longmeadow Care Center Ravenna, Ohio 44266

    Unfortunately the company cares about profit and not quality of care. Do not believe the star systems that CMS uses. How can you have 5 stars in quality when you have 1 star for health and 1 for staffing? The rating systems are bogus. The truth is that unfortunately this facility is short staffed and doesn't provide quality services to its residents. The food is not nutritional and just gross. There isn't a true restorative program because they are short staffed and pull the aide to be used for other services. There is a lack of quality leadership. Some of the nurses need better attitudes and just need to do better. If you talk to Corporate they lack the willingness to change. It sickens me that these residents eat the cheapest food and no one is willing to give them anything healthy. It shouldn't be allowed. Family members should visit all of the time and demand better care. The system burns out the compassionate workers. Sad.

  • Laurels of Huber Heights The Dayton, Ohio 45424

    Extremely disappointed. We removed our family member after five days without getting a release from the facility. Senior staff are incompetent and dishonest. Failed to provide essential medication for FOUR DAYS. Different story from every person we asked - from the "Pharmacy is closed", to "its a holiday", to "I don't know". When we mentioned we wanted to move to another facility (and told them the name and phone # of whom to contact) they slow rolled us, and told us a number of reasons why we couldn't move for several more days. It was all a lie to keep us there longer. Stay away. Dangerous environment.

  • Concord Village Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Painesville, Ohio 44077

    If you are looking for someplace to care for your loved one, look elsewhere. This place is a total joke. The Director of Nursing (Deborah) and the Manager (Vivian) are the most cold hearted, uncaring “Leaders” you could imagine. That same negative tone is forced down to their staff. Staff turnover is high. While some are very caring and compassionate, theirs hands are tied to do anything beyond below average care due to inadequate staffing and negative leadership. They don’t have time for discussing concerns of patients. The nursing director told us to call and “leave a voicemail. I'll call you back”. They are constantly in “meetings” to which they use as an excuse not to talk to family. Staff takes a long time to answer call buttons. We once waited an hour and a half! Their excuse was that staff was busy handing out food trays…For an hour and a half? That shows how short staffed they are. Bedding wasn’t changed for almost two weeks. Dressing changes were ignored until we raised concerns. We now ask them to write the date on the band-aid so we know when it was changed last and it still goes for days without changing. Our relative fell out of their chair 3 times in five months. Each time the director of nursing was full of excuses. When we came back from the hospital after one of the falls, the aide was sleeping on a couch in the hallway while two residents were still in their wheelchairs sleeping. That was at 2am. And that aide still works there. Once when we were late in coming to feed our relative (because we don't believe the staff will take the time) we found her alone in the dining hall eating puréed food with her hands and no one noticed. Each time we tried to meet with the director of nursing to discuss our concerns and ask how we can work together, her response was that we “family” are there too much and our expectations are too high…

    We are asking for basic care. This place can not fulfill that. We are looking elsewhere but moving our relative can’t come fast enough.

    Don’t believe the 5-Star rating from the state or the new clean environment of the facility. They are both facades of incompetent leaders steering the Titanic. It’s only a matter of time before they strike the iceberg. Pray that it’s not your loved one who is the victim of their neglect and incompetence. STAY AWAY!!!

  • Harmony Court Rehab and Nursing Cincinnati, Ohio 45237

    Over a year ago, my mother was going in the right direction as much as she could given her condition. With the overall change in management, I feel they failed her. And not because family wasn't present. Someone was there at least 5 out of 7 days. The aides for the most part were good to her. The highest paid nurses in the building are 100% horrible. If your loved one can't speak for themselves, this is not the place for them.

  • Shaker Gardens Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Beachwood, Ohio 44122

    This place is NASTY……Ice chest in the hallways for patients…Beds are all malfunctioning/mattress are old and ragged.The floors have not been vacummed in 2 weeks…..Do they know what a mop is for???? The doors are wide open after the sign says enter code ---at 10:30pm I just walked in…..Never challanged.

    This place is so under staffed ---not freindly at all. Staff members were very defensive and rude when asked simple questions. The dinning room still had plates, cups, food on the table - 10:30pm……

    The staff --when they respond to phone calls - are very good at pushing off on somebody else has the answer ----not responsible or compassionate.

  • Mcnaughten Pointe Nursing and Rehab Columbus, Ohio 43232

    A few years ago McNaughten Pointe's rehab wing provided pleasant surroundings and good care and therapy. Not so now. The entire facility lacks any service (lights not answered, requests for a shower or bed bath answered by aide throwing a towel & washcloth on the bed and walking out), poor food (often served late, i.e. dinner finally brought at 7 pm after numerous requests, no silverware, no coffee at breakfast, etc.), and general rudeness and uncaring attitude by staff. There are many options in the area, ANY would be better than this one. Beware.

  • Avenue at Medina Medina, Ohio 44256

    I was interviewed By a undisclosed gentleman for a nursing position at avenue at medina and all I have to say is stay far away. This man had the attitude of I am king and presenting himself as very pushy/bully manor, he would cut you off in the middle of your sentence, and would say unprofessional smart ass remarks to try to belittle you. I feel if they talk to there new future nurses that way how do they treat there residents? I will never ever recommend this place to any nurse/family/PT to deal with this type of environment.

  • Larchwood Village Retirement Community Cleveland, Ohio 44135

    APS had come in to assess my Aunt 2 years ago and determined she needed to be in an assisted living facility where there were nurses on site and 3 meals a day provided. This was supported by the State of Ohio Cuyahoga Country Magistrate. They said this was for her well-being.

    My Aunt missed her lunch meal today and when she went to ask if she could get something to eat they told her 'no', that she missed the meal and that they would not provide anything. Why is the State of Ohio not monitoring Larchwood Village Retirement to ensure that the residents are not being punished for missing a meal? I am so angry that they are letting her go hungry!!!!!

    Someone should be disciplined for this irresponsible action. Are they understaffed or do they just not care!!

  • Laurels of Huber Heights The Dayton, Ohio 45424

    Do not believe their Mission Statement. Poor nursing services. No follow-up on medical treatment orders. Son was there for pressure wound, but also had other medical issues. Catherer was placed incorrectly had to be hospitalized and damage was done from nursing staff not being properly trained, and lack of follow-up from nursing supervisor. Short staff for aides and used Pool Nursing staff. All compliants were stated to CMS. All this occurred in 2016, and after seeing a news reporting last week on TV poor management still is continuing. What is it going to take to get improvement in this facility?