Review of Autumn Lake Healthcare at Cherry Lane

4 Star User Review

The nursing staff are excellent. However, it seems that the better you know the staff, the more attentive the care for your loved one residing at the facility. My mother is very well treated and respected…because she can communicate well, and knows the names of all who care for her. GNAs are the staff that most frequently attends to her needs, and they have been for the most part above average. The food is, well, industrial. But every once in awhile they produce really tasty fare. (They make a killer smoked corned beef slices with au gratin potatoes!) Medications are administered (mostly) on time. Due to staffing cutbacks sometimes the nurses have to perform GNA duties--I've seen senior staff on the weekends backfilling for absent/sick GNAs. Overall the facility is clean, despite its humdrum appearance. The PT and OT staff are excellent, yet their facilities are often packed with residents waiting for their sessions. Overall, I feel confident that my mother is in Cherry Lane, and that her health, mental, and social needs are being met. Can there be improvements? You bet, but I'd wager that every nursing facility can answer the same question similarly.