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  • River Run Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center Kingston, Pennsylvania 18704

    I am Marion Otway, just want to say my Brother Bobby has ben there for 5 months, the nursing staff and all the other people that take care of him are wonderful, he even loves the food, he told me if I have to stay here for a very long time I do not care I am happy here, my Mom and I are there every day, the staff, well I can not say enough good about them all, Physical Therapy program is wonderful, especially John Heinze, very serious about their job and wonderful at it, lots of activities that are fun and get the residents moving and thinking, even I enjoy it all, can not say enough good things about River Run, and thank you to all of you that are helping my Brother and all the residents there, GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!!

  • Kadima Rehabilitation & Nursing at Palmyra Palmyra, Pennsylvania 17078

    If I could give this place zero stars I would.

    The place is filthy and they provide little to no care to the residents. The staff are mostly agency and don't care. The permanent staff don't care, either. This was the worst facility I have ever been in.

    No one fed, bathed, ambulated or dressed my dad during his short stay at this place, let alone the "rehab" services they were supposed to be doing.

    The goal from the minute I walked in this place was how soon until we can get him out of here. He declined greatly here. Please don't place your loved ones here until you see it!

  • Waynesburg Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center Waynesburg, Pennsylvania 15370

    I would not leave my dog in this facility! My husband was there for little over 24 hours and it was insane! I came in and he was naked, there were pills laying beside his bed ON A CHAIR…with a cup of water! He had stage 4 cancer, couldn't use his hands and that's the mess I came into after one day! I TOOK HIM OUT!

    I would never ever put a loved one in this facility! I have never seen such lack of care and negligence in my entire life. My husband deserved care….he got none! If you are considering this place, please please please DON'T. I was mortified. NOT a place for someone you love!!!

  • Buckingham Valley Rehabilitation and Nursingcenter Buckingham, Pennsylvania 18912

    Anyone who gives this facility a good rating, is a person who is there every day providing care for the resident , monitoring the staff,and bringing food from home. This facility is dirty. Trash floats in pools of water surrounding the building. Call bells ring constantly, and go unanswered. Residents call out for help. Food is tasteless, and of sub standard quality.Residents appear fearful of their caretakers. Administration is never available. This is a sad place to visit.

  • Lancashire Hall Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17601

    For 2 weeks, I stayed in the "Rehabilitation Center at Lancashire" - their name for a wing of the building where they installed some grab bars in the bathroom (that do not meet ADA requirements) and called it by a fancy title. The rooms and bathrooms in their entirety fail to meet ADA compliance standards. The only good thing about this facility is the people - nearly all of them are friendly, competent, kind and caring. That includes employees in all areas, from social workers, aides, physical and occupational therapists, activities staff and food workers to the housekeepers and maintenance men.

    That being said, everything else ranges from barely acceptable to completely terrible. The food varies wildly, from pretty good to barely edible. It is usually lukewarm and tasteless. The portions are too small, the menu selections don't provide enough variety, there aren't enough vegetables and I was not told until close to the end of my stay that there are additional items that I could select. One meal consisted of a little meat and peppers on a big bun and 4 oz. of milk. Nothing else! An aide was able to find me a small dish of coleslaw. Oddly enough, the coleslaw, which is served frequently, was very tasty. One very bad meal was pasta with tasteless fake Alfredo sauce and a broccoli/cauliflower blend so overcooked that the broccoli was almost white. Barely edible! And the "Holiday Meal", which family and friends could buy for $14.50, consisted of turkey or prime rib, mashed potatoes with turkey gravy, one vegetable and a small dessert. My prime rib was overcooked, 1/8" thick and very small. The dessert was, as usual, fairly good. When I was done, I ate a bunch of pretzels and popcorn. I'm trying to maintain a certain weight and the meals were never big enough. In addition, I was never given Ensure or a comparable product. For my last few days I was given an additional item, usually mashed with gravy, probably so they didn't have to provide the Ensure - it's fairly expensive.

    The staff is overworked because there are not enough of them, particularly the aides. Their experience and training varies wildly, ranging from uncertified to LPNs, some of whom are unfamiliar with medications and care requirements for post-surgical residents. In addition, due to the time waiting for my call bell to be answered and having to make multiple requests, I sometimes had to wait up to an hour and a half to be given my pain medication. There seemed to be confusion about medication procedures, too. One side told me that two certain meds had to be taken an hour apart, another gave them to me at the same time. Sometimes they missed one of my meds and I had to ask for it.

    One time I couldn't get the footrests onto my wheelchair and pushed the button to call an aide. In a while, it was answered by a woman from housekeeping, who didn't know how to do it. But one of the plumbers working in the bathroom did know how and did it for me! I think that's indicative of the care provided at this nursing home - the staff does its best, but there aren't enough of them.

    There are so many things I observed and experienced during my stay, most of them unacceptable, that I could write a book. Cleanliness of the room and bath was just terrible - floors not swept during not entire stay, feces on the toilet seat for days, no wiping of surfaces and so forth. Residents left all day in a bed or chair by the nurse's station. Residents not checked on for hours at a time. Residents wandering around at night - once a male resident went into the room next to ours, then was in the bath talking to one of the women in that room, then tried to come into our room. My roommate had to yell at him to make him leave! These are important issues and could be dealt with if only they had more employees.

    I cannot say much about the other wings, which are for long stays, only for conditions in "rehab." But I'm guessing they're about the same. And I feel very sad for the people living there. And wondering why a comatose man is living in the "Rehabilitation Center" when all he requires is a bed and regular care. Wondering why my roommate, victim of a stroke that affected her movement and speech, never gets speech therapy or physical therapy. Wondering what the aides get paid for their hard work. Wondering why the nicest, cleanest area in the building is the part seen by visitors. And wondering about the profits Wilmac, the owner, makes.

  • Grove at North Huntingdon, The Irwin, Pennsylvania 15642

    I give the groveat irwin a 0 rating dont go in thinking your just getting theropy for a hip replacement my elderly mother was to got there for a weeks theropy…ended up they planned not to discharge her using her early dimentia as an excuse when we have complete home care 24 7 for her already. Bottom line we had her sent to upmc fir evaluation she was perfectly healthy going in just thought we get more help for her to be using walker and for her home care person her son to learn to handle mom if she needed help shrz now recovering from sever dehydration a UTI and bad duaper rash because of hygene neglect.

  • Corner View Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15206

    Understaffed by a way-too-apathetic crew.

    Have you seen their health inspection scores? They are correct if not too generous.

    My family member was not fed until his second day in the facility. And even after that, I discovered that the next day, 4 other patients who are to recieve pureed food DID NOT recieve breakfast. Both my relative and his roomate fell out of their beds (roomate x2) in the first 24hrs. No phone in the room. It stinks.

    Really, after the lobby, I can’t report anything good.

    Unfortunately, it is the weekend , but trust me, first thing Monday we will find a different place. This is nightmare stuff.

  • Whitestone Care Center Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania 18360

    I was recently given a tour of Whitestone by their Admissions Director and I thought the facility was fantastic. The building looks to be relatively new, it is very clean, and doesn't feel like your typical nursing home. The staff there are both friendly and outgoing. I would definitely recommend Whitestone to anyone in need of rehabilitation therapy and nursing home care!!

  • Bridgeville Rehabilitation & Care Center Bridgeville, Pennsylvania 15017

    Genesis Bridgeville Rehabilitation and Care Center is excellent in so many ways.

    The facility is a safe, healthy, pleasant home for my family member, who is a current full-time long-term care permanent resident there.

    The most outstanding feature of this facility is the competent and loving care provided by all the staff, everyone from the medical nursing staff and nursing assistant staff who bear the most responsibility for the resident’s physical and mental health, all the way to the non-medical staff who provide important services such as showering and bathing, meal services, laundry services, room cleaning and building maintenance.

    The staff is competent, respectful and compassionate to the residents. Also, they answer all family member questions with patience and reassurance. I’ve spent a lot of time there visiting my loved one, and I’ve seen the staff in action. When I’ve talked to the staff, many of them have expressed how they grow very fond of the residents they care for, many of the staff express that they attempt to treat the residents like their own family members, and that overall the staff and residents of Genesis Rehab feel like a family to each other. In my observation, these words and intentions are demonstrated daily by their actions.

    Keep in mind, if you’re visiting there, some of the residents get regularly confused and will repeatedly say things such as “I need to go to the bathroom” after the staff has just taken them to the bathroom, or “I didn’t get my dinner” when the staff has observed that the resident did receive and eat their dinner, or the resident will say to any passing visitor “Help me.”

    The staff knows all the behaviors of all the residents, and therefore sometimes they must say to the resident “You already went to the bathroom” or “You did eat your dinner”. The staff is never short-tempered but being busy they might not stop their work to take a long time to soothe or convince a resident who is not able to be soothed or convinced. So, if you observe the staff giving a brief answer or going on with their work, don’t mistake that as ignoring the resident or not caring about the resident.

    The residents receive a shower and shampoo twice per week, and on the other five days the residents receive a “sink bath” or “bed bath” and the staff helps them clean up without a full shower. They put a clean outfit on each resident every day. My family member always looks clean, fresh and well-dressed every time I visit.

    You may be surprised to know that the food at Genesis Rehab is DELICIOUS. My loved one generally eats all her food at every meal. My family members have tasted everything she’s been served, and the quality is so good that we would be satisfied to eat the same meal ourselves! In addition to any food requirements or restrictions, the Nutrition and Meals Department and staff have a system in place to provide alternate food choices for residents who don’t want the food on the menu that day.

    Genesis prepares meals in whatever consistency the resident requires: normal food preparation, or “soft” food preparation, or “pureed” food preparation. For residents who require assistance with feeding, the staff sits with the resident to feed them and assure they are getting nutrition. If meal staff observe that a resident is consistently not eating, they report the information to the staff member who handles resident nutrition.

    The Community Life Activities staff provides a ton of social activities, exercise activities, art and music activities, mental stimulation activities, church worship activities, so many activities!!!! The activities range from interesting mental activities for residents who have no dementia nor mental challenges, as well as simpler activities that can be attended by residents who have less mental acuity or more dementia. The staff goes around and “gathers up” the residents who want to participate and makes sure that the residents get to the activities room (usually that’s the large Rose Room).

    When family members visit, they can choose to meet in the resident’s room, or in the large Rose Room (which is beautiful), one of the smaller visiting rooms near the resident bedrooms, in the front lobby sitting area, in the Bistro Restaurant are, etc. In warm weather, there are several outside sitting areas, and the front porch is a popular gathering place.

    The Laundry Department does every resident’s laundry, and they do an excellent job to wash and dry the resident’s laundry and return the laundry to the resident’s room. The resident or family member must be certain to write the resident’s name on all clothing items.

    My loved one does not need to see the Genesis doctor frequently, because her main challenges are reduced vision, reduced hearing and dementia but no serious physical illness requiring treatment. My understanding is the residents who require treatment for physical illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke symptoms, etc. are seen by and cared for by the doctor as often as needed. The doctors are not at the facility full-time, they are doctors who have their own medical practices at local offices or hospitals, and they visit Genesis Bridgeville Rehab as needed.

    The Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy (sometimes for eating, chewing and swallowing purposes as well as speech rehab after stroke or whatever) are all excellent. My loved one received excellent therapy during her short-term rehabilitation following a hospital surgery, as well as excellent therapy after she became a full-time long-term care resident.

    It’s my understanding that therapy during short-term rehab is generally paid for by the patient’s health insurance coverage. Therapy for full-time long-term care permanent residents may or may not be covered by health insurance, depending on necessity vs. optional. Non-necessary optional therapy may require private pay from the resident or resident’s family. My loved one’s necessary physical therapy during short-term rehab was paid by her insurance company. For the optional physical therapy during her long-term care, she paid for that therapy as private pay.

    The Social Services staff are excellent, always available to answer family questions, and they get to know the residents individually.

    The Business Office is very helpful and competent, and especially essential to assist the resident and / or family members to submit applications and paperwork for Medicaid medical assistance.

    The Facilities Maintenance staff does an excellent job to keep the facility clean, safe and repaired. There are no unpleasant smells at the facility, the building is very fresh-looking and fresh-smelling.

    The Admissions staff does an excellent job of explaining the facility and providing tours to prospective residents and / or their families who are considering Genesis Bridgeville Rehab as a home for their loved one.

    I hope my review has helped to educate you, and provide some peace of mind that Genesis Bridgeville Rehabilitation and Care Center provides compassionate, quality care to individuals who makes a decision to live there for short-term rehabilitation or full-time long-term care permanent residence.

  • Woodhaven Care Center Monroeville, Pennsylvania 15146

    My Aunt had knee surgery and had to be placed in a facility for rehab and IV's. She was not pleased initially with the first facility she was in, so we asked to have her transferred to a nearby facility. She expressed her concerns of getting quality therapy, so she could get back on her feet quicker and get back home. She was only there for approximately 3 weeks, and she honestly looked not only physically better, but look rested. She can sometimes be picky about her diet, because she is a very anxious diabetic, but the kitchen staff there, accomodated all her needs. The nursing staff was able to manage her pain, so that she could she stay on schedule to meet her therapy goals. And we felt so much better, when it was time for her to go home, because both therapy and the social worker made sure her home was ready for her. Thanks so much to the great staff at WCC.

  • Greenleaf Nursing Home and Con Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901

    I recently had surgery on my leg and need extensive wound care. I spent about 3 weeks at Greenleaf Nursing and Rehabilitation Center . Overall, I had an extremely positive experience. The nurses, aides, and physical therapists were all well-trained, professional, caring, and went out of their way to be attentive and accommodating. Everyone I met was extraordinarily nice. The facility is an older building, but don't let the interior fool you, because their care was A+!! Overall a great facility that I would highly recommend to anyone.

  • South Hills Rehabilitation and Wellness Center Canonsburg, Pennsylvania 15317

    99% of employees are rude. Even when patients families are around. I hate to see what they do when family members aren't around. One dark haired overweight nursing supervisor was rolling around on a chair looking for my family members chart(that tell's me, if your too lazy to get out of your chair and look for a chart) your too lazy to take care of my family. The one bright spot was a agency nurse not affiliated with them. Mandy is wonderful. THE PLACE SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN.

  • Grove at New Wilmington, The New Wilmington, Pennsylvania 16142

    This place DOES NOT even deserve ONE STAR it deserves none…my time as an employee there was ABSOLUTLY HORRENDOUS, with an authoritarian - tyrannical complex in MANAGMENT..the residents are often neglected, not taken care of when need be. they keep employees who abuse residents and put them on a different floor ,only to continue there unprofessional behavior. Housekeeping is quite incompitant and full of drama the supervisor who is also the compliance officer IS NOT approachable about any situation ,doesn't even care and wonders why she can't keep House keepers , because of 2 housekeepers who keep causing trouble between employees and it causes people to flee and find work elsewhere . You can't trust anyone even if your eyes were open. The food they serve the residents is ABSOLUTLY disgusting…the residents don't even like it…maintenance doesn't fix anything and when they do it's half assed… the one MALE CNA inappropriately touched woman and gets away with it …some women are afraid to come forward and say anything , because management is not approachable about any situation what do ever they sweep it under the rug and make the victim look bad , also when the state health department isn't around alot of nasty things go on . If you don't want your relatives to die within 6 months to a year , don't put your loved ones here

  • Kinzua Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center Warren, Pennsylvania 16365

    This place is a dump. They don't have nearly enough staff, everytime you have a problem the administrator puts on his smile and just plays nice. The residents don't get nearly enough care. Everytime I'm there during the day most of the staff just disappears. I'm guessing to go on break but so often? No one's ever around to help and the place smells like urine. There is always a man soaked with urine in the lobby when I come in. I noticed where he sits in the lobby there is a stain. I assume because he sits there and does it so much.

  • Spiritrust Lutheran the Village at Shrewsbury Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania 17361

    I would not waste your time. I tried for weeks to arrange in home care for a family member. The person in charge could care less that she needed help. She did not contact me to arrange a home visit and then when she came out she stayed for 30 minutes. She had my mother complete forms and then she conacted me the next day via email and said they would not provide service. She gave one excuse. When we countered that that was not a problem and we would fix it, she gave me another excuse but said she would contact me by 4 on Friday. She didn't contact me until after 5 and then said they would not provide service. I wasted over four weeks dealing with her and untimately and the end of the day on a Friday said she would not be giving the help we expected on Monday. Worthless. They don't care about people.

  • Mon Valley Care Center Monongahela, Pennsylvania 15063

    I had a family member there as patient. IT CAN TAKE OVER 3 HOURS FOR THEM TO ANSWER THE CALL BUTTON. Most of the CNA's are nice but overworked while others walk around with a crown on their head. The CNA's also deliver the trays and pick them up so they can have no patient contact during that time. Good luck if your a patient there and you need help during that time or anytime in fact. You rarely see a LPN unless they are giving you a med. Ask for help from them and "they will get your aide" that never shows up ! Hopefully you have a family member who can stay with you most of the time while you recover. Some of the workers on night shift were mean. Imagine that when there are no visitors present. Its a shame because the majority of the patients are elderly and cannot help themselves. if they could I'm SURE they wouldn't be there.

  • Buckingham Valley Rehabilitation and Nursingcenter Buckingham, Pennsylvania 18912

    Residents who are in their beds have strong urine odor. Many residents left in fetal position all day. Linens twisted around them. Untouched meal tray in the hall way. The few CNA'S can never be located. Staff in constant change. No one knows the resident in need. Could not be less desirable for "A Place For Mom". This is a sad scene. Many other fine facility's near by. Do not let any hospital transfer your loved one here