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  • Life Care Center of Aurora Aurora, Colorado 80014

    I've had the pleasure of staying here for 1 week. The majority of the staff is pleasant, knowledgeable, and attentive. Almost all present with smiles. Physical therapy, Occupational therapy and Recreational therapy helped me greatly so I was able to go home quickly and safely.

    The only thing I see a need for improvement is the kitchen and dining room.

    The food is adequate. Sometimes over done. I could imagine if I were there long term it would be frustrating.

    I think the kitchen should be open an hour. Most people there need assistance and take longer to eat. It is also a social time. An extra cup of coffee while talking lifts spirits. CNA Staff should be present until everyone is returned to there room.

  • Juniper Village - the Spearly Center Denver, Colorado 80211

    My family member has been a resident at the Speerly center for 25 years now. The facility is okay. He suffers from mental illness. The facility is a combination of both elderly, brain injury and mental health issues. They try their best working with the mentally ill population but fail miserably. Their hands are tied in many way as they do not provide mental health services themselves but outsource to MHCD. MHCD is okay but they are not progressive and no one is there to hold them accountable to be at the top of their game. The Speerly center provides a great service in that there is very little services in Colorado for Mentally Ill people to be cared for who cannot care for themselves; that said Speerly should be good at one thing not really really average with three different populations. My family member has almost died twice due to the average care there and currently there is a skin rash outbreak in the facility, which they have not solved yet. If you have few choices as we do; simply keep in mind that you need to over see and be vigilant to keep your family member safe and healthy.

  • Powerback Rehabilitation Lakewood Denver, Colorado 80227

    Severely understaffed. My father was there for a week and in that time they managed to make his condition worse by not treating as there were instructed. The people are caring but not enough of them. He was told not to get out of bed by himself but could get no one to help him to bathroom. I have never seen a bed that you could not raise the foot on unless you went under the mattress to put a bar in place which would then have to be removed manually and considering the staffing issues you may have to wait a long time for that. The building is very nice and the rooms are nice but they need to put more money into the staff.

  • Powerback Rehabilitation Lakewood Denver, Colorado 80227

    I was at Powerback Lakewood for almost 2 weeks, departing mid December 2015. I had a Total hip replacement and live alone thus the need for inpatient rehab. I am very lucky as I had family and numerous friends to make sure I had what I needed. I was fully capable of requesting what I needed. Obtaining what I needed was, at times, impossible.

    Friends……do not go to this facility unless you have no alternative. The food is inedible. The only way the food could be this bad is if a deliberate effort was made to prepare awful food. 1970's TV dinners would have been much better than the junk these folks put out. My pain meds were messed up 2 times leaving me in total agony. No worries they apologized. One time I caught a mistake in the medication I was given….a duplicate dose was offered. Numerous times nurses left narcotic pain killers with me without watching me take the medication. Not an issue with me. If I was a depressed person I could have OD'd on these meds. When frustrated with my requests they failed to answer the call button….I believe this is not legal. They do have some physical therapists who care and do a good job. Nonetheless this facility failed with basic care on a daily basis. In the end I did get some physical therapy that was helpful. I got nearly 2 weeks of time to heal before returning home. Other than that………the care was a huge disappointment. I suggest you avoid this facility.

  • Briarwood Health Care Center Denver, Colorado 80206

    When looking into this home for my mom I was told it is a four star place…I could only find ratings from a few years ago.. But never go by their chosen ratings. No one means ill harm in this place, the nurses are kind and just out of school. So many of the cna s have so many excuses for there not being able to do things. My mother never on a regular basis had her teeth brushed, face washed daily until hospice. Too many times she did not get fed in my absence, I had to write every order for medicine and even had to discontinue her high blood pressure medicine because they were giving it to her for a b/p of 83/60…. There is no accountability and definitely a total lack of communication.. The first 2 weeks there she lost 8 pounds because no one was feeding her..they lost her dentures and now has to eat. This place is for the elderly that do not have families to check up on them.. So sad everyone deserves to be treated like they are their mothers or grandmothers…..unfortunately this is a place to die not to live out your life…on the upside the activities director is awesom and they did put fresh paint and new carpet up but they are not trained in elderly care and their needs. Everyone is very nice and I like 90percent of them but it is truly disjointed

  • Holly Heights Care Center Denver, Colorado 80222

    As I sit in ICU with my father on Veterans Day, I want to say that Holly Heights cares more about money than about elderly veterans. We had 12 days to place my father in a nursing facility and we applied to Holly Heights. I told them of the time constraint and asked them to tell me if there was any reason I should be looking further. They said things looked great and there shouldn't be a problem. 8 days later they called to say they wouldn't take him. This was on Friday afternoon and he had to be moved somewhere by Tuesday morning. Their reason? His meds would cost them too much compared to the VA contract. I offered to pay the difference or to bring his meds in, but they wouldn't budge. We were left high and dry with only one business day left. My father was crippled in his military service and is treated like this! He was very depressed by this rejection. Now we are in ICU and he isn't expected to live. I hope that Holly Heights ' greed and lack of consideration catch up with them. Update: my father passed away during this hospitalization.

  • Powerback Rehabilitation Lakewood Denver, Colorado 80227

    It is a nice facility but they totally ignored a relative's medical condition allowing it to get worse despite being told by family that there was an issue. They did not consult family on matters but asked a confused patient about things and made poor decisions based on that. And trying to get them to finish the paperwork for a 9am release didn't finally get completed until 3pm. Would not recommend.

  • Powerback Rehabilitation Lakewood Denver, Colorado 80227

    Very negative review for Powerback Rehab in Lakewood, CO. Patients get a little physical and occupational therapy every day, then are left to lie around in their bed or slouch in chairs all day. The therapy doesn't even amount to much, anyways. My mother was there for 10 days and came home not much better than she was four days after her hip surgery.

    The home therapist (not affiliated with Powerback) had her do things, and she said, "They never had me do this at Powerback." I witnessed one of the OT sessions: just lame pedaling on an arm pedaling machine while the mousy voiced therapist sat there and watched. She showed my mother how to put a sock on with a tool. For 30 minutes, that was it. Just on and off with that arm pedal thing, and my mother was wheeled, rather than encouraged to walk, to the therapy room and back.

    CNAs don't bother to encourage patients to get up and be about. A few had thick accents and spoke too fast for my mother, who (like most elderly), is hearing impaired. She'd ask them to repeat and they'd still talk fast instead of slowing down. Clueless CNAs.

    Powerback is understaffed. CNA's typically took 10-15 mins to respond to my mother's call button. Unless a patient is a self-starter, go-getter type with a sound mind and embraces the concept of fighting back from injury or surgery…this place will only stall progress. My mother's home PT said she was way behind what she should have been. Every time I visited in afternoon she was sleeping. There is no program in place to give patients incentive to leave their beds or get away from their TVs.

  • Brookdale Green Mountain Denver, Colorado 80228

    When we moved there a couple of years ago, staff was really great. Over the last year, there has been constant turnover due to EXTREMELY poor management. They are understaffed, and the HR Manager is horrible in selecting people. One of the poorest CNAs we have had worked there one week, and is already training the new CNAs (there is no one else to train). We deal with constant bed sores, missed showers, urine smelling bathrooms, and POOR care of our Uncle. Do NOT put a loved one here right now.

  • Powerback Rehabilitation Lakewood Denver, Colorado 80227

    This facility is beautiful and I am thankful my mom got the cared she needed. Everyone was real nice and there are tons of employees. She was better when she left than when she arrived but I did have one complaint. When she was discharged, she had two large bags of clothes that were never washed. All of her clothes were soiled with dried feces. I had to take her home in soiled clothing and this made me cry. I'm sure they had no problem cashing the check from her insurance company but some how decided washing her clothes was not necessary. I could not wait to get her home and wash her clothes.

  • Monaco Parkway Health and Rehabilitation Center Denver, Colorado 80224

    The staff were very caring to my late mother. However, there was a woefully small staff for the number of patients and they were seriously short of RNs and LPNs due to chronic layoffs and budget cuts. Patients also lay unwashed and un-diapered waiting for one of the inadequate and overworked orderly staff to get to them. It was near impossible to reach an RN, LPN, or caregiver after 5 PM or on a weekend, whether by phone or by showing up in the building to look for one. The transfer of patient status at shift change was inadequate. In the 7 years of my mother's residence and her multiple falls, injuries and medical emergencies, never once did the caregiver on the shift after the emergency receive any information on it from the caregiver on shift during the emergency. Paper records on patients were disastrously poor. Security was also poor - jewelry and personal property were stolen.

  • Powerback Rehabilitation Lakewood Denver, Colorado 80227

    My father in law was at Powerback for 8 days and i was there every day with him. I honestly don,t believe you can find a better run facility that what we experienced! From the cleaning lady, nurses, OT therapist, OP therapist, PA doctor, and kitchen help, were outstanding!! When you enter this facility everyone is eager to help you with any concerns or needs. And the biggest asset they have is everyone smiles and are very friendly.!! The front desk as you walk in are always very friendly and every day they broke away from their job and made me a cup of cappuccino. My father had a menu the night before and had three meals a day and it was not normal cafeteria food. It was fresh and hot and it helped him build his strength up i think faster than normal. He is 85, so his eating habits were not normal at home. We have left this facility now, but we would highly recommend Powerback to anyone that needs this kind of medical help to recover.

  • Powerback Rehabilitation Lakewood Denver, Colorado 80227

    I agree with much of what is written in the other reviews here. It is a beautiful facility with large rooms, good equipment, and some caring and competent people. However, I would not send an elderly or ill patient there again. They do a poor job of scheduling therapists who often interrupt each other. Mom rarely had the same therapist more than twice and often felt they were not on the same page. She felt as though some weren't interested in helping her, just putting in time. She didn't always get the right meds and got them at all different times. Most of the nurses were good, but there was poor communication between shifts. Some cnas were friendly, caring, and efficient, but too many were the opposite. Mom was often left waiting for long periods after calling for help. The point of rehab is to learn to do things yourself, but many of the cans were impatient and did things for her. Mom did not get better there and she became depressed.

  • Littleton Care and Rehabilitation Center Littleton, Colorado 80123

    This place gets one star because you cannot rate it for no stars. I have never seen such incompetence in my life. Please save yourself a headache and do your loved one a favor…do not put them in this place. The care here is non existent. They are understaffed and not qualified. How they have the ratings that they do is beyond me. It started out terrible and has gotten progressively worse.

  • Powerback Rehabilitation Lakewood Denver, Colorado 80227

    I was at Powerback Lakewood for 10 days. It is a lovely facility, with spacious rooms, libraries, coffee bistro and common living rooms. Large flat screen TV, and they provide you with an IPad with WiFi. Outdoor patios for those who are permitted to go outside. Lots of closet/drawer space. Refrigerator and microwave in the room, which you may want to use, as the food is horrendous. The menu selection sounds appealing on paper, however. You may eat in the restaurant, or have it brought to your room.

    The physical therapists are fabulous in every respect, and the gym well equipped. They also have mock up kitchens and bathrooms to simulate being at home, and how to maneuver. The nurses and CNAs are spotty, with some top notch, exceptionally caring people. Then some are flat out rude and act as if you are putting them out. They just don't seem to understand that you are in pain. Also, a gentle suggestion to 2/3 of the employees…..use breath mints or watch what you eat.

    Communication as to the rules of the road is rough. You just have to learn as you go along. Also, pain medication is dispensed upon request…you don't automatically get it, as they are trying to wean you off of it. Rarely do you have set times for therapy or other specialized meetings with staff.

    This is a rehab place, not a nursing home. So not the place to be if you are really ill as well. The staff doesn't seem to know how to cope with that! I witnessed some unfortunate interchanges between staff and patients in this regard. Perhaps Powerback should decline accepting some patients who would be better served elsewhere.

    If I need rehab again, I would go back. The experience would be better the 2nd time around, knowing the ropes.

  • Avamere Transitional Care and Rehab-Malley Denver, Colorado 80233

    I give this facility a 1. Only for the nursing staff. The rest 0. The food is horrible. They forget about the people and run out of food. My mother got toast due to shortage of food. I have been there personally and could not cut thru pork chops… They need new management in the nutrition service dept.

  • Elms Haven Center Thornton, Colorado 80241

    Please check out the current medicare rating on this facility. Don't rely on past reputation. My parent was in the rehabilitation wing and within 4 days had aspiration pnuemonia, a huge bed sore, kidney failure from dehydration, and almost died.

    5 years before my other parent was there and did fairly well, but things have changed. Always check current medical ratings, check on the place without warning, and compare number of nurses from place to place.

    Hospitals don't keep seniors long these days, so they are often sicker and more vulnerable than they used to be for rehabilitation. Be careful with your elderly loved ones.

  • Brookdale Green Mountain Denver, Colorado 80228

    The staff here had been very good to my mother. They are very helpful and are good about communicating with me. The activities director is very good and works with the everyone to get them involved with the activities. The physical therapist staff is really helpful and did everything they could to get my mom walking again. I though this place did the very best they could.

  • Monaco Parkway Health and Rehabilitation Center Denver, Colorado 80224

    Very disappointed with the care and cleanliness of this facility. And, they seem to be understaffed as no one answers call buttons. The food is awful.

    The adminstrative staff is very friendly and helpful to get you in the door and then they totally disappear. The social service workers want to just constantly harass you about moving patients out no matter if continued care is needed or not. My impression is that they want to get bodies in to the facility for the money but then also want you out when you don't matter to them anymore. It seems like it is all about the money (to the facility) and not about the care for the patients. I would NEVER recommend this facility to anyone, ever.

    If there was a rating of no stars, that is where I would rank this facility. And, i will definitely file a complaint with the State of Colorado.