Review of Powerback Rehabilitation Lakewood

4 Star User Review

I was at Powerback Lakewood for 10 days. It is a lovely facility, with spacious rooms, libraries, coffee bistro and common living rooms. Large flat screen TV, and they provide you with an IPad with WiFi. Outdoor patios for those who are permitted to go outside. Lots of closet/drawer space. Refrigerator and microwave in the room, which you may want to use, as the food is horrendous. The menu selection sounds appealing on paper, however. You may eat in the restaurant, or have it brought to your room.

The physical therapists are fabulous in every respect, and the gym well equipped. They also have mock up kitchens and bathrooms to simulate being at home, and how to maneuver. The nurses and CNAs are spotty, with some top notch, exceptionally caring people. Then some are flat out rude and act as if you are putting them out. They just don't seem to understand that you are in pain. Also, a gentle suggestion to 2/3 of the employees…..use breath mints or watch what you eat.

Communication as to the rules of the road is rough. You just have to learn as you go along. Also, pain medication is dispensed upon request…you don't automatically get it, as they are trying to wean you off of it. Rarely do you have set times for therapy or other specialized meetings with staff.

This is a rehab place, not a nursing home. So not the place to be if you are really ill as well. The staff doesn't seem to know how to cope with that! I witnessed some unfortunate interchanges between staff and patients in this regard. Perhaps Powerback should decline accepting some patients who would be better served elsewhere.

If I need rehab again, I would go back. The experience would be better the 2nd time around, knowing the ropes.