Review of Powerback Rehabilitation Lakewood

3 Star User Review

I agree with much of what is written in the other reviews here. It is a beautiful facility with large rooms, good equipment, and some caring and competent people. However, I would not send an elderly or ill patient there again. They do a poor job of scheduling therapists who often interrupt each other. Mom rarely had the same therapist more than twice and often felt they were not on the same page. She felt as though some weren't interested in helping her, just putting in time. She didn't always get the right meds and got them at all different times. Most of the nurses were good, but there was poor communication between shifts. Some cnas were friendly, caring, and efficient, but too many were the opposite. Mom was often left waiting for long periods after calling for help. The point of rehab is to learn to do things yourself, but many of the cans were impatient and did things for her. Mom did not get better there and she became depressed.