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Very negative review for Powerback Rehab in Lakewood, CO. Patients get a little physical and occupational therapy every day, then are left to lie around in their bed or slouch in chairs all day. The therapy doesn't even amount to much, anyways. My mother was there for 10 days and came home not much better than she was four days after her hip surgery.

The home therapist (not affiliated with Powerback) had her do things, and she said, "They never had me do this at Powerback." I witnessed one of the OT sessions: just lame pedaling on an arm pedaling machine while the mousy voiced therapist sat there and watched. She showed my mother how to put a sock on with a tool. For 30 minutes, that was it. Just on and off with that arm pedal thing, and my mother was wheeled, rather than encouraged to walk, to the therapy room and back.

CNAs don't bother to encourage patients to get up and be about. A few had thick accents and spoke too fast for my mother, who (like most elderly), is hearing impaired. She'd ask them to repeat and they'd still talk fast instead of slowing down. Clueless CNAs.

Powerback is understaffed. CNA's typically took 10-15 mins to respond to my mother's call button. Unless a patient is a self-starter, go-getter type with a sound mind and embraces the concept of fighting back from injury or surgery…this place will only stall progress. My mother's home PT said she was way behind what she should have been. Every time I visited in afternoon she was sleeping. There is no program in place to give patients incentive to leave their beds or get away from their TVs.

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Hello, I am not sure if you are aware that your review rated this facility with 4 stars. After reading your review, I am not sure that is what you intended. Just thought you would want to know. Thank you!

I assume your four star rating was a mistake?