Review of Powerback Rehabilitation Lakewood

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Severely understaffed. My father was there for a week and in that time they managed to make his condition worse by not treating as there were instructed. The people are caring but not enough of them. He was told not to get out of bed by himself but could get no one to help him to bathroom. I have never seen a bed that you could not raise the foot on unless you went under the mattress to put a bar in place which would then have to be removed manually and considering the staffing issues you may have to wait a long time for that. The building is very nice and the rooms are nice but they need to put more money into the staff.

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I used to work for the facility and fully understand why the center is getting such a low rating. The CNA staff is desperately understaffed and it's been suggested that names have randomly been put on schedule to keep CNA staff from getting upset that their wing would not be adequately staffed. There have been instances where the evening and overnight staff have been short staffed which could potentially be perilous for both staff member(s) and patients. I have made complaints about conditions at the center but those complaints have not been well received by administration and the other nurses have either decided to stay silent or they have stated they are well aware of the problems there but that it didn't do them any good to complain. Genesis owns many facilities in Colorado and their nursing homes are often dirty, understaffed, and rooms overcrowded. Having to virtually push a bed out of the way to get to a call light to turn it off is not unusual. It's highly upsetting for a patient to complain they are being ignored and I've witnessed some CNA assigned to a hall repeatedly ignore a particular room and that is never acceptable. Having been at a center that provides care at an optimum level has been a joyful experience and I've been able to put my experience at Power Back behind me. There are many great Rehabilitation centers in the metro area and review ratings by the state are the best way to help determine where to go for needed therapy or when considering where to take a loved one.