Review of Briarwood Health Care Center

2 Star User Review

When looking into this home for my mom I was told it is a four star place…I could only find ratings from a few years ago.. But never go by their chosen ratings. No one means ill harm in this place, the nurses are kind and just out of school. So many of the cna s have so many excuses for there not being able to do things. My mother never on a regular basis had her teeth brushed, face washed daily until hospice. Too many times she did not get fed in my absence, I had to write every order for medicine and even had to discontinue her high blood pressure medicine because they were giving it to her for a b/p of 83/60…. There is no accountability and definitely a total lack of communication.. The first 2 weeks there she lost 8 pounds because no one was feeding her..they lost her dentures and now has to eat. This place is for the elderly that do not have families to check up on them.. So sad everyone deserves to be treated like they are their mothers or grandmothers…..unfortunately this is a place to die not to live out your life…on the upside the activities director is awesom and they did put fresh paint and new carpet up but they are not trained in elderly care and their needs. Everyone is very nice and I like 90percent of them but it is truly disjointed