Review of Holly Heights Care Center

1 Star User Review

As I sit in ICU with my father on Veterans Day, I want to say that Holly Heights cares more about money than about elderly veterans. We had 12 days to place my father in a nursing facility and we applied to Holly Heights. I told them of the time constraint and asked them to tell me if there was any reason I should be looking further. They said things looked great and there shouldn't be a problem. 8 days later they called to say they wouldn't take him. This was on Friday afternoon and he had to be moved somewhere by Tuesday morning. Their reason? His meds would cost them too much compared to the VA contract. I offered to pay the difference or to bring his meds in, but they wouldn't budge. We were left high and dry with only one business day left. My father was crippled in his military service and is treated like this! He was very depressed by this rejection. Now we are in ICU and he isn't expected to live. I hope that Holly Heights ' greed and lack of consideration catch up with them. Update: my father passed away during this hospitalization.