Review of Monaco Parkway Health and Rehabilitation Center

1 Star User Review

The staff were very caring to my late mother. However, there was a woefully small staff for the number of patients and they were seriously short of RNs and LPNs due to chronic layoffs and budget cuts. Patients also lay unwashed and un-diapered waiting for one of the inadequate and overworked orderly staff to get to them. It was near impossible to reach an RN, LPN, or caregiver after 5 PM or on a weekend, whether by phone or by showing up in the building to look for one. The transfer of patient status at shift change was inadequate. In the 7 years of my mother's residence and her multiple falls, injuries and medical emergencies, never once did the caregiver on the shift after the emergency receive any information on it from the caregiver on shift during the emergency. Paper records on patients were disastrously poor. Security was also poor - jewelry and personal property were stolen.