Review of Juniper Village - the Spearly Center

2 Star User Review

My family member has been a resident at the Speerly center for 25 years now. The facility is okay. He suffers from mental illness. The facility is a combination of both elderly, brain injury and mental health issues. They try their best working with the mentally ill population but fail miserably. Their hands are tied in many way as they do not provide mental health services themselves but outsource to MHCD. MHCD is okay but they are not progressive and no one is there to hold them accountable to be at the top of their game. The Speerly center provides a great service in that there is very little services in Colorado for Mentally Ill people to be cared for who cannot care for themselves; that said Speerly should be good at one thing not really really average with three different populations. My family member has almost died twice due to the average care there and currently there is a skin rash outbreak in the facility, which they have not solved yet. If you have few choices as we do; simply keep in mind that you need to over see and be vigilant to keep your family member safe and healthy.