Review of Powerback Rehabilitation Lakewood

4 Star User Review

My father in law was at Powerback for 8 days and i was there every day with him. I honestly don,t believe you can find a better run facility that what we experienced! From the cleaning lady, nurses, OT therapist, OP therapist, PA doctor, and kitchen help, were outstanding!! When you enter this facility everyone is eager to help you with any concerns or needs. And the biggest asset they have is everyone smiles and are very friendly.!! The front desk as you walk in are always very friendly and every day they broke away from their job and made me a cup of cappuccino. My father had a menu the night before and had three meals a day and it was not normal cafeteria food. It was fresh and hot and it helped him build his strength up i think faster than normal. He is 85, so his eating habits were not normal at home. We have left this facility now, but we would highly recommend Powerback to anyone that needs this kind of medical help to recover.

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The service you got was good only because visited every day! Didn't want you to see how they really operate!

My experience was so opposite of this review I almost question the validity of the review. In any case I hope it is a legitimate review and does reflect a real experience.