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  • Diversicare of Winfield Winfield, Alabama 35594

    As far as the Staff most are very nice, the Food is NOT HOT even when eating in dining room. Baths not given, nor showers on a timely manner, my mom has not had a bath of any kind in DAYS. When I would tell them it was we will get her one soon. DIDNT HAPPEN. Bathrooms are not cleaned very well poop is one toilet and walls from other resident along with dirty bed pans and clothes left there that are so nasty. I have went and cleaned it up just so my mom could use it.

  • Azalea Gardens of Mobile Mobile, Alabama 36607

    So this is my forst time here visiting my father since he was sent here from springhill. I immediately noticed the laziness of the nurses, specifically on the 2nd floor. The 3rd floor nurses were a little more polite and actually seemed to be caring for those on their floor. The 2nd floor nurses however looked like they hayed their jobs and couldnt wait to leave. Multiple time ive caught the nurses just relaxing behind the front desk. Another room was calling for assistance by pushing their button, for about half an hour it was buzzing before i decided to find out what it was so i asked and they finally decided to see what the person wanted. 1st time here, 1st hour here, all I seen was lazy unprofessional nurses who could care less about the individuals under their care. Ive even heard complaints from other patients about the nurses being rough and violent with them after visiting hours.

  • Diversicare of Big Springs Huntsville, Alabama 35801

    My mother has limited vision….so calling her is an issue…I put a private line into her room….only to have the staff turn off the ringer or place the phone out of reach…I then have to contact the nursing desk phone, which is rarely answered to correct the problem…..complaints to the main office have been ignored, repeatedly…..

  • Oak Knoll Health and Rehabilitation, LLC Birmingham, Alabama 35204

    I don't care for this place at all. Thanks to them my husband is a type 2 diabetic when he was a type one. The food is no good everyone gets the same thing no matter what condition they have,some of the staff is very rude,the MD there is no help there is a patent there that needs to be in the hospital he won't let her go,the bed my husband had sounded like it was about to fall apart and the so called mattris had lots of holes in it. I wouldn't send my worst enemy there. Also and this is very important they scam the insurance they know one thing but change it so the insurance will keep paying they did my husbands that way he should have came home way sooner but they told the insurance lots of lies just to keep him. He will never go back there. I feel it needs to be closed down. I will quit my job before he goes back there.

  • Mobile Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Mobile, Alabama 36695

    This place is absolutely horrible! My dad was there after he had a stroke. He could not feed himself and they would drop off his meal tray and leave. If a family member was not there to feed him, he did not eat until they could get around to feeding him. By then his food would be ice cold. When we would hit the call button it would take 45 minutes for anyone to respond. They did not notice that my dad's catheter was clogged up and his abdomen was swollen to the size of a bowling ball and hard because his bladder was full of urine. Needless to say, we had him removed from the facility.

  • Sylacauga Health and Rehab Services Sylacauga, Alabama 35150

    The staff is friendly and helpful. They really seem to care about the well-being of their residents and residents' family concerns. There is one glaring concern, however. They do not offer special diets. My mother-in-law should be on a diabetic diet. We were told that Alabama law does not allow nursing homes or rehab centers to provide special meals. Everyone in the facility must be served the same meal, and if it makes them sick, then the nurses treat the sickness. My mother-in-law was served battered, fried catfish and french fries with a dessert one day last week. Though the nurses check blood sugar levels before meals, they do not return to check what the meals have done to the blood sugar levels. I don't know if this is the case in all nursing homes in Alabama, but if your loved one is staying at this center, he or she will not get a cardiac diet, diabetic diet or any other special diet, even if ordered by a doctor.

  • Woodley Manor Health & Rehabilitation Montgomery, Alabama 36116

    Facility failed to provide an interpreter. Facility failed to acknowledge other patients crying for help within a timely manner. Facility failed to monitor bowel movements and urination. Staff members avoided contact with family members with concerns. Facility denied medical records.

  • Mobile Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Mobile, Alabama 36695

    I am basing this review on personal observation. My sister was admitted at this facility after her knee replacement surgery and after we saw that US News and World Report gave it a 4 star rating. Had I known that each 30 rooms was staffed with ONE nurse, there was no urgency in answering the call light when it was lit, or when it was answered usually by an aide only to be told 'I'll be right back" then not showing up for at least 45 minutes. I would never have chosen this facility. Albeit very clean, the staff ie; nurses, aides, LPN's and Therapy staff were always very nice, their response time could be better managed. If the patient..(excuse me - )Residents asked for a simple tylenol the response was.."I'm sorry that wasn't ordered". The Doctor on call apparently does not like to dispense meds of any kind and has a very curt bedside manner. There are "residents in wheelchairs that mill around the nurses station either babbling or in a comatose state - very scary to those patients that are there just for rehab. The Beauty shop is very ill equipped, if at all. I had to bring my own flat iron to fix my sisters hair. The communal showers are dirty, moldy and are not sprayed down prior to each use by residents. The only one that was sprayed down and rinsed was the one in the occupational therapy room. The food is definitely NOT 5 star dining. It is awful! the time the resident at the end of the hall gets their food it's ice cold. the breakfast is pathetic, eggs are overcooked, the sausage is dry and could be a "hockey puck" and you can bounce a fork off the grits. Their "grilled" cheese sandwich is two pieces of dry bread with a square of plastic cheese. We asked how they prepared it and they said they put it in the oven and baked it, thus making it very dry and not palatable at all. I submit that this is more of a 1 star dining. HOWEVER, all that said..The staff was friendly, very likeable. But, they could use a bit more training in time management.

    For example: When a patient rings and an aide goes to see what they need, if its just assistance to go to the bathroom, the do it right then. Don't tell them "ill be back". That is a waste of valuable time. And, if there is a time constraint because they are assisting a more critical patient, then for pity's sake tell the resident in question you are assisting someone at the moment and will return asap or get someone else to assist.

  • Hanceville Nursing & Rehab Center, Inc Hanceville, Alabama 35077

    Always short staffed! The food is cold and horrible not to mention they are always out of everything. I was told several times that the kitchen was over budget so they couldn't get what we all wanted. The manager was uncaring and never available I had to talk to an assistant about my food over and over with nothing ever being done.I do not recommend this place.

  • Mobile Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Mobile, Alabama 36695

    In the first 23 hours of visiting Mobile Nursing and Rehab (MNR), then having my Dad admitted for rehab, five things particularly impressed


    1. While on the walkaround tour of the physical therapy gym, a lady asked the person escorting me if there was any literature about MNR available. She wanted to give it to a friend. She said that she had been other places and none of them really cared about the patients, but that here (MNR), they did.

    2. I had begun to leave MNR, then realized I had to pee. I went back inside, and apparently looked lost. The first of several CNAs walking down the hallway asked me if I needed help. She was very helpful, I was soon very relieved.

    3. The next morning, I was in the cafeteria feeding my coffee habit, and overheard a conversation between two CNAs who were helping residents with eating breakfast. They want to remain anonymous, so I'll call them Jane and Cathy. Jane was telling Cathy about a phone call she got at work. The call was from a guy named Mike who wanted to "verify" some information about a resident. To make a long story short, Jane gave no verification, nor any other information. This made me happy.

    I went outside to get a legal pad and pencil to write these observations down, so I would remember to post them to MNR's reviews page, when

    the fourth thing that impressed me happened.

    4. I checked on Dad, and he was still asleep, so I returned to the cafeteria (coffee habit) to write down numbers 1 through 3 above.

    Just after I finished 3 above, the HR director and an RN approached me in a stearn manner to find out who I was, and why I was taking notes.

    I explained who I was, and told them why I was taking notes. I went back to Dad's room.

    5. The Director - Grand Poobah - came in about five minutes later, and wanted me to come to her office. I retold her why I was note-taking.

    She noticed that I had a catheter bag (still in the packaging) in my jacket pocket. It was cold that morning, and I grabbed the jacket without checking the pockets. There was only about an inch of the package sticking out of the pocket, and there was no label visible, but the director knew what was in the bag -- so really this would be thing 7.

    6. When walking down the hallway with a tour guide, or someone else in management, you'd expect everything to be "smiles and rainbows", but when I walk alone, it's still "smiles and rainbows"!

    Not only does Mobile Nursing and Rehab have a friendly and helpful staff, I am confident that nobody will get any info about my Dad.

    Also, "the Brass" isn't afraid to confront anyone that seems to not belong there.

    Even having been "sent to the Principal's office" in the first 23 hours, I couldn't be happier :)

    Stephen White

  • Arbor Springs Health and Rehab Center, Ltd Opelika, Alabama 36801

    Mom was initially in the rehabilitation area of Arbor Springs and did very well in that section. She was gaining strength and liked the facility. We had to move her to the long term care side when her therapy was completed and it has not been a very pleasant experience. She fell twice in her first week and we were not notified until hours after the event. She was not taken to the bathroom in a timely manner so her diaper was changed instead of keeping her on a schedule. She has deteriorated rapidly. Now she has costochrondritis and is dehydrated. This condition is where her muscle has been pulled away from her rib cage area and is very painful. We have tried to have meetings and discuss the care. The response is very positive when we have these meetings but the care seems to continue to decline. We are considering moving her.

  • Terrace Oaks Care & Rehabilitation Center Bessemer, Alabama 35020

    Be wise on your nursing home decision that is the one you Love in their care be aware of everything they do at the facility that is going on with your loved one. I was and it is to late for my daughter. If you have to send a loved on to this facility do not miss one day there question every medication and every change in medication question why they do not do therapy on all of their patients question why they will not send you out to your own doctor question question question everything i did but by the time i really started questioning it was to late. Ask if they are using the restroom ask if they are eating and how much ask if the doctor really looked at them and is not just prescribing from what the care givers are telling them make sure of everything

  • St Martin's in the Pines Birmingham, Alabama 35210

    Initially I was very pleased with the care my parents received.(They moved there Aug 2010). After my fathers death(Jan 2011) my mom continued to stay there until Nov 14 2013.She took a turn for the worse, she was sent to the ER and St Martins failed to sent a copy of her living will (DNR) and she lived another month being put thru unnecessary treatment.The MD at the hospital discussed her status and she was placed on hospice and was moved to another nursing home and died one month later on Dec 14. ( I was not going to bring her back to St Martins ) Violet (admissions) called me on Nov 15 not even 24hrs after my mom was in CICU and asked what I planned to do about her bed in the cottages. I know their goal is to make money and they made a lot of money from my parents since Aug 2010. I called her a few days later and made her aware of my mom not coming back to their facility and addressed with her my concern about the DNR not being followed, putting my mom thru unnecessary treatment and bills and she said she would talk with administration and has not contacted me since. I have had billing issues this past year and each time I paid by check I wrote a note to Doug(finances) and he never got back with me until after my moms death and I left numerous messages for him to call me. They charge for EVERYTHING! In checking with other nursing homes their daily fees include everything. My mom was charged for the room, incontinent fees, oxygen rental, humidifier,nebulizer set, creams and ointments, syringes ,steri- strips,,telfa pads, etc…..I addressed in notes to Doug and with the staff in care plan meeting the daily fees for incontinent and felt this charge was not correct. My mom would have an occasional accident but was not totally incontinent. I pointed out what 86 year old on diuretics wouldn't ? As an RN I understood why they would put a diaper on her for their convenience but charging her close to 200.00 a month for this was not right. After my moms death Doug finally looked into it and found out that she only had some incontinent episodes and changed the charge code so it was a lesser charge. I am still looking into the fact at some possible billing fraud since my mom was charged for a nebulizer set on several occasions and I talked with the pharmacy that supplies their meds and received a final copy of her bill and no meds were listed on those days that would require a nebulizer along with some other charges that she didn't receive. I can say the nursing staff was kind and caring and really loved my mom. They treated her with respect. Would I use them again…..NO I have been trying to deal with my moms bill for the past year….its not fair to keep a person hanging on when all I did was want to be honest and fair….pay her bills on time… and trying now to come to terms with her death and still trying to get the bill here correct and wondering how much more we will be charged for the ambulance ride and hospital and MD bills due to their failure to send her living will…..