Review of Oak Knoll Health and Rehabilitation, LLC

1 Star User Review

I don't care for this place at all. Thanks to them my husband is a type 2 diabetic when he was a type one. The food is no good everyone gets the same thing no matter what condition they have,some of the staff is very rude,the MD there is no help there is a patent there that needs to be in the hospital he won't let her go,the bed my husband had sounded like it was about to fall apart and the so called mattris had lots of holes in it. I wouldn't send my worst enemy there. Also and this is very important they scam the insurance they know one thing but change it so the insurance will keep paying they did my husbands that way he should have came home way sooner but they told the insurance lots of lies just to keep him. He will never go back there. I feel it needs to be closed down. I will quit my job before he goes back there.