Review of Sylacauga Health and Rehab Services

2 Star User Review

The staff is friendly and helpful. They really seem to care about the well-being of their residents and residents' family concerns. There is one glaring concern, however. They do not offer special diets. My mother-in-law should be on a diabetic diet. We were told that Alabama law does not allow nursing homes or rehab centers to provide special meals. Everyone in the facility must be served the same meal, and if it makes them sick, then the nurses treat the sickness. My mother-in-law was served battered, fried catfish and french fries with a dessert one day last week. Though the nurses check blood sugar levels before meals, they do not return to check what the meals have done to the blood sugar levels. I don't know if this is the case in all nursing homes in Alabama, but if your loved one is staying at this center, he or she will not get a cardiac diet, diabetic diet or any other special diet, even if ordered by a doctor.