Review of Mobile Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

2 Star User Review

I am basing this review on personal observation. My sister was admitted at this facility after her knee replacement surgery and after we saw that US News and World Report gave it a 4 star rating. Had I known that each 30 rooms was staffed with ONE nurse, there was no urgency in answering the call light when it was lit, or when it was answered usually by an aide only to be told 'I'll be right back" then not showing up for at least 45 minutes. I would never have chosen this facility. Albeit very clean, the staff ie; nurses, aides, LPN's and Therapy staff were always very nice, their response time could be better managed. If the patient..(excuse me - )Residents asked for a simple tylenol the response was.."I'm sorry that wasn't ordered". The Doctor on call apparently does not like to dispense meds of any kind and has a very curt bedside manner. There are "residents in wheelchairs that mill around the nurses station either babbling or in a comatose state - very scary to those patients that are there just for rehab. The Beauty shop is very ill equipped, if at all. I had to bring my own flat iron to fix my sisters hair. The communal showers are dirty, moldy and are not sprayed down prior to each use by residents. The only one that was sprayed down and rinsed was the one in the occupational therapy room. The food is definitely NOT 5 star dining. It is awful! the time the resident at the end of the hall gets their food it's ice cold. the breakfast is pathetic, eggs are overcooked, the sausage is dry and could be a "hockey puck" and you can bounce a fork off the grits. Their "grilled" cheese sandwich is two pieces of dry bread with a square of plastic cheese. We asked how they prepared it and they said they put it in the oven and baked it, thus making it very dry and not palatable at all. I submit that this is more of a 1 star dining. HOWEVER, all that said..The staff was friendly, very likeable. But, they could use a bit more training in time management.

For example: When a patient rings and an aide goes to see what they need, if its just assistance to go to the bathroom, the do it right then. Don't tell them "ill be back". That is a waste of valuable time. And, if there is a time constraint because they are assisting a more critical patient, then for pity's sake tell the resident in question you are assisting someone at the moment and will return asap or get someone else to assist.