Review of Aspire Physical Recovery Center at Hoover, LLC

1 Star User Review

I give it one star . It's beautiful and very clean : in fact , the housekeeping staff and the aids were the only compassionate branches of aspire's team .

Our 93 year old father was there after a heart attack ,(despite Aspire and daddy's GP's bad reviews : we were warned !) because we were impressed by the looks of the place. WRONG ! DO NOT be lulled by the glamorous appearance of Aspire !

We are not a demanding or spoiled family , but WE were the ones to bathe him , change soiled 'brief's , clean dried vomit from him and change his sheets . WE were the ones who had to research his meds and find out which one made him violently ill *. WE were the ones who BEGGED to have it stopped , only to have them dose him with it AGAIN in three days. WE were the ones to notice signs of a serious UTI …

Nurses often seemed to take offense when we went to their station asking for help and frequently , help never came.

Bedsores developed , oozed and bled.

We're lucky he lived .

* Lasix diuretic removed more fluids (and electrolytes) than he'd taken in , in two days .he was drained almost dry.