Inspection Results » Aspire Physical Recovery Center at Hoover, LLC

  1. Health Inspection on April 20, 2018 [1]

    1. Isolated: No actual harm with potential for more than minimal harm that is not immediate jeopardy
      • Ensure services provided by the nursing facility meet professional standards of quality. (Corrected 2018-05-23)
      • Ensure drugs and biologicals used in the facility are labeled in accordance with currently accepted professional principles; and all drugs and biologicals must be stored in locked compartments, separately locked, compartments for controlled drugs. (Corrected 2018-05-23)
      • Allow residents to easily view the nursing home's survey results and communicate with advocate agencies. (Corrected 2018-05-23)
    2. Widespread: No actual harm with potential for minimal harm
      • The resident has the right to receive notices in a format and a language he or she understands. (Corrected 2018-05-23)
      • Post nurse staffing information every day. (Corrected 2018-05-23)

To be part of the Medicare and Medicaid programs, nursing homes have to meet certain requirements set by Congress. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has entered into an agreement with state governments to do health inspections and fire safety inspections of these nursing homes and investigate complaints about nursing home care. [2]

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