Review of Azalea Gardens of Mobile

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So this is my forst time here visiting my father since he was sent here from springhill. I immediately noticed the laziness of the nurses, specifically on the 2nd floor. The 3rd floor nurses were a little more polite and actually seemed to be caring for those on their floor. The 2nd floor nurses however looked like they hayed their jobs and couldnt wait to leave. Multiple time ive caught the nurses just relaxing behind the front desk. Another room was calling for assistance by pushing their button, for about half an hour it was buzzing before i decided to find out what it was so i asked and they finally decided to see what the person wanted. 1st time here, 1st hour here, all I seen was lazy unprofessional nurses who could care less about the individuals under their care. Ive even heard complaints from other patients about the nurses being rough and violent with them after visiting hours.