Review of Mobile Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

5 Star User Review

In the first 23 hours of visiting Mobile Nursing and Rehab (MNR), then having my Dad admitted for rehab, five things particularly impressed


1. While on the walkaround tour of the physical therapy gym, a lady asked the person escorting me if there was any literature about MNR available. She wanted to give it to a friend. She said that she had been other places and none of them really cared about the patients, but that here (MNR), they did.

2. I had begun to leave MNR, then realized I had to pee. I went back inside, and apparently looked lost. The first of several CNAs walking down the hallway asked me if I needed help. She was very helpful, I was soon very relieved.

3. The next morning, I was in the cafeteria feeding my coffee habit, and overheard a conversation between two CNAs who were helping residents with eating breakfast. They want to remain anonymous, so I'll call them Jane and Cathy. Jane was telling Cathy about a phone call she got at work. The call was from a guy named Mike who wanted to "verify" some information about a resident. To make a long story short, Jane gave no verification, nor any other information. This made me happy.

I went outside to get a legal pad and pencil to write these observations down, so I would remember to post them to MNR's reviews page, when

the fourth thing that impressed me happened.

4. I checked on Dad, and he was still asleep, so I returned to the cafeteria (coffee habit) to write down numbers 1 through 3 above.

Just after I finished 3 above, the HR director and an RN approached me in a stearn manner to find out who I was, and why I was taking notes.

I explained who I was, and told them why I was taking notes. I went back to Dad's room.

5. The Director - Grand Poobah - came in about five minutes later, and wanted me to come to her office. I retold her why I was note-taking.

She noticed that I had a catheter bag (still in the packaging) in my jacket pocket. It was cold that morning, and I grabbed the jacket without checking the pockets. There was only about an inch of the package sticking out of the pocket, and there was no label visible, but the director knew what was in the bag -- so really this would be thing 7.

6. When walking down the hallway with a tour guide, or someone else in management, you'd expect everything to be "smiles and rainbows", but when I walk alone, it's still "smiles and rainbows"!

Not only does Mobile Nursing and Rehab have a friendly and helpful staff, I am confident that nobody will get any info about my Dad.

Also, "the Brass" isn't afraid to confront anyone that seems to not belong there.

Even having been "sent to the Principal's office" in the first 23 hours, I couldn't be happier :)

Stephen White