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  • Avalon Care Center at Northpointe Spokane, Washington 99218

    My mother spent 2 weeks in Avalon to recuperate after a stay in the hospital. She received some great care from a few staff members but she received incompetent care from several others. The night staff were particularly untrained and uncaring. My mother was carelessly allowed to fall off the bed when the nurse yanked on a sheet during an early morning bed change causing my mother serious eye, elbow, and knee injuries. The elbow was then left completely untreated and it became infected. This required intravenous antibiotics. This all added to my mother's already compromised condition. Then she developed a respiratory problem while she was at Avalon and the treatment for this was both dangerous and useless. She was taken to the hospital to be treated for the injuries sustained while at Avalon and she never went back. The staff members who treated my mother well were very special people and I only wish they were working for a facility where the entire team has the same helpful demeanor and sweet dispositions. The night crew tended to make my mother feel terrified while the day crew made her feel happy and well cared for. If all the staff was as good as the day crew, I would be happy to submit a higher rating.

  • Stafford Healthcare at Belmont Bremerton, Washington 98310

    my loved one died from an advanced cdiff colitis after suffering immensely due to delayed medical intervention by the staff caring for my loved one. My loved one went here to rehabilitate after a stroke. A young senior. Make sure you check all health inspection reports prior to placing a loved one in a facility. My loved one had emergency surgery to remove colon, placed on life support and life support removed. CDIFF is highly contagious and can come on after antibiotic course, especially in health compromised. Nursing homes fail to explain the risks of infections, or what they do to control and prevent them. Very sad

  • Marysville Care Center Marysville, Washington 98270

    Only put one star. Otherwise review would not be put up. I am not blowing any of this up, out of proportion, at all. It's all real and true facts. Have the charts to prove. Friend of family was brought to the Marysville nursing / Rehab Center within two weeks she has three cracked ribs and a broken pelvis and it is ripped they never bothered to call 911 or bring her to the hospital she had bleeding around her heart bleeding in her lungs before she went to the Marysville rehab nursing home she was at Providence hospital she had none of these issues before she went there then she had to go back to the hospital because of the situation at the rehab nursing home and she died of blunt-force.. I am totally disgusted and pissed and hurt that she had to go this way they said they don't use bed railings they don't use any kind of alarm on the bed nothing so how long was she on the floor they said that she fell out of the bed 3 times that's how she got all these broken bones this isn't Nursing Facility seriously. And why they did not call 911. Who knows. This is to do with the night shift. I am not letting this go !!!!!

  • Colonial Vista Post-Acute & Rehab Center Wenatchee, Washington 98801

    Extremely disappointed in the care my mother received in Colonial Vista Rehab Center in Wenatchee, Wa. My mother got a urinary tract infection while there. I asked them to recheck her as she was still having symptoms after completing medication. They refused. Mom finally ended up being treated again after she started calling out in pain 2 weeks later. The day before she left the hospital to go to Colonial Vista she was alert and could transfer to the commode with one person. She went down hill fast after going to Colonial Vista. She slid out of a w/c twice and once out of bed within the first 2 days. She began sleeping all the time. After several weeks in which she was starting to improve the Social worker decided she needed to leave as she was not progressing as fast at they would like. The Social worker refused to advocate for my mom as I was sure her weakened state was due to her Urinary tract infection which lasted much longer than it should have. My mother ended up being billed for 10 days as Social Worker decided she should go to a nursing home and that she wasn't going to get better. So Physical Therapy stopped and I had to frantically find another place for her. The Social Worker put forth little effort to assist me in finding a place for my mom. Received a bill for almost $5,000 for the 10 days she had to stay after being cut off of insurance coverage. I can see why the Social worker was in no hurry to assist me in finding her a new place. Now that my mom has been in new facility she has improved greatly. She is alert, happy, and continues to improve. She has set a goal to be able to go shoe shopping next month. I will be filing a complaint with the state as I tried to speak with management at Colonial Vista 3 times about my concerns. No one responded. I am giving a one star rating as the staff that assisted mom with her activities of daily living were great and mom formed a bond with several of them.

  • Queen Anne Healthcare Seattle, Washington 98109

    Since this is my first stay in this type of facility I should preface this review by saying I have no basis for comparison. Having resided here for almost 6 months however; I can unequivocally state the level of care, basic services and overall professionalism is abysmal. Staff is constantly changing, morale is poor, always bickering about who is abusing breaks, etc.. Many of the staff have limited language skill as English is a second language. If by chance you speak Amharic that is a plus. Staffing levels can vary wildly from shift to shift and, deducting time for meals and staff breaks, each patient is lucky to receive a maximum of 3 mins. or less per hour of care. Patients with dementia are routinely tucked off in corners devoid of any respectful contact. It is a too frequent occurance that residents are ignored for hours at a time even after activating the so-called call light. Don't be fooled by the weather weary banner greeting you at the front entrance. A lot has probably changed since 2013!

  • Sullivan Park Care Center Spokane, Washington 99216

    I want to give a huge shout out and recommendation to Sullivan Park Care Center in the Spokane Valley and to say thank you.

    The staff there took fantastic care of my grandmother and genuinely cared. She was happy and comfortable there, really liked the staff (and they her), and any issue, concern, and/or question we had was handled immediately.

    If you are in need of a care service (aka nursing home), check out this facility first.

  • The Oaks at Lakewood Lakewood, Washington 98499

    I have had the pleasure of touring the Kindred facility in Lakewood, Wa. What I saw there forever changed my concept of a Skilled Nursing Homes. Having toured many in this general area this is what I found at Kindred Transitional Care and Rehab. after many hours of touring I found:

    Competent skilled nursing. Call lights answered promptly. Friendly and gracious staff even in the most difficult circumstances. When residents were out of their rooms in the hallway; every time a staff member walked past them, the staff member greeted each with a smile and inquired of their needs. The place was immaculate , the food smelled good and looked "good". The residents appeared content. I could see they were safe. As one resident was attempting to get out of his wheelchair a CNA or nurse was there immediately to ensure their safety. When asked one gentleman stated he "really liked it at Kindred". The staff their clearly loved their residents (including janitorial, and management) and were willing to go at any lengths to ensure safety, and comfort. I will choose Kindred when my loved one is in need of skilled care. I cannot say enough good about Kindred and their staff. I have been to MANY skilled nursing facilities in the Tacoma area, no one can surpass Kindred Transitional Care and Rehab. PS the Rehab department is amazing. Thank you for the opportunity to show my thoughts and my observation. Not a nurse

  • Shoreline Health and Rehabilitation Seattle, Washington 98155

    Easily the best rehab/nursing facility around. The staff are so caring and they really made our family feel welcomed and walked us though the entire process with ease. The therapy is top notch and got my mom walking after just a few weeks. I would recommend Shoreline Health and Rehab to anyone needing post hospital care.

  • Bothell Health Care Bothell, Washington 98021

    My husband was at BHC and received good care, a few years ago,he was admitted in September 2015 , there were new owners and care was not the same.

    It was negligent at best,communication was between staff and managers was close to non existent. My husband fell, on September 2015, I was not informed of his transfer to our local hospital, I found out about his

    fall by another trauma hospital the next morning wanting to know details about his fall and previous medical care. As a result of his fall, he sustained serious injuries, it showed negligent care, we still don't know how he fell, because of multiple stories given to us, which included that they did call, when in fact they did not. No calls whatever, were ever evident on our caller ID. He went from being able to come home in a few days to trauma ICU and died as result. I would give this facility a NEGATIVE 5 review. If you want your loved one to die send them here if you want care avoid at all costs

  • Caroline Kline Galland Home Seattle, Washington 98118

    If you have to be in a nursing home, Kline Galland is the best we have found. My mother lived there for 5 years and died there at age 97 in October 2014. The staff is caring, and several have been there as long as 25 years. When you walk in, there is NO urine smell, and they are constantly washing the floors. There are usually no residents lining the hall as you enter slumped in their wheelchairs asleep. At the main entrance there is a newly remodeled living room, and you frequently see family groups gathered there having a good visit. Most dementia patients are housed on a different floor, so you will likely not encounter them. Because they are restricted to the 2nd floor, they cannot wander or try to leave the facility. Kline Galland has many activities for the residents including a snack at Carolyn's Cafe about 4 PM where residents and families can gather to interact over a snack and juice/pop. This is a Jewish facility, but they accept patients of any faith as long as they are willing to eat a kosher diet and observe the celebration of Jewish holidays. In your own space you can celebrate your own faith and keep non-kosher foods, but non-kosher foods are not allowed in the public spaces. I heartily recommend Kline Galland Home.

  • Mountain View Rehabilitation and Care Center Marysville, Washington 98270

    Feb 3rd 2014,Arrived with husband via ambulance after 4 days post op complete hip and socket replacement, 4th surgery due to horrific MVA. Was placed in a room with no outside phone line, and no cellphone reception. I am disabled so main way to keep in touch with hubby via phone. No dinner served, finally brought him a tuna sandwich about 7pm. Nurses' aide very rough and attempted to remove his surgical dressing with NO GLOVES ON. I stopped her. I went to use bathroom in patient room, filthy dirty, dust and dirt in sink and floating on toilet surface, garbage can overflowing and spilled on floor. Was told housekeeper gone for day, cleaning equip. locked up for night! Tried to get him moved, unable to coord. that till next morning. Our HMO paid their one day bill but made us pay for 2nd ambulance to a great place, Bethany at Silver Lake. I highly recommend that facility. 5 star treatment all the way. No bill ever sent by Mountain View for our $45 co-pay till I rec'd first letter dated Dec 14, 2014 advising payment was past due!!! Ridiculous! They won't waive that charge, even given the obvious patient health violations found. Operating manager, is NEVER avail. I've left him 4 phone messages, he's either on vacation, not in yet, or this p.m. on a conference call. There are good faith issues here, it's not the $45 that bothers me. How can any facility treat a patient like this post-op??

  • Paramount Rehabilitation and Nursing Seattle, Washington 98144

    I telephoned today to speak with nurse on duty and in charge of the care for my cousin. I was unable to speak with nursing staff due to the fact the one phone at the station was in use. The receptionist had to leave his post to try and get someone to answer the phone which was in use by a resident. There should be at lease two or three phone lines at a nurse's station.

    Thank you.

  • The Oaks at Forest Bay Seattle, Washington 98133

    My mom spent a couple months at this facility rehabbing a fractured hip/hip replacement. I visited dozens of times, and spent hours there. The place is outstanding…well-managed, clean and pleasant, and very impressively filled with caring, helpful employees. I was consistently, uniformly impressed with the quality of the staff, in all positions I witnessed…friendly, helpful, competent. There's a lot of heart at Kindred/Arden…it seems to clearly be part of the vision of how the facility operates, from the top down, and is very much embodied by the caring, helpful employees. When it was time for mom to leave she was filled with gratitude for all the loving people who'd looked after her, and sad that she was leaving them--really, an ultimate compliment for the care and quality people this center provides.

  • Avalon Care Center - Pullman Pullman, Washington 99163

    Coercive commitment by Dr. who was both Avalon related and Director of Hospitalist Services at hospital where patient received surgery. Dr. moved beyond patient's need for rehab for shoulder surgery to include: Alzheimers which was being treated by a Neurologist and Psychiatric Nurse Practicioner as "conditions to be treated" and developed a 90 day treatment plan for "memory improvement" and other dementia related conditions (from patient records). Also, Bibolar ! was added to admission for surgery rehab, although this was being actively treated before by Psychiatric Nurse Practioner. Under the Avalon affiliated Dr.'s signature, Avalon preempted treatment of these conditions, interrupting patients treatment by her existing specialists, although allowing patient continuation of patient medications prescribed by that Neurologist if family provided these, which, of course, family did. Avalon director resisted discharge aggressively, when presented with discharge scrip from patient's surgeon. Director attempted to dismiss surgeon's release as "not addressing patient's 'other' problems" - none of which were proper for Avalon or their Dr.'s supervision. All of this occurred after specific objection was made to the Avalon Dr.'s conflict of interest and intervention in ongoing and long standing treatment relations with patient's Neurologist and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. After 30 days and considerable acrimony, patient's family managed to remove her from Avalon and restore her treatment relations with her preexisting Neurologist and Psychiatric Nurse Practicioner. The original deal was short term rehab for surgical recovery. This was being morphed into longer commitment for the several unrelated conditions when family intervened after surgeon's evaluation.

  • Panorama City Convalescent & Rehab Center Lacey, Washington 98503

    Usual kind of nursing facility, although clean and neat and good medical care. But my family member was just put in a wheelchair - even though capable of walking - and just sat there for hours. There was virtually no mental stimulation offered. There was a television but as our family member is legally blind and can't hear well, TV offers no mental/entertainment value. She visibly declined in only a four day stay in the C&R unit.

  • Brookfield Health and Rehab of Cascadia Battle Ground, Washington 98604

    My daughter was discharged to Victory from Southwest Medical center with discharge orders to be given antibiotics--ampicillin and gentamycin every four hours, 24 hours a day. She had had meningitis with brain abscesses as part of her condition.

    For the first 20 hours she was there she was given NO antibiotics. Her hospital orders--the reason she was sent to this "skilled nursing center" (what an unfunny joke) were completely ignored. At this time, as a result of this lack of care, she could have had a relapse into the virulent phase of the infection. I did not know of this at that time. My wake up call came after she had been at Victory just under three weeks. I walked into her room at 10 AM and discovered she had pulled out her PICC the previous night and had lay in bed for 12 hours without her antibiotics or her intravenous nourishment.

    At that time she was readmitted to Southwest Medical with brain swelling along with abscesses. I did not want her sent back to Victory.

    I found out about the 20 hours because I filed a complaint with State Health Department, they investigated, and they sent me per my request a copy of their investigation.

    If you care about your loved ones, keep them out of this "skilled nursing facility.

  • Renton Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Renton, Washington 98057

    I give this dump ZERO stars but this site required I give at least 1star. It's filthy, you have to keep on top of them to feed, give meds, and change diapers of patients. The staff is either flat out rude, argumentative, or just flat out doesn't care. I wouldn't wish this dump on my worst enemy.

  • The Oaks at Forest Bay Seattle, Washington 98133

    The staff here were all very friendly and cheerful, and generally pretty responsive to requests. Once we got a good schedule for OT and PT, the patient had a nice routine and responded well. The therapists were also really good, and had positive attitudes and were good at communicating both with the patient and the patient's family. The facility was clean and easy to navigate. The food was not that great - not really bad, just typical institutional-type meals.