Review of Queen Anne Healthcare

2 Star User Review

Since this is my first stay in this type of facility I should preface this review by saying I have no basis for comparison. Having resided here for almost 6 months however; I can unequivocally state the level of care, basic services and overall professionalism is abysmal. Staff is constantly changing, morale is poor, always bickering about who is abusing breaks, etc.. Many of the staff have limited language skill as English is a second language. If by chance you speak Amharic that is a plus. Staffing levels can vary wildly from shift to shift and, deducting time for meals and staff breaks, each patient is lucky to receive a maximum of 3 mins. or less per hour of care. Patients with dementia are routinely tucked off in corners devoid of any respectful contact. It is a too frequent occurance that residents are ignored for hours at a time even after activating the so-called call light. Don't be fooled by the weather weary banner greeting you at the front entrance. A lot has probably changed since 2013!