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  • Queen Anne Healthcare Seattle, Washington 98109

    Since this is my first stay in this type of facility I should preface this review by saying I have no basis for comparison. Having resided here for almost 6 months however; I can unequivocally state the level of care, basic services and overall professionalism is abysmal. Staff is constantly changing, morale is poor, always bickering about who is abusing breaks, etc.. Many of the staff have limited language skill as English is a second language. If by chance you speak Amharic that is a plus. Staffing levels can vary wildly from shift to shift and, deducting time for meals and staff breaks, each patient is lucky to receive a maximum of 3 mins. or less per hour of care. Patients with dementia are routinely tucked off in corners devoid of any respectful contact. It is a too frequent occurance that residents are ignored for hours at a time even after activating the so-called call light. Don't be fooled by the weather weary banner greeting you at the front entrance. A lot has probably changed since 2013!

  • Shoreline Health and Rehabilitation Seattle, Washington 98155

    Easily the best rehab/nursing facility around. The staff are so caring and they really made our family feel welcomed and walked us though the entire process with ease. The therapy is top notch and got my mom walking after just a few weeks. I would recommend Shoreline Health and Rehab to anyone needing post hospital care.

  • Caroline Kline Galland Home Seattle, Washington 98118

    If you have to be in a nursing home, Kline Galland is the best we have found. My mother lived there for 5 years and died there at age 97 in October 2014. The staff is caring, and several have been there as long as 25 years. When you walk in, there is NO urine smell, and they are constantly washing the floors. There are usually no residents lining the hall as you enter slumped in their wheelchairs asleep. At the main entrance there is a newly remodeled living room, and you frequently see family groups gathered there having a good visit. Most dementia patients are housed on a different floor, so you will likely not encounter them. Because they are restricted to the 2nd floor, they cannot wander or try to leave the facility. Kline Galland has many activities for the residents including a snack at Carolyn's Cafe about 4 PM where residents and families can gather to interact over a snack and juice/pop. This is a Jewish facility, but they accept patients of any faith as long as they are willing to eat a kosher diet and observe the celebration of Jewish holidays. In your own space you can celebrate your own faith and keep non-kosher foods, but non-kosher foods are not allowed in the public spaces. I heartily recommend Kline Galland Home.

  • Paramount Rehabilitation and Nursing Seattle, Washington 98144

    I telephoned today to speak with nurse on duty and in charge of the care for my cousin. I was unable to speak with nursing staff due to the fact the one phone at the station was in use. The receptionist had to leave his post to try and get someone to answer the phone which was in use by a resident. There should be at lease two or three phone lines at a nurse's station.

    Thank you.

  • The Oaks at Forest Bay Seattle, Washington 98133

    My mom spent a couple months at this facility rehabbing a fractured hip/hip replacement. I visited dozens of times, and spent hours there. The place is outstanding…well-managed, clean and pleasant, and very impressively filled with caring, helpful employees. I was consistently, uniformly impressed with the quality of the staff, in all positions I witnessed…friendly, helpful, competent. There's a lot of heart at Kindred/Arden…it seems to clearly be part of the vision of how the facility operates, from the top down, and is very much embodied by the caring, helpful employees. When it was time for mom to leave she was filled with gratitude for all the loving people who'd looked after her, and sad that she was leaving them--really, an ultimate compliment for the care and quality people this center provides.

  • The Oaks at Forest Bay Seattle, Washington 98133

    The staff here were all very friendly and cheerful, and generally pretty responsive to requests. Once we got a good schedule for OT and PT, the patient had a nice routine and responded well. The therapists were also really good, and had positive attitudes and were good at communicating both with the patient and the patient's family. The facility was clean and easy to navigate. The food was not that great - not really bad, just typical institutional-type meals.

  • Queen Anne Healthcare Seattle, Washington 98109

    This facility is dated and has some glaring safety issues. In my husbands room, his only source of heat was a small electric wall heater that is not commercially rated. It had visible signage stating that it would burn you if you touched it. They had parked a nite stand partially in front of it. An obvious fire hazard .

    In addition most all of the staff speak another language as ther first language. As a consequence they make little effort make sure they are communicating accurately with the patient.

    My husband went without his pain meds for over 24 hours. Specific orders given by me went totally ignored by nursing staff.. Please take your beloved family member somewhere else. Don't believe the reviews!

  • Queen Anne Healthcare Seattle, Washington 98109

    At first Avamere is a good facility. Over time the care for my parent began to diminish. Having to repeatedly make the same requests on my parents behalf was frustrating enough. But eventually the care became threatening and intimidating, to where staffers were suggesting they were going to make my parents "upset" because they couldn't get compliance out of my parents, who have been diagnosed with dementia. Bringing this to the attention of the person in charge did no good. They commented on how Avamere gets great scores through external reviews, and did not address my concerns in any way. Find some place else.

  • Columbia Lutheran Home Seattle, Washington 98103

    the average cost is $8000.00 per month.

    There is ice cream and snacks, flat screen televisions and music.

    and the place smells nice.

    Patients litter the hallways. Feeding time is 5pm. Resident's clothes are shared as needed. I was called to bring in more clothes because my family members clothing was….gone. Social worker for the first floor is no longer in charge, a lay person is working her job. I am aware that the home will not contact you until several weeks after a health issue arises. (learned by experience)

    One Nursing Assistant per 10 patients, One nurse per floor (that's 2 nurses)

    And boy do the staff take out their frustration on you when they call you at home.

    "What do you want me to do about it?"; "There's no one her to help" And the residents gossip to the administrators-who call you at home!

  • Ballard Center Seattle, Washington 98117

    I was a short stay for 2 weeks in December 2012 after a car accident.

    The staff were very caring and helpful! They understood that I needed to move furniture around because I had one unusable arm. The nursing assistants are great! The nurses are good. I was pleased to have PT and OT on site.

    And the food was really good!

    They were helpful with dealing with insurance companies and transportation to and from doctor's visits.

    Sometimes you have to ask questions and ask for what you need.For instance, the onsite physician was only available once a week but did not see me when I did not request it. I wish I had known that.

  • Fircrest School, Pat N Seattle, Washington 98155

    I am guardian for 15 residents in the Skilled Nursing Facility at Fircrest RHC.

    I have been serving in this capacity for 11 years and make rounds for each client at least 2x monthly. I do not notify the facility prior to rounds

    In my experience no client has ever been physically restrained except briefly for his/her safety during medical procedures. Most clients use protective devices for theit physical safety, such as seat belts to keep from falling/sliding out of their wheelchair. Some use soft padding to prevent contractures. All of my clients have diet restrictions to prevent choking and aspiration due to swallowing deficiencies.

    All my clients have their medications reviewed at least quarterly [I participate in this process] and more often as may needs arise.

    Leisure activities are promoted to the extent the legislature and DSHS administration fund activities, especially recreation staffing. Clients have leisure time and activities daily. They are taken off campus at least 2x monthly for those who can tolerate such travel.

    Those who can eat appear to enjoy meals. Many are fed via G tubes because of severely compromised swallowing ability.

    On the very rare occasions I've detected odors it has been because of very close timing. Such matters are dealt with promptly and odors do not linger.

    The clientele are among the most demanding in care needs.

    Each client is continually assessed and involved in programs to increase or maintain Activities of Daily Living.

    I am continually impressed with the high caliber care my clients receive at Fircrest.

    We would all be much healthier and live longer with such care.

    J.R. Hardman J.D., CPG

  • Fircrest School, Pat N Seattle, Washington 98155

    Fircrest Nursing Facility Review Fircrest Nursing Facility is a 5 star, award-winning, long-term care, residential facility for people with developmental intellectual disabilities who require extra care due to severe medical/physical complications. A few short-term beds are available.

    Federal audits and management standards, higher than audits require, result in excellent quality control. Caregivers are expert and well supervised. Each resident has individualized, well coordinated treatment, care & activity programs determined by an interdisciplinary team that includes therapy professionals ( i.e.: PT, OT, ST, MD. RN, Pharmacist), house staff manager, Habilitation Plan Coordinator, & the guardian, &/or parent. Professional services, including dd-specialized dental services, are provided on campus.

    Leisure activities are regular parts of each resident’s plan. Personal empowerment programs enable severely disabled persons to control devices for pleasure. Visiting, in-house entertainment, pet therapy and outings occur regularly. On-campus recreational events & non-denominational chapel services are available. Able residents may have out-of-home, supervised work on campus. School-age residents attend local schools or campus classrooms, as appropriate.

    The facility takes pride in zero skin break-downs. Low staff turnover means high-level continuity of care. It is not unusual for residents to have relationships with caregivers that are similar to those in families. In addition to a few private rooms, efficient monitoring is permitted by individually decorated, semi-private, dormitory-style spaces.

    Fircrest Nursing Facility is funded with state and federal dollars. With all that is positive, more funding is needed to re-open the infirmary, therapy pool, and recreation center that used to be shared with the Fircrest Intermediate Care Facility, and to prvide additional staffing so more recreational activities can be enjoyed.

    Well maintained Nursing Facility buildings, vintage 1970’s, are well designed, well equipped for the needs of the residents. Saskia Davis RN . Guardian for a family member resident.

  • Judson Park Health Center Seattle, Washington 98198

    Please do not leave your loved one at Juson Park. My Dad went to this facility for therapy and did not come out. He recently passed away. They start by diapering the patient and taking away their dignity, place too high of expectations on the therapy and the patient finally gives up. They keep the residents in wheelchairs instead of encouraging them to use a walkers. Once the resident is completely bed/wheelchair ridden/diapered and drugged due to depression this is exactly where they want them. By then you are no longer Medcare covered and they will soak you for over $11,000.00 per month. This place is way understaffed - espcially in the evening when there might be three people on an entire floor. The food is horrible. During the last days of my fathers life they left a chicken burger on my his nightstand. There were chilidogs - for someone who had just come off a liquid diet??? Please go elsewhere for your loved ones care.

  • Burien Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Seattle, Washington 98146

    The best meal of the day is definitely breakfast. Lunches and dinners are uninspired. The weekday staff seem competent and engaged. The weekend staff are not as engaged and some don't work there on a regular basis. The activities staff does their best with limited resources to provide meaningful activities for the residents. It seems there are not enough CNA's to assist all the residents with their needs such as toileting, etc. Overall, the staff do their best in a very busy nursing and rehabilitation center.

  • The Terraces at Skyline Seattle, Washington 98104

    this facility looks very nice - and the food is better than average but the care is very poor. No follow through on anything. Comunication with families and between staff is non-existent. Staff is overworked and understaffed - which leads to doing the absolute minimum possible - and sometimes less.

  • Burien Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Seattle, Washington 98146

    I believe in praising people who do a great job. As a former DNS, I recognize good facilities and you have the best!

    Please share this with your Executive Director, Lynda.

    I was admitted in February and discharged to home in April. When I arrived, I could not walk or stand. Your staff made sure I soon learned to do both. The CNA's were great, the Nurses so caring and the Therapists were amazing.

    I am now walking, without a walker!! Thank you :)


    Christine Rockwell

  • Judson Park Health Center Seattle, Washington 98198

    The new leadership and recent remodel are great improvements. Come take a tour and feel the difference. Judson Park is open to serve the greater community, those who need rehab (the gym is huge), long term care, memory support and end of life in new serenity rooms with lots of privacy and family space.

  • Burien Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Seattle, Washington 98146

    Burien Rehab, you have sure turned that place around since years ago and I am so happy I chose your facility for my mom. She is back home with me and every once and a while she will say how she misses talking to her nurse or working with her therapists during the day. You got her up and going and you kept her going. And to this day, she is still moving thanks to your hard work and dedication. Take care all.

  • Burien Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Seattle, Washington 98146

    In Memory of my mother… Isabella Guild Croston

    I, Stephen Paul Croston, wish to thank the staff, nurses, nurses- aides, doctors, therapists and administrators… as well as the administration for our mother's care while she was at Burien Nursing and Rehabilitation Center… as our family called B. N. and R. C. home. You… (staff, nurses, nurses- aides, doctors, therapists and adminstrators… as well as the administration)… became like family… our new extended family with our family.

    Your support and compassion… and love from you… (staff, nurses, nurses- aides, doctors, therapists and administrators… as well as administation)… for our mom was quite authentic and quite special to us. This experience and events was a complete different journey for my mom… and for us as a family. I felt welcomed… as well as each of my sisters, nephews, nieces and others… each time we arrived at the Burien Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, the staff, nurses, nurses- aides, doctors, therapists and administrators… as well as administration welcomed us. You… Burien Nursing and Rehabilitation Center… have a loving personell… (staff, nurses, nurses- aides, doctors, therapists, and administrators… as well as administration).

    I felt… as well as my sisters and dad… that our mom was safe and secure in the Burien Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Your staff, nurses, nurses- aides, doctors, therapists, and administartors… as well as administration have a great deal of wonderful compassion. Your heart(s) lead each person to a wonderful level of commitment that is truly loving anf truly caring.

    The staff, nurses, nurses- aides, doctors, therapists and administrators… as well as administration at the Burien Nursing and Rehabilitation Center created a space and created a time for our mom. My mom considered the Burien Nursing and Rehabilitation Center a luxury hotel. She understood that the staff, nurses, nurses- aides, doctors, therapists and administrators… as well as administration were there to assist her with her living each day. Yes… yes our mom was quite a handful at times.

    Our mom had her favorite nurses and nurses- aides… and yes… she had ones that were not her favorites. She would talk about her favorite people with great compassion and liveliness. She would talk about the people she didn't quite like… (thank you for being patient). Our mom made several references to the pureed food… (with some sense of humor from me). Our mom took this part of her journey of life with her Scottish stubbornness… no one was going to tell her what to do.

    Our mom understood why she was at the Burien Nursing and Rehabilitation Center… and that was to heal and get better. She accomplished this journey… our mom is in Heaven now. Our mom lived out her life making full choices… even to her final breath and to her final heart beat. We were with our mom during her last moments in this physical realm. Yes… yes our mom will be missed by me… and our family. And I tend to think that she will be missed by you… ( staff, nurses, nurses- aides, doctors, therapists and administrators… as well as administration)… our extended family of the Burien Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Thank you… from me and our family.

  • Burien Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Seattle, Washington 98146

    Back in February my mother was diagnosed with a fracture in the upper leg bone just above her left knee. We needed a place for her to recover and Burien Nursing and Rehabilitation Center was highly recommended in a list of nursing homes in our area.

    Mom was there full-time for exactly 3 months. During that time she indicated the care was exceptional and all of our family that made visits during her stay were very pleased with the staff and the attention they gave Mom.

    Having an excellent therapy facility on site and very caring therapists was an added bonus.

    Mom went from completely bedridden to walking out on her own; all while managing to gain back the weight she had lost while dealing with the previously undiagnosed broken bone.