Review of Bothell Health Care

1 Star User Review

My husband was at BHC and received good care, a few years ago,he was admitted in September 2015 , there were new owners and care was not the same.

It was negligent at best,communication was between staff and managers was close to non existent. My husband fell, on September 2015, I was not informed of his transfer to our local hospital, I found out about his

fall by another trauma hospital the next morning wanting to know details about his fall and previous medical care. As a result of his fall, he sustained serious injuries, it showed negligent care, we still don't know how he fell, because of multiple stories given to us, which included that they did call, when in fact they did not. No calls whatever, were ever evident on our caller ID. He went from being able to come home in a few days to trauma ICU and died as result. I would give this facility a NEGATIVE 5 review. If you want your loved one to die send them here if you want care avoid at all costs