Review of Avalon Care Center - Pullman

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Coercive commitment by Dr. who was both Avalon related and Director of Hospitalist Services at hospital where patient received surgery. Dr. moved beyond patient's need for rehab for shoulder surgery to include: Alzheimers which was being treated by a Neurologist and Psychiatric Nurse Practicioner as "conditions to be treated" and developed a 90 day treatment plan for "memory improvement" and other dementia related conditions (from patient records). Also, Bibolar ! was added to admission for surgery rehab, although this was being actively treated before by Psychiatric Nurse Practioner. Under the Avalon affiliated Dr.'s signature, Avalon preempted treatment of these conditions, interrupting patients treatment by her existing specialists, although allowing patient continuation of patient medications prescribed by that Neurologist if family provided these, which, of course, family did. Avalon director resisted discharge aggressively, when presented with discharge scrip from patient's surgeon. Director attempted to dismiss surgeon's release as "not addressing patient's 'other' problems" - none of which were proper for Avalon or their Dr.'s supervision. All of this occurred after specific objection was made to the Avalon Dr.'s conflict of interest and intervention in ongoing and long standing treatment relations with patient's Neurologist and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. After 30 days and considerable acrimony, patient's family managed to remove her from Avalon and restore her treatment relations with her preexisting Neurologist and Psychiatric Nurse Practicioner. The original deal was short term rehab for surgical recovery. This was being morphed into longer commitment for the several unrelated conditions when family intervened after surgeon's evaluation.