Review of Acuity Specialty Hospital of Arizona at Mesa

1 Star User Review

Trillium SUCKS! We were lined up to go to Trillium when my mother was severly ill. My family was a bit concerned that Trillium had recieved poor marks from consumers so we decided to go to Selective Specialty Hospital and would then have her transferred to Trillium once she advanced to the next level of care. So, everything went well and we were going to have her transferred to Trillium. But guess what??? Because we did not take her directly to Trillium for the higher care level, they will not take her now. They got their feelings hurt and now they are taking it out on a helpless patient giving the excuse that she is not "sick" enough. Very professional people. Yeah, right! If I could put a "0" star rating on this facility, I would. STAY AWAY FROM THEM. They are immature and very unprofessional.