Review of Allegiant Healthcare of Mesa

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Symphony of Mesa KILLS, quality of care is absolutely bad. My sister was over medicated to the point she had to go to the hospital. My big sister did not get changed as needed,my sister did not get showers their excuse was, we give them showers twice a week. NOT TRUE!!! They did NOT change her bedding for weeks. I would go see her and the same food would be on the floor and on the side of her!!! . Their under staffed causing care to be horrible.When I would call I would be on hold for 30 minutes or they would hang up on me so many times I can't even count. My sister was miss treated yelled at her belongings went missing her money as well, name it and when we would ask they said, they did not know. Their was more then tooo many times when they had to put her in her chair the staff almost dropped her, staff cuts corners putting two briefs and five pads under patients to allow patients to sit in their feaces so they don't have to do bed changes. The place is disgusting. When you go in their the smell is so bad all you smell is piss. Food is slop, would never recommend anyone to go there. Very few nurses give a shit about their patients. Patients get bedsores from not being turned when needed. My sister had so many surgery's because of the bedsores, all because they where to busy to turn her. All around A dump think twice before putting a family member there. My sister was 38 years old she went into this facility because she could not walk not longer that was it! She left with Cirrhosis of the Liver, double Pneumonia, Congenital Heart Disease and a lot more medical problems. My Angel was there for about 7 years. Her health problems we're really always hidden from me! Not until she got double Pneumonia this is a lung infection that can make you very sick she was drowning because her lungs were full of fluid . This place said to us she was fine! We said she needed to go to the hospital and they said she is OK! We went back and forth with the nurse asking her to call 911. They refused till we said we will call. Then they called. We got her to the hospital and the doctor checked her from head to toe. The doctor said if we wouldn't have made them call she would have died that night. Sad to say we had our Angel with us for less then a week and she passed away. PLEASE STAY FAR AWAY FROM SYMPHONY OF MESA AZ. Off of Broadway Rd. I miss my big sister very much and I will never see her, hear her laugh, get to talk on the phone late at night till I get to Heaven and then we will be together again. If you have a loved one that was miss treated or died because of SYMPHONY OF MESA AZ. PLEASE join me a loving little sister with my signs in front of this horrible place on Friday August 1, 2014. If it was a parent, grandparent, child ,brother or YOUR sister. please join me to make everyone know what they have done. Just make your sign and join me. From a little sister that wants Justice thank you and God Bless all of you.

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I know the place is terrible but why did you give it 4 stars? We need to come together to file a lawsuit.