Review of Mesa Christian Health and Rehabilitation Center

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Can I rate negative stars? My father was sent to Mesa Christian Care directly from the hospital for rehab. He went from a weak man who needed to get stronger, directly to hospice. He is now near-death and although he did have a leaky valve in his heart he was sitting up and talking in the hospital before he was admitted there. I was against that from the get-go, and told them he was declining daily. He was vomiting food and medicine and the nurses were not aware. (He is bedridden people) how can they not be aware. After asking for anti-nausea meds, he finally got them in the middle of the night. The nurse admitted to me in the morning that they should have held off til before breakfast as the medicine had worn off by the time they fed him again and more vomiting. I'm not a nurse, its just common sense. There is no communication between staff there, no one knows what is going on with the patients. I could not get questions answered.

Staff were for the most part friendly and pleasant Just incompetence running rampant. I truly blame his demise on them. I have no experience with nursing homes, maybe they are all like this. Very sad for the people who have to go there.