Review of Montecito Post Acute Care and Rehabilitation

4 Star User Review

If you have a choice go elsewhere. My uncle needed to go to rehab after a surgery. We expect 1 - 2 weeks.

Here are my comments on the facility -

Sheets were discolored and dirty

No mattress pads - just a thin sheet over a plastic bed mattress

Paint was peeling from various walls

The room looked clean but general facility maintenance lacked, ie the in room AC unit was noticably dirty, years of dirt could be seen in the vents.

Paint color is brown and very drab and depressing

The in room lighting is non existent, there are two florescent lights that have metal pull strings tied to each bed so the patient can turn on the light or not - looks like only 1 bulb in the light as it was dim.

Employees wear jeans! one of the nurse assistants bent over and I saw more of his underwear than his jeans!

Bathroom towel rack was missing just the wall attachments for the bar were there but no bar.

No coathangers in small wardrobe

Call light help button is not visible to the patient easily so they know if they actually hit the call light button

Physical therapy is way overburdened with patients

Bathtime you need to fight to get a bathtime slot if you cant bath yourself

And the most important aspect of all - the Case Worker assigned to my Uncle has failed to call me after two attempts to discuss care and discharge plans