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As a case manager I have the opportunity to work with a multitude of facilities for my clients, recently I had a client placed here for a 30 day respite stay. I was pleased to hear from her family how happy they are with the care, not only… Full Review

Not enough good to say about Desert Blossom. I am so thankful that they accepted my brother from the hospital, and from day one they have been beyond caring and friendly to not only him and I but all of our friends that have come and visited… Full Review

Don't know about the treatment, but they must have been very busy this morning. I had to wait for 7 1/2 minutes asking to speak to a patient, then a little more than four more minutes for tem to come back on and ask who I was waiting for, and… Full Review

If I could I would rate this place a zero. They treated my Father horribly. He wasn't able to walk and ended up in diapers there, which they did not change which left my father with a horrible chapped bottom. Didn't bath him, brush his teeth… Full Review

I feel that one star is way to much for this place!! clothes and personal items are always missing!! i suspect a thief! also the nurse practitioners dont really respond to the patients needs!! my dad had a chronic uti for months and was told… Full Review

My mother was sent to Desert Blossom for rehabilitation after having surgery on a lower extremity and is also a cardiac patient. The facility did not follow her diet, being a cardiac patient she required a low sodium diet, she was served a… Full Review

The staff to patient ratio is very low. The nurses aides are very friendly and do a great job, but there are not enough of them to adequately care for the patients. There is one aide for every 10 - 12 clients, so the clients only get changed… Full Review

My mother was just discharged from Desert Blossom and let me tell you, That she left walking. I have never seen so much progress in a person than my mother did at desert blossom. There therapy was so wonderful and went above and beyond. I would… Full Review

Everybody is curteous, friendly and helpful. they don't leave you laying for 45 minutes. The place is clean. They are prompt with medications and they don't ignore the lights! It was a wonderful stay and Desert Blossom!! … Full Review

I want to thank everyone that cared for my husband. He had found a 2nd home at Desert Blossom. This place was such a great place and had exceptional staff that took care of my husband. … Full Review

Sent my papa here after he has a triple bypass surgery and at first we loved the place. Everyone and everything was just so nice. Then it went all down hill. We noticed their response time to help the patient was way to long. By the time they… Full Review

NEVER AGAIN- my mother came in for rehab after being in the hospital for a week. I I asked to speak with a nursing manager because had concerns about the way staff talked to my mother while I was in the hallway. The said she "could not be… Full Review

My family member was there for a little over a year. During that time, she received care individualized to her needs from a very professional staff. They care about their patients, and they do their jobs well. They have the expertise to deal… Full Review

They treated me good, and the care the I received was fine. The therapy was great! The facility was clean. I received very good care and it's a very nice facility. They are very efficient. … Full Review

Just ask all patients how long they have to wait to get soiled diapers changed (as long as two hours at times) and cleaned up.Or how late they get their medications (as long as an hour at times).From my own personal experience!!!… Full Review

(-) review. Staff are Bullied by the DON.Humilliated by the Administrater. Department heads are a "favored" group. Mormans..Family groups hired as a whole/ group.English is NOT the spoken dialect.. 23 yr old DON...30 yr old Administrator does… Full Review

My mother has been at Desert Blossom for 10 months. In those ten months I have seen great improvements in terms of aestetics. The facility has been completely rennovated and is beautiful. However, in terms of care I don't understant why… Full Review

Peanutbutter/jelly sandwiches and grilled cheese sandwiches for evening meals sometimes.And chicken salad or tuna fish salad sandwiches.They serve mores andwiches at this care center than any other.They even serve balony sandwiches at times… Full Review

I was in the building visiting a friend after heart surgey and to my surpise the the nursing staff had no clue what they were doing they all seem very young and seem to have very little experience in the nursing field! The head of nursing is… Full Review

Grandmother was to stay here for extended recovery from bypass surgery. Did not make it more than one night before she called at 3 am to ask to come home. NO individual thermostats, was not able to adjust the temp. at all as it would affect… Full Review

New staff is very friendly and helpful. Improvements are coming along and looking great. I like the new attitude of the hired staffed. Coming in the building and see staff acknowledge patients is wonderful. However, changing the old staffs… Full Review

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