Review of Desert Blossom Health & Rehab Center

1 Star User Review

I feel that one star is way to much for this place!! clothes and personal items are always missing!! i suspect a thief! also the nurse practitioners dont really respond to the patients needs!! my dad had a chronic uti for months and was told an appointment would be made!! here it is going on almost 2 months! call lights are not answered on time! some cna's talk down to residents as if its a chore to help them! thats what they are paid to do is help patients! urinals are left out in the open and no attempt was made to empty it! my father was almost given the wrong medicine!! he actually almost swallowed it till the nurse ran in and said spit it out!! who knows what those pills were?? when state came they came in early before state arrived and made sure that all things were clean and that the more vocal patients who would complain were kept in there rooms and away from state people!! this place is pretty bad!! the two administrators are but kids themselves! they have games every week for the employees! which is ridiculous cause that time and money spent could be used on new employees and patient care not dress like a clown day!! my father is glad he is not a patient there anymore and he feels that if he stayed longer his health would have failed simply because of lack of staff and patient care!! dont send your loved ones there!!