Review of Desert Blossom Health & Rehab Center

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Sent my papa here after he has a triple bypass surgery and at first we loved the place. Everyone and everything was just so nice. Then it went all down hill. We noticed their response time to help the patient was way to long. By the time they got there, there was already an accident. And many more. One day we asked for my papa to be up and ready by 8:15 so we can take him to his appointment, When we got there he was not ready and we were going to be late. Also while we were standing there waiting for this man to give my papa his medicine, there was about 3 rooms beeping and no one was helping them. Extremely bad service. They would also leave pee in the urinals in the patients rooms for hours. And the wheel chair my papa was using was dirty. On the wheel and bottom of the chair there was crap like someone had an accident and they didn’t clean it up. It was like that for about a week and they still didn’t do anything until I brought the chair out there to them. Also there communication with the patient is HORRIBLE! So glad my papa is out of there now. He is MUCH happier out of that crap hole.

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I agree its a crap hole. They treat staff horrible. I have seen this myself.. I pulled my Mom in law out because for 4 days i waited to speak with administrator, He,Steve never came. Therapy is a joke too. I walked in with a PT transfering my Mom to her chair which was by the restroom, no big deal right except she wasnt aloud to put any weight on her left leg. UGH…i WAS AND AM FURRIOUS. The PT I am assuming wasnt told or didnt research . i WILL NEVER RECOMEND THIS PLACE.