Review of Desert Blossom Health & Rehab Center

1 Star User Review

My mother was sent to Desert Blossom for rehabilitation after having surgery on a lower extremity and is also a cardiac patient. The facility did not follow her diet, being a cardiac patient she required a low sodium diet, she was served a meal that was high in sodium. This was not a single incident. When she requested a different meal to follow her diet, she still did not receive a low sodium diet, and the staff was not pleasant. This happened every meal. Meals were late. She required pain medications and did not receive them on time. She had buzzed for her nurse to remind them of her pain medication and she had no one come in and had been waiting for 15 minutes and 15 more until a family member came and brought the problem up. Needless to say, she was in tears from pain. The 'therapist' came in and started therapy on her arms and she was trying to tell him she needed therapy on her leg not her arm. He continued without listening. The therapist also wanted her to stand on her own and walk all the way to the PT room, even after she said I had major surgery and was instructed not to walk without aid. Eventually the therapist put her in a wheelchair. They also left her in a sitting position for an hour, where her leg should have been elevated to avoid bleeding, which happened and was already anemic. She bleed through her bandage. Finally someone came but they proceeded to bring her pain meds on an empty stomach. She ended up leaving, she had had enough. No one should stay at a place where the staff does not know enough to take care of you adequately. They did not show compassion or enough interest in patient care.