Review of Desert Blossom Health & Rehab Center

1 Star User Review

NEVER AGAIN- my mother came in for rehab after being in the hospital for a week. I I asked to speak with a nursing manager because had concerns about the way staff talked to my mother while I was in the hallway. The said she "could not be in pain" because she had a pain pill earlier in the day and they were very abrupt vs being gentle. They also said they didn't have her medications from pharmacy- so never did get the pain pill! Nurse never relayed the message that I wished to speak with manager. Phone call messages left with receptionist and on voice mail were not returned. I came in during business hours and staff "made time to meet me" as they put it . Young- brash and non-caring attitude and never called back with the follow up as promised. My mother is home with home health and is doing much better- they are treating her with respect and she no longer needs pain pills nor has pain!