Review of Desert Blossom Health & Rehab Center

1 Star User Review

(-) review. Staff are Bullied by the DON.Humilliated by the Administrater. Department heads are a "favored" group. Mormans..Family groups hired as a whole/ group.English is NOT the spoken dialect.. 23 yr old DON…30 yr old Administrator does not have a "CLUE" as to how to run a health facility that cares for the old (long term). Staff ,outstanding in thier positions were demoted…replaced by staff that has spent outrageous amounts of money on non-essential materials.Low staff ratio per patient care needs.,resulting in new pressure ulcers because unavailable staff to turn/ reposition residents who cannot do for themselves.Pizza/Sub sandwich Mondays…deserts on Fridays…$$$$$. Better to have that $$$ on staff than a sandwich? Having Agengy personnel to work (Big Bucks) instead of in house staff(less pay because of differential pay). They mandate"Show the love"…Then they procede to cut the throats of those trying to care for you loved ones. God Help us.