Review of Desert Blossom Health & Rehab Center

1 Star User Review

Grandmother was to stay here for extended recovery from bypass surgery. Did not make it more than one night before she called at 3 am to ask to come home. NO individual thermostats, was not able to adjust the temp. at all as it would affect the entire wing despite her feeling like she was freezing. Issues started when the nurse who greeted us gave her italian ice (she's diabetic). Did not bother to check if it was sugar free. He was polite and nice to her, but a little reckless for someone working at a place designed to care for people with special health needs. Her dinner was chosen for her. Tamale pie and apple juice! She just had heart surgery and when asked if it was low in sodium, the nurse's aide had no idea. We pointed out that she was in need of low sodium/low sugar meals(couldn't drink the apple juice). When asked for an alternative, she was served canned fruit, a salad with fatty dressing, and cranberry juice(seriously?). When asked for a piece of grilled chicken, or something with lean protein, they said they were not able to do that. After buying her food from the grocery store, we returned to find they did finally bring her a deli turkey sandwich(low sodium?). Then the resident doctor there, after we left, decided that he would run blood work in the morning so he could "revamp" her medicines. Without her cardiologist's knowledge! He also did not give her scheduled blood sugar/cholesterol medicine. On top of all of this, everyone seemed offended that we would even question the problems with the food. All of those horror stories about elderly care centers? I believe them. This was ONE DAY!