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  • Desert Blossom Health & Rehab Center Mesa, Arizona 85206

    As a case manager I have the opportunity to work with a multitude of facilities for my clients, recently I had a client placed here for a 30 day respite stay. I was pleased to hear from her family how happy they are with the care, not only is my client happier, more social and getting well taken care of, her family is pleased with the outstanding care, they have told me they have to track her down due to all the activities that she attends, we are now placing her here as a long term care placement because of how happy both my client and her family are. Julie, CM

  • Desert Blossom Health & Rehab Center Mesa, Arizona 85206

    Not enough good to say about Desert Blossom. I am so thankful that they accepted my brother from the hospital, and from day one they have been beyond caring and friendly to not only him and I but all of our friends that have come and visited. I have eaten lunch or dinner here with him here daily and the food is pretty good. The staff is just excellent. Therapy was good but the line staff from housekeeping to admissions to nursing to administration to the front desk were all just so warm and easy to talk to. Always greeted myself and my brother with a smile and a kind word. I will recommend this facility to anyone who asks shoot, even those who dont. 5 stars is not enough!

  • Desert Cove Nursing Center Chandler, Arizona 85224

    BEWARE! Desert Cove was the center picked for my grandfather after his hip replacement surgery. After reading their already low review rating I was a little uneasy placing him there. At first I was greeted by the admissions director Eric, where I discussed my concerns and explained my situation (having two little ones, which they don't allow, and living an hour away, with conflicting schedules; I explained the need of communication). I thought everything would be uphill from there on out, but I was very wrong indeed. On Saturday, 3 days from my grandfather's arrival, I visited him and noticed his wallet was gone. I reported it immediately to the front staff and the nursing staff after searching the entire room. I was told I would get a call Monday morning from Suzette the director of social services, but no call ever came. I called on Wednesday and spoke to Amy the director of case management, who I had already left a message for prior and never heard back, I asked her what the status of the investigation was and what I can do to prepare for my grandfather's next step. She provided some good information, and I was grateful, I was hoping that the wallet was just thrown in with the laundry and she told me that she would leave a packet for me to pick up that evening at my visit. When I showed up the packet wasn't there and instead I found a police report. A police report was filed without my knowledge and with my grandfather who was then only 50% cognitive (he didn't even give them the right address…). On Friday I checked my grandfather’s bank account to see if anyone tried to use the cards and noticed there were two ATM inquiries, confirming indeed the wallet was stolen. No longer could I allow the benefit of a doubt and I called the executive director Michael Oliver. After leaving a strongly worded voicemail regarding my concerns and desire to speak with him I got a call from Suzette at 4:28 pm on a Friday with a voicemail saying Michael handed this over to her and she gave a list of things starting with how she was off on Monday. The fact that the director didn't think my concerns were important enough to even warrant a personal call back is shocking to me, seeing as I left a voicemail that there was now a confirmed theft on his premises and I had a list of other issues with his staff. Again I hoped that would be the worst of this whole situation and tried to focus instead on getting my grandfather to his discharge date a week away, by this point. This last Saturday I went to visit him and asked him how the care was, in my mind I thought "well, if the care is good then I can deal with this headache for a few more days.." and this is the experience he shared with me; he said on Friday he had to go to the bathroom (he can't get up and down by himself) so he pushed his call button, a man popped his head in, so he told him he had to use the restroom, the man said he would go get someone but no one ever came, he pushed the call button again, and another person popped their head in, and again they said they'd get someone, and again no one came, he did this TWO more times for a total of FOUR times and no one EVER came…so my grandfather was forced to poop on himself and sit in it until someone came to change him. That is the most inhumane thing I have ever heard and it makes me sick thinking that someone I love had to endure that experience in a time that he is supposed to be "in recovery". In his short stay he has become a victim not only of identity theft, but of neglect as well. Please do not send your loved ones here, and I hope that someone out there reads this and has the power to do something to stop this from happening again. I share my grandfather’s experience in hope that it serves as a warning to any and all who are considering Desert Cove.

  • Horizon Post Acute and Rehabilitation Center Glendale, Arizona 85302

    Initially, we were happy with the care. My mom arrived on a Friday evening and the night nurse did a complete and thorough total body assessment of my mom and she found bed sores that the hospital staff where she was previously had not found.

    That was the extent of the good part of the facility. She had been in the hospital for nearly a month with 2 surgeries, one resulting in an ileostomy. The physical therapist at Horizons worked with her to get her up walking to the toilet. After a week, this strengthening was the extent of her improvement. While the nursing staff was nice and professional, they did not have the wound care nursing skills we were told Horizons would have. Upon arrival, my mom had an ileostomy bag and an open surgical wound that needed periodic dressing and fixed to a vacuum pump as instructed by the doctor. When she arrived, the bag and wound were healing fine. However, after the bag was changed on the second night, the bag leaked (from the top of the appliance) every night, several times a night, for each night she was there. The nurses had to continue to change the ileostomy appliance and clean up the wound as the output from the stoma (feces) would leak into her open wound. After days of this, my mom's stoma and surrounding skin was so raw and irritated, she would cry out when the nurses changed her dressing and bag. My mom is not one to cry at all or ask for pain medicine. However, despite her obvious pain, she was not given pain relief until it was out of control. She did not sleep well during the week and felt completely defeated after 5 days.

    My mother has stage 4 pancreatic cancer and diabetes. It was obvious to us the staff did not know this diagnosis when she was admitted and we did not feel they were as sympathetic as they could have been. She was not given a diabetic diet, or a low acidic diet as indicated with an ileostomy. In addition, the main reason my mom wanted to go to a rehab facility was to learn how to take care of the ileostomy bag. That never happened since those who changed it did not know how to do it correctly to prevent leaks.

    Other issues we encountered were the lack of response to her call button during the night. She had to wait over an hour to go to the bathroom. It was not until our family raised our voices to the staff that this wait time was reduced.

    I am not faulting the individual nurses for the problems we had. They treated mom with the skills they were provided. They also addressed our concerns when we raised them. My biggest concern with Horizons is the lack of the type of care we were told would be provided. The hospital mom was at before Horizons employed wound care specialists for the type of issues my mom had. A regular RN or technician did not provide the wound care in the hospital. I do not believe Horizons employs wound care specialist like those employed by the hospital. If they did, mom would not have been in pain or have a red and raw stoma and skin from the ongoing problems she encountered.

    Now that my mom is home, her wound and ileostomy is healing. After 4 days at home, the stoma and skin however are still very raw and tender, therefore she has to keep the stoma out in the air, without a bag, to allow it to heal. This would never have happened if the proper care was administered to begin with at Horizons.

  • Pueblo Springs Rehabilitation Center Tucson, Arizona 85712

    I am basing this review on recent events as well as past ones. My brother was a resident who died there in September. Since I live several states away I had asked the social worker to mail my brother's personal belongings to me for which I would send the postage fees. She assured me that she had all of his things safe with her and would do so……after many unreturned phone calls to her and he supervisor I finally emailed the director which also received no response. Well, today I got a phone call from the NEW director of social services to tell me she had found my brothers wallet in her desk and will mail it to me right away. Obviously. the former employees managed to steal a cell phone, a ring, eyeglasses and a brand new tablet and had reason for not returning my calls. Thank goodness they have hired someone honest to work there!!

  • Heritage Court Post Acute of Scottsdale Scottsdale, Arizona 85251

    this facility had bed bugs which they confirmed I reported as accurate by means of their service dog sniffing the bed bugs out of room 110. This facility inappropriately allowed a resident to wheelchair another resident outside to smoke, to cause the wheel chaired resident to stand up and fall scraping his knee and elbow. This facility inappropriately did not honor a Power of Attorney. Beware of the safety of this facility for your loved one. In addition, this facility was filthy. Complaints are filed with the AZ Dept of Health, Medicare, Social Security and Adult Protective Services.

  • Maryland Gardens Care Center Phoenix, Arizona 85013

    The buildings are old and falling apart. There are plumbing problems. The facility lacks cleenliness. There are horrible smells throughout the place. The Cna's do not have a caring attitude. Getting help from the staff is slow. It is as if they do not care about the residents. There is a lack of communication between the facility and rseidents. A resident can either sit in their room all day or sit outside in the heat or cold. The recreation room is small and not wheel chair friendly. It is also locked on many days.

  • La Canada Care Center Tucson, Arizona 85704

    DO NOT leave your loved one here!!!! My loved one was pulled out of this facility due to abuse! I won't go into details but she wound up in the hospital and a social worker immediately moved her out of that hell hole. This place should be shut down. I am sick to my stomach to think what abuse is going on that doesn't get caught. If I could rate this place a zero I would!

  • Sunview Health & Rehabilitation Center Youngtown, Arizona 85363

    It seems like this nursing home is more interested in the money than in the patient. my wife went in there in April. for the first 2 or 3 weeks she seemed to be getting better. but as I was there every day to see how she was doing. I started noticing things wrong with her setup. she was on a vent, feeding tube, and catheter. It seems like every day that I went there I would find something wrong with the equipment, Catheter plugged up, feeding not working, wheel chair wheel sitting on oxygen hose shutting of her supply. etc.. etc.. After about two months her condition started to deteriorate. by the time we got her out and into a group home she was almost dead. now three weeks later see a new woman on the way to recovery..

  • Sante of Surprise Surprise, Arizona 85374

    The worst….after two weeks staff could not tell us if my mother had showered, eaten or slept thru the night…seems like this is basic information. They were able to tell us she did not want to do her rehab…we learned it was about an hour after they gave her a sedative…wonder why she had a problem doing it??? This place has to few really good people and are all talk and little action….do yourself a favor and keep looking

  • Sante of Chandler Chandler, Arizona 85224

    On my mom's second night she had very bad back pain. She usually has cortisone injections every 8 weeks to control the pain. We asked for some over-the-counter pain medication from the nurse but she's not allowed to dispense any without prior doctor approval. There are no doctors around. She paged the on call doctor 4 times between 8PM and 1AM but he never called back. They just let my mom lie in pain with nothing to help her. An aid told me some of the on call docs call right back and others just blow you off.

    The air conditioning in mom's rooms is broken and it is sweltering hot. No matter what we set the thermostat on the temperature just kept rising. It is after 5:00pm so no maintenance men were available to fix it.

    My mom is begging for some aspirin at least for her pain but to no avail.

    Also when my mom told them she had indigestion and wanted some Tums they told her no because she had taken one four hours earlier.

    When mom asked to have her diaper changed they said no because they had changed it not too long ago.

    Don't be fooled by the nice clean rooms. This is not a good place to leave an elderly person.

  • Horizon Post Acute and Rehabilitation Center Glendale, Arizona 85302

    My family had a great experience at Horizon! The nurses were very attentive and caring to my mother, and always willing to answer our questions. The CNA's were also very friendly and helpful. The therapy team was fantastic, and did a great job managing my mom (who can be quite stubborn, when it comes to exercise). They made each therapy session fun, and the new therapy gym is the best around! We would recommend this facility to everyone! Thank you Horizon!

  • Desert Blossom Health & Rehab Center Mesa, Arizona 85206

    Don't know about the treatment, but they must have been very busy this morning. I had to wait for 7 1/2 minutes asking to speak to a patient, then a little more than four more minutes for tem to come back on and ask who I was waiting for, and ask if they could leave a message. I didn't want to leave a message, I wanted to talk with the patient.

  • Villa Campana Rehabilitation Hospital LLC Tucson, Arizona 85710

    This is a beautiful facility that is changing in amazing ways. They recently became a 5 star facility in Quality Measures by Medicare. The staff is accommodating and do their best to provide the best patient care possible. The food is excellent and their therapy team is top of the line. Overall it is a great place that I would be comfortable entrusting my families care to them.

  • Phoenix Mountain Nursing Center Phoenix, Arizona 85032

    Phoenix Mountain nursing facility is wonderful. The facility is always clean, the staff are very friendly, very helpful and very knowledgeable.

    Its more like a personal residence then a nursing facility. They have great food menu and options, a great activities calendar, events, and more.

    We would highly recommend this facility. Cannot say enough positive things, very pleased with everything and everyone

  • Haven of Phoenix LLC Phoenix, Arizona 85015

    My sister spent about 40 days here after being released from the hospital following a serious hip fracture. She did NOT have a pleasant stay.

    One of our biggest concerns: We were told that she would have physical therapy at least 6 days each week, yet she only received 2 to 3 sessions a week, and this was the main reason she was there! In fact, she left with less independent mobility than when she came!

    Other serious complaints: 1) The hallways and patient rooms stunk strongly of urine & feces most of the time, and were especially putrid in the late afternoons & evenings. 2) When visiting I ALWAYS saw & heard multiple patient call buttons beeping & flashing continually, often while staff stood around. 3) Several times my sister was left sitting on the toilet for long periods of time with no help to get up & get back into bed, even though she kept pressing her call button. 4) Our sister's food was extremely salty, even though her doctors ordered a salt-free diet. 5) At one point, staff ran out of our sister's pain & some of her other meds and she had to go without until they could get more. 6) Rarely would anyone come to take our sister to activities (as promised), so she missed out on the socialization she sorely needed. 7) The housekeeping staff consistently lost our sister's laundry.

    Now I see why Grace is listed as one of "The Worst Nursing Homes in Arizona" but sure wish we had researched it before we placed her there. See

  • Pueblo Springs Rehabilitation Center Tucson, Arizona 85712

    zero. do not take your family members here. This is the worst place I have been to. When you first get a tour the place is clean and they have places to sit but after you are admitted they just don't take care of you and worse than that, they just don't seem to care at all. The family gets a tour and agrees to let their family member stay, but the sick family member gets no tour, they go over nothing with them. They just make them wait and wait, without any explanation. The staff take more time explaining why they can't do something or they say they will get whoever can instead of just doing it. We usually had to ask multiple times for anything.

    We had to remove my father. When he was admitted he was there for rehabilitation after having surgery and being in the hospital for 5 weeks. We kept getting excuses as to why he didn't start rehabilitation. Not enough staff, waiting for orders. They only shower them 2 times per week and on the 4th day there he still had no shower. We missed one day of visiting and when we got there the following day my father could not speak and didn't know where he was. They had him sitting in a chair facing traffic on Craycroft. When I asked them what is going on, he can't speak and he was ok 2 days ago.. the staff had no answer. The doctor wasn't in and hadn't seen him. We asked that we get him to the hospital right away, that something was wrong. They wanted us to wait for the doctor to get a release. We waited for a couple of hours and nothing. Finally we said we are leaving for the emergency room now. They made us sign something but wouldn't transport him. We did ourselves and after tests found out my father had a seizure from scar tissue that was growing in his brain. My father had another surgery and after recovery he told us he knew all that was going on .. he just could not communicate and the staff at Pueblo didn't pay attention. He remembered the minute he had his seizure and everything changed but none of them noticed. He said he tried to talk but couldn't say anything that anyone could understand, but nobody noticed that he talked perfectly and laughed the day before and could not speak the next day. How does this happen?

  • Haven of Camp Verde Camp Verde, Arizona 86322

    This is the worst place I have ever seen would not put my dog there. I thought it was against the law to give some one some one else's meds. If they do that in front of you what do they do when you are not there. If you are looking for a place don't go there. Very Bad all of it is bad sorry for the ones that are there now

  • Park Avenue Health and Rehabilitation Center Tucson, Arizona 85719

    Very very bad experience. I was admitted because I had broken my femur, had surgery and needed nursing care. The day after my arrival I called for help to go to the bathroom. The tech that came to assist me failed to support my left leg while helping me get out of bed which resulted in my leg falling off the bed and causing horrific pain for days. I was in so much pain that I could not get physical therapy which set me back 5 days. The sad thing about it was that several of the tech's were aware of his poor job performance this was not the first time he had mistreated patients there. The facility never put what had happened in my records. They only stated that I had extreme pain therefore I had to get X-rays.

    Three days before I was released I had physical therapy and the therapist asked me what concerns do I have when I arrive at home. I told him my front door has a 2 or 3 inch threshold and I'm worried about getting in with the walker. The therapist brought over a constructed steps with railing and told me to hop on the first step. I was scared that I couldn't hop onto the step with one leg. He said, "Don't worry you won't fall, I'll hold you with the gait belt" I did hop up the first then the second then the 3rd and finally the 4th step with him holding onto to me with the gait belt and all this time I was supporting myself with the hand rails and needless to say my bad leg was just hanging there. He had me hop down the 4 steps and again he had me hop up and down. 8 times up and 8 times down. A little bit of over kill, don't you think? All of this so I could get into my house with a 2 inch threshold. This therapist just happens to be the head of physical therapy. And then that evening my left shoulder began to hurt and hurt a lot! I called the tech and told him what had happened to me during therapy and to note it in my file, and he told me he would do that. Shortly afterwards he came back with a small container of aspercream and I rubbed it into my arm and shoulder. This took place 17 days ago and I am still in very much pain and waiting on x-ray results.

    The food was horrible, my room mate was lactose intolerant and they kept bringing her food with lactose as a matter a fact they would add extra cheese on some of her meals. They had said that we could always get the alternate meals, but they never gave us that choice.

    The toilet had urine dried outside the bowl for at least 5 days and when I brought to their attention, the custodian couldn't see what I was talking about. I witnessed a tech clean feces on the hand rail in the bathroom after I brought it to her attention with a disposable cleaning towel instead of using a desinfected towel.

    One morning my roommate and I got yelled at in front of all the patients in the dining room for arriving at 8:00 am instead of 7:30 am for breakfast.. No one had told us that we had to be on time for breakfast or they would not serve us. She yelled, "You are late, you can't eat in here you have to go back to your rooms, we are not serving you!" This was very embarrassing and humiliating. Oh she tried to make it better by pulling me back into the dining room on my wheelchair and seated us and allowed us to order breakfast. My room mate and I were very upset and had no plans on returning any time soon. Well, about 6 days later we decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. We arrived for breakfast at 7:30 am sharp and unfortunately, we did not get served till 8:00 am and our food was served after 8:00 am. All of the fuss over being on time was for nothing, it didn't matter because they were still serving after 8:00 am. The cafeteria manager just wanted to show to everyone that she was the boss.

    Most of the technicians were very helpful and had empathy for us, but their were a few that had no business working there. My room mate and I were very aware of the technicians that did not like doing their jobs. Maybe it would be in the nursing homes best interest to continuously evaluate their employees because this type of work is obviously not for everyone!

    I am emotionally disturbed and very frightened of experiencing more pain because of how the technician failed to support my leg and also how the physical therapist put me through a very strenuous exercise that was totally uncalled for. I bet he wouldn't put his mother thru an exercise like that! Thank God I was only there for 14 days.

    I suggest if you have a loved one in a nursing home plan on being there almost 24/7. Because you have no idea what goes on while they are alone.