Review of La Canada Care Center

1 Star User Review

If at all possible, DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER PUTTING YOUR FAMILY MEMBER IN THIS HOME. The experience today was not only upsetting but absolutely disgusting. From the front desk to the administrator I could not find one worker who was friendly or had a smile on their face. I was with a business person to help deliver a resident's van at the facility and we were promptly visited by the administrator telling us we could not store the van there. I asked him several times to explain the reason why because the van was NOT being stored. He would not answer me and would only say it was company policy. We tried to talk with him and he threatened to have the business person escorted out of the building. At the same time he was harassing the resident telling him to get the van out of there. He gave him no time to handle the situation and upset the resident. This administrator was not professional and did not care about upsetting this resident. He should not be in the position he is in.