Review of Sante of Chandler

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On my mom's second night she had very bad back pain. She usually has cortisone injections every 8 weeks to control the pain. We asked for some over-the-counter pain medication from the nurse but she's not allowed to dispense any without prior doctor approval. There are no doctors around. She paged the on call doctor 4 times between 8PM and 1AM but he never called back. They just let my mom lie in pain with nothing to help her. An aid told me some of the on call docs call right back and others just blow you off.

The air conditioning in mom's rooms is broken and it is sweltering hot. No matter what we set the thermostat on the temperature just kept rising. It is after 5:00pm so no maintenance men were available to fix it.

My mom is begging for some aspirin at least for her pain but to no avail.

Also when my mom told them she had indigestion and wanted some Tums they told her no because she had taken one four hours earlier.

When mom asked to have her diaper changed they said no because they had changed it not too long ago.

Don't be fooled by the nice clean rooms. This is not a good place to leave an elderly person.