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  • Pruitthealth - Covington Covington, Georgia 30015

    NO meds given first 18 hours… except one wrong one. Did not turn patient who had bed sore. At all. Long time to get to patients. Bells ringing without being answered promptly. Had to ask for breakfast. Seriously consider another place. I hear the PT there is wonderful, though. And to their credit, there are a few nice people there. Other than that -- don't go.

  • Woodlands Health Care Midway, Georgia 31320

    This company cares only for the zeroes after the dollar sign and keeping their fancy cars; no compassion for the residents whatsoever. It is a depressing place to work or live. The ceilings are moldy from poorly- or un-repaired leaks; the kitchen serves stale bread and fresh fruit maybe once a year; the scabies infestation was never acknowledged and thus persists; and the administration is incompetent and racist. Patient neglect is rampant: patients are frequently left in dirty diapers, dehydration is common, showers are basically non-existent, call bells are ignored for hours, and there have been way too many avoidable deaths. Unfortunately, they seem to pass state inspections, indicating that this company is full of incredibly skilled liars. This is a horrendous company and needs to be shut down. Do not send your family members or friends here. I would not wish it on my worst enemy.

  • Scepter Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center, LLC Snellville, Georgia 30078

    When you go to Scepter for the first time, look at the faces of the residents. I did. You will see a calm peace on every face that comes from love and care given to them by the staff. When a resident speaks to a staff member, that person looks the resident in the eye and gives them their complete attention. The resident has a feeling of self-worth, knowing they are respected and what they are saying is important.

    My Dad was at Scepter 4 years. He lived on the "Wings of Hope" with my Mother. The morning he died, many of the staff came in very early, hours before their shift, just to be there and with him and to show their respect for him. We were in awe of such kindness.

    The executive staff knows exactly what is going on with each patient, down to the medications or changes thereof. They feel responsible for everything and make sure the caregivers have everything they need and are doing their jobs as expected. They have an open door policy for family members and residents. The nurses and CNAs are constantly on the move, NOT sitting, but checking on each person. A precise daily record is kept on each resident.

    The activities and social events exceed all expectations. They are geared for each patient's ability. They know what each person enjoys, and stay with them to help.

    My Mother has dementia. She has been in the " Wings of Hope" (a separate secured environment) at Scepter going on 5 years. They have a nurse and CNAs exclusively for them. When we visit, she is in the Community Room in the Wing of Hope. They have clothed tables to eat and for activities. It is always decorated for the next holiday. One whole side of the room is windows, making is a cheerful environment. She always tells me she is happy. On one of her better days, she asked me to make a list of each caregiver's name so she could thank them personally. She said: "I know I'm mostly in a "fog", but I also know these people are SO good to me."

    Scepter is an answer to prayer. Scepter is not fancy or showy. The resident's rooms are quite large with large windows. It is extremely clean and smells good. The food is really exceptional, carefully prepared for each person's special needs. My Mother is a chocking hazard, so her food is chopped very small. By far it is the BEST place you can let your loved one feel they are HOME.

  • Pruitthealth - Brookhaven Atlanta, Georgia 30319

    My father died recently. Unfortunately , we were told he was not teminal. But needed long term skilled nursing, and rehab. He was at Pruitt for 11 days. Put in a shared room. With maybe 8ft. Of space No chairs for us to sit on.. Laying up aginst a dirty white wall, facing a white cutain. He said he was in prison. He was never moved from the room . Never saw ANY view . Within 11days, suffered dehydration and renal failure. We took him home for hospice care. Because, Now, he was terminal. 11 days!

    Do NOT put your loved one here! The nurses were rude. And acted like we shouldn't bother them with any questions, or concerns. And barely acknowledged us.

    They do a great sales job. And the place looks decent. But, the nurses were the worst!

    I would highly suggest you do not put anyone here if they need attention ,and care.

  • Scepter Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center, LLC Snellville, Georgia 30078

    The salesman was amazing and while I knew he was doing a job and selling the place, I was severely disappointed in the facility AFTER my mom was placed here. My mom has required supplemental oxygen 24/7 for the last 4 years. Fifteen minutes after arriving at the facility, she needed to go to the bathroom and couldn't get there because of the short length of the oxygen tubing. So, we called for a nurse. She came in and said "just disconnect it and go to the bathroom"…My mom ended up being wheeled out of there alive, but I should have paid attention to the first red flag. The second day she was there, she was taken to physical therapy, where she was having significant breathing troubles, was dizzy, short of breath, etc. After FIVE minutes, it was realized that the therapist didn't turn her oxygen back on after disconnecting her from the portable oxygen. Incidents like this happened repeatedly. I could go on and on…but, I think you get the point….do not be fooled by an amazing sales staff (who I'm sure have absolutely no idea what happens on the unit floor). Thankfully my mom was coherent while she was there, as she was given incorrect dosages of her meds on numerous occasions, which she refused because she knew what she was supposed to take. I am extremely grateful that they were able to keep my mom alive…but I would definitely NOT recommend this place to anyone and would NOT let my mom return there.

  • Brian Center Health & Rehabilitation/Canton Canton, Georgia 30114

    My Uncle was placed here from the Hospital on Saturday, 9/24/2016. He has a type of cancer that has left him with a gaping wound and exposed bone over most of his left forearm and another over 1/4 of his head. These wounds require powdered antibiotics daily and the dressing on his forearm requires changing daily. As of yesterday evening, 9/27/2016, the bandage had not been changed during his entire stay and no antibiotics applied. He has had this blood and infection soaked bandage on since Saturday morning. He is so weak that he can barely get out of bed and certainly cannot take a shower and he cannot have water beating down onto these open wounds. They tried to make him take a shower on Monday but since he could not, they just have not bathed him. He has not been bathed since Friday, 9/23/2016 at the hospital. I reminded who I thought were two nurses on Sunday night (it turns out that one of the women was actually the Nursing Home Administrator) to change the bandage and it was not done. I reminded a nurse on Monday night to change the bandage and it was not done. I reminded the same nurse on Tuesday night to change the bandage and confronted her about why it had not yet been done and was given the excuse that it was not on "her list of things to do" and therefore not her responsibility. My concern is that if The Brian Center can neglect such basic and medically necessary needs even when they have a family member prodding and reminding them, what are they neglecting with these patients that is not so obvious and who do not have a loved one in there each day to check behind them? We will be moving my Uncle as soon as I have made arrangements for in home care and my advice for anyone looking at this place for a loved one is to keep looking.

  • Pruitthealth - Lanier Buford, Georgia 30518

    I would rate this very unskilled nursing facility a negative 0 if possible.

    Please consider any other facility before you even think about placing your loved one here.

    This was the only place available at the time our family member was discharged from the hospital and we were pressured to go ahead with the placement even though my first impression was negative.

    The nurses are very rude, and uncompassionate.

  • Woodlands Health Care Midway, Georgia 31320

    My mother needed short-term therapy and the facility had wonderful therapists. They had her on a bicycle, walking in the fresh air, and other unique approaches to therapy I did not see another facility in northern Ga. when they did therapy. The staff are very engaging with the residents like they are family.

  • Signature Healthcare at Tower Road Marietta, Georgia 30060

    Mother was there almost 2 days and that is only because they refused to surrender paperwork from hospital so that I could get her placed at another facility. Staff had to ask family what her injury was. Staff acted as if it was their first day and I sometimes had to ask 4 different people what rules of safety were for simple tasks like bathroom. I was argued with when I wanted to take my mom out. I saw unprofessional behavior by staff and was terrified my mother was going to be injured worse because no one seemed to have knowledge of any healthcare. Long waits to be able to use restroom. They put on a good show to get you in. Then when the family leaves….chaos begins. If you love your elderly parent the please don't place them in this crazy place.

  • Scepter Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center, LLC Snellville, Georgia 30078

    This is the most unprofessional nursing home every! The nursing staff is rude and uncaring. The facility is dirty and smells very bad. The patients are left wet, they don't attend to any of their needs. If you do not visit your loved ones constantly. This facility does not offer telephones in the rooms, and patients are sharing one mobile phone between them; spreading germs to each other. The patients rooms are dirty, and patients with mobility disabilities are not moved on a daily basis and left in the same positions for weeks. Patients with bed sores are not tended to and the sore become worst from lake of care. If you care for your loved ones please do not send them to this place….ever!!!

  • Pruitthealth - Brookhaven Atlanta, Georgia 30319

    Dignity. Respect. Caring. These are three words that are not understood or embraced by the staff at Pruitt Health Brookhaven (PHB). My mother stayed at this facility for 10 months until her failing health required her to be moved to a hospice, and she passed away shortly afterwards. The two words that I feel best describe her experience (and mine) while at PHB was: gut-wrenching.

    Finances and economics required moving my mother from her comfortable assisted living facility to a nursing home last Spring. PHB was recommended to me as “one of the top rated nursing homes in the state of Georgia”. I’m not sure how the state’s rating system works, but my words of caution to anyone reading this review is this - if PHB is one of the top rated nursing homes in our state, I shudder to think what the experience at some of the other facilities must be like for patients and family members.

    Let’s begin with the physician and his assistant. I was told that a doctor would visit my mother on a regular basis and that I would be kept updated on her condition. It took almost two months of begging, pleading and making a pest of myself before I finally was able to get a physician’s assistant to call me, and shortly afterwards I received a short voice mail from the facility’s doctor telling me about his visit with my mother. That was the first and last time I ever heard from the medical staff. So much for caring. I realize that a 90 year-old woman is only going to get so much attention, but when you read Pruitt Health’s mission statement and brochures, there is fantasy and there is reality. And the reality is, caring and respect and kindness just do not exist.

    Let’s talk about customer service. One of the primary roles for the family of a patient is to be an advocate, and communicate with the staff, seek information, and ensure the patient is receiving care and being made as comfortable as possible. When you call the main number at PHB and ask to speak with a staff member, your average hold time is 5-10 minutes and maybe, MAYBE, the person you are looking to speak with will pick up the phone if the receptionist could be bothered to page them. There are no direct lines for staff members, and for the most part you will not be provided with email addresses or cell phone numbers. The only way to ensure you can actually speak with a staff member is to travel to the facility. In my case, that was not an issue for the most part because I lived nearby, but I also travel frequently as part of my job and it was a maddening experience to try to reach nursing staff, case workers, etc. by telephone.

    Let’s talk about patient care. My mother had advanced Parkinson’s and was wheel chair bound, so she required help with just about everything, including going to the bathroom. I was absolutely mortified to hear that the average response time when she pressed her call button was at least 30 minutes, and sometimes an hour or more. She once told me that she overheard the staff complain about how often she rang her call button. I met with the head nurse for the east wing and he informed me that his staff strives for a response time of 15 minutes max. He may have said all the right things but at the end of the day I have to believe what my mother told me and the attentiveness and responsiveness of the staff left a great deal to be desired. For the most part I also found the staff had a great deal of “attitude”. It takes a special kind of caring person to work in health care, and I have been fortunate to meet many of these special people. I did not meet ONE PERSON who exhibited those qualities at PHB. Sometimes a smile, a kind word and making an effort to provide comfort can make all the difference in the world. My mother was a proud, fiercely independent woman and she hated the fact that she had to be in a nursing home. Most of all, she hated losing her dignity. Needing help going to the bathroom, needing help getting a shower, needing help going to the dining room to eat. There are some very simple things that could have been done to provide her these services with a degree of dignity and respect, and that did not occur.

    I do need to acknowledge a few positives. The head nurse for my mother’s section did provide me with his cell number, and whenever I texted him with a question or to ask that someone on his nursing staff take a look at my mother, he always responded. He met with me when I asked for a meeting. The case worker assigned to me actually provided me with an email address, and that became our primary way of communicating. She was fairly responsive to my questions and concerns, and that helped me keep my sanity. The on-site beautician that washed and styled my mother’s hair every week or so was always very kind to her. I appreciate these folks, but quite honestly, aren’t these things part of the job? Part of providing patients with dignity, respect, and care? As well as to family members?

    The last part of my mother’s experience with PHB occurred after she passed away. I communicated to the nursing home that my mother had passed and let them know I would be stopping by to collect her belongings after the funeral had taken place and when I could collect myself. I also contacted PHB to let them know the date and time when I would be coming over to collect my mother’s things. You can imagine my shock when I walked into my mother’s room and it was already inhabited by a new patient! And the staff had packed up my mother’s belongings and had put them in a storage closet! Never thinking about possibly emailing or calling me to let me know that they had done this. After waiting in the hallway for 10 minutes, a case worker came to see me and two staff members wheeled out the three boxes of my mother’s belongings. Needless to say, I was so angry I could barely speak. I don’t know what the rules are with Medicaid, and when a room is surrendered after a patient passes, but here is what I DO KNOW. It would taken someone less than a minute to write me an email or call me to let me know what the situation was, and why. No one cared to do that. Not to mention only one person offered any condolences. I cannot help but say these are heartless, soulless people, that have absolutely no understanding of the words dignity, respect, or caring. And the thought of staff members touching all my mother’s belongings makes me sick to my stomach.

    I am not an expert on nursing homes. This is the first time I have gone through this experience, and I hope it will be the last time. I realize life is all about compromise and managing one’s expectations, but my mother deserved better. Better care, better attention, and being treated with dignity. And with respect. Someone I know who deals with nursing homes and the whole Medicaid application process on a daily basis said something to me that really resonated when I was complaining to him about the care my mother was receiving at PHB - “You can’t expert first class treatment from second class people.”

    I think it is pretty clear by now that I would never recommend this facility to anyone faced with the decision of putting a loved one in a nursing home, and I can only hope and pray that your experience, and your loved one’s experience, does not mirror what I described here. It was absolutely gut wrenchingly miserable. I felt like I never was in control, could never really get a sympathetic ear, and that these people were just waiting for my mother to die so they could fill the room with the next patient. And then they packed up her things without telling me so and that was that.

  • Riverdale Center Riverdale, Georgia 30274

    do not enter in this place! you will not come out and no one can find you! They do not have staff to service the consumers! They do not do there paper work in a timely manor!. Once your family member is in there the staff will not let you check on them and they will not let you contact them! Beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pruitthealth - Lilburn Lilburn, Georgia 30047

    I was a patient here after an injury. Not only are the staff abusive, but they take joy in refusing to help you when you have a problem. The facility is under staffed during the day at night it is much worse imagine 20 patients to every 1 CNA. Go to Fox 5 news for a story on this place where a CNA beat a patient on Christmas Day of 2015. The cna's put 2-3 diapers at a time on patients so they don't have to change them as often. I personally caught my nurse stealing my pain medicine, and she didn't even get suspended they just said that there was not enough evidence, even though I gave them the pill she gave me, come to find out they threw it away and then denied that I ever gave it to them. If you hate your family members and want them to die from neglect put them here. If you love them find a way to take care of them at home. This is the worst, .let abusive, neglectful place. 90% of the people that work there are terrible human beings that should be put in jail for hate crimes against the elderly.

  • Budd Terrace at Wesley Woods Atlanta, Georgia 30329

    Budd Terrace at Wesley Woods gets 10 stars in my book! My mother has been a long-term resident at there for nearly a year, and the medical and nursing care she has received during this time has been truly excellent. Medical issues are immediately diagnosed, PAs and/or her doctor follow up promptly if needed. If outside services are needed the staff help organize appointments, transport etc. Communications with staff about any concerns have been excellent. Everyone-from the doctors to the maintenance crew- treat residents, coworkers and families with dignity and respect. The atmosphere is peaceful and loving. Residents can enjoy a wide range of interesting and meaningful activities that are on offer every day. Wesley Woods is a community, and my mom feels safe and happy at Budd Terrace (a far cry from the physical and mental abuse she suffered at another for-profit facility that is on the news today for letting a patient die from neglect) I highly recommend Budd Terrace to anyone looking for a place that will provide their loved one the care they deserve.

  • Signature Healthcare of Marietta Marietta, Georgia 30060

    WORST FACILITY EVER!!! Wrong medication given, or no medication at all. The nurse would enter the room and hand my relative a cup with meds, but would not explain anything or even ask for a name to ensure she had the right person. REDICULAS…I will NEVER subject a loved one to that place again.

  • Arrowhead Health and Rehab Jonesboro, Georgia 30236

    No one deserves to die in that place. My Dad was there for 6 and 1/2 months. Never saw a podiatrist, he is a diabetic. We were told they come once a month, then we were told they have to be on a list, then we were told the Doctor has to sign off for him to be seen, then we were told they only come every 3 months. He received an eye exam, a month later no one could tell us what happened to his glasses, what the Doctor found out, if he had ordered glasses. When we left 2 months later. There was no record of him even seeing a Doctor. We went through 20 pairs of socks, and nice shirts dissappeared. When the CNA cleaned the patients up dirty clothes and linen were left in the room and even on the bed with patients in the bed. People deserve better. I would give them 0 stars but it want submit without a star.

  • Pruitthealth - Decatur Decatur, Georgia 30034

    My dad is at Pruitthealth in Decatuer Ga. I first want to thank the facility for accepting him there will receiving treatments at the veterans hospital. If I had know how unprofessional the nursing staff and unit secretaries were I would have explored other homes for my father. My dad has been running low blood pressure I called at 12;09pm because my father told me his pressure was low again I asked if there was any way possible someone could recheck his blood pressure the response was sure. After about 3 hours I called back and his pressure still had not been taken I then spoke to another nurse and she said she would tell his nurse. It was 7;16m before my father's blood pressure was taken and it was 82/60 that is low there was no on call physician notified of status. I live 4 hours away and he's just there until he completes therapy and then back home. Seems like the stafff would answer your question if you're on their emergency contact list as I am. I have been dealing with these attitudes since dad has been there. I am a nurse so I take extra time to talk to resident's family and reassure them that we are doing everything to make their stay pleasant I have not received that at all. The facility is not clean it has a old mildew smell to it. Dad says the food is not fit to eat. The staff is very loud and really doesn't care what comes out of their mouth. There has not beed a time that I have called and got a decent response always pushing me to someone else and his nurse is always at lunch or on the cart and cannot be disturbed when asked to speak to charge nurse she's always on the cart too. My dad is alert orient x's 5 he knows what's going on and what's being done and what's not being done. My dad is peculiar about his hygiene when he ask for a clean washcloth in the morning the response he gets is we don't have any yet. Dad is under VA contract so I know the facility is being paid well to house him for this short period of time so why can't he get the proper treatment he deserves. I spent all day Monday trying to get a blood pressure taken. I'm not one to throw my father somewhere and forget about him he is very important and close to my heart and I cannot stand to see him mistreated. I visited him last week and its just not my father there was another resident that had fallen and was sitting on the floor and I saw this with my own two eyes I'm sure he was assisted up but had I not told the nurse who was down the hall I don't know how long he would have been down there. You have to have a caring and compassionate heart to work in the medical field. If you're there for a pay check you need to find some other profession. I honestly cannnot rate the facility at this time because it would not be good and I defintely would not reccommend anyone to place their love on there. It's got to get better. I would like to discuss these issues with the administrator which I intend before my dad leaves. If you have another choice of placement for your love one please consider it unless you are right in the same town and can visit on a daily basis.

  • Budd Terrace at Wesley Woods Atlanta, Georgia 30329

    When I visited the facility everyone was extremely professional & friendly. That quickly changed as soon as I admitted my father. The quality of care here is sad. The attitudes from the nurses are disgusting! I consider myself to be a reasonable person & I understand most medical facilities are understaffed so I didn't expect them to act as his personal nurse but his stay was horrible. The rudeness was unacceptable. I removed him after one week & he asked me no matter how sick he was or got never to send him back to that place!