Review of Cartersville Heights

1 Star User Review

I can't give a rate of -100. This place should not even be in operation. I can't see how it is safe to put 4 residents in 1 room. If there was a fire they would never be able to get the residence out with all the furniture and medical equipment in the way. The ceiling is caving in and the weight from the roof is bowing the windows. The A/C vents haven't been cleaned in about a year and they blow down on the residence food while they try to eat. When I was there to see my Father n Law a resident used the bathroom on herself and they let her sit there soaked for over 15 min. During this time there was 2 workers sitting behind the desk not worried about it. I said something and they tried to tell me she spilled a drink on herself. I was there when it happened and nothing was spilled. The 2nd day of his stay they didn't even feed my father n law till we said something around 9 PM. The pictures they show in this site is not what this place looks like. The walls are stained and damaged, there is molded vomit on the chair, the metal doors are rusted and the plug sockets are rusted as well. I'm pretty sure there is black mold where the ceiling is falling in one of the rooms. I don't believe the bathroom has been cleaned in a few months. There is urine standing around the base and is smells awful. I will be reporting this to the State, Fire Marshal and The Health Department. I have proof of every statement in this complaint. Please don't leave your loved ones in this place.