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These ratings and user reviews of Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center will help you pick the best nursing home in Atlanta, Georgia. All our reviews are written by users like you, and are not available anywhere else! See what patients of Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center, their friends, their families, and their loved ones have to say about their experiences with this nursing home.

Horrible! They left the urinal on the bedside table for days. They returned my dad to the wrong room and left him there... I had to find him. They filled out paperwork and checked the box that they had discussed it with me.... which they didnt… Full Review

In the light of recent media disclosures of nursing staff allowing WWII vet to die in agony, and then the nurse in charge perjuring herself in legal deposition, I would not put anyone in this facility. Real disgrace.… Full Review

Our mother spent the last two weeks at Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center, leaving last Saturday, April 4th. She was there for the purpose of recuperating from a fall and pneumonia. She requested a private room and since the… Full Review

After my father was sent from this nursing home/rehab facility to N'side for a basic "UTI" test, he was found to have full blown Pneumonia and sepsis other words.....they KILLED him. Dr. O never checked him out or listened… Full Review

After 30 days in this place my 83 yr old mother lost 12 pounds - went from 110 down to 98.5 pounds. She also had a bedsore which they did not tell us about and we discovered when we got home. My mother died 3 days after leaving this facility… Full Review

Horrible facility - grandmother was sent here for rehabilitation, and we have seen and heard reports of a resident falling out of her bed and calling for help for approximately 45 minutes with no assistance. My grandmother finally called her… Full Review

I think these negative reviews are being sent by a disgruntled ex employee. I have had my mom here for over 3years and have not seen any of the things mentioned below… Full Review

This is ANWFUL place! It smells, if you're not constantly watching over things they do not take care of your loved ones the way they should. They have no respect for a persons personal belongings! And they bill you for things that should not… Full Review

This is the worst place ever. Do not send your loved ones there. I do not know why they have call buttons no one comes. They talked to the people like crap. I have seen animals treated better. The donot care about the people or there medical… Full Review

We took my 90 year old father to N.E. Atlanta after back surgery. When we came the next morning he had a lot more bruises and fingernail marks on his hands that were not there the day before. He said they had scratched him, treated him rough… Full Review

My Dad's visit to this facility was really eye-opening. It was difficult if not impossible to get help from the staff, who act like they are doing you a favor when they do their jobs. Using the "call button" was useless, because the aides… Full Review

This place was awful for my mother. She was recovering from heart surgery and just needed rehab. The aid help is terrible, they leave you alone offer NO help and are too busy talking to do much else. Yes there are a FEW good people but not… Full Review

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