Review of Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center

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Our mother spent the last two weeks at Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center, leaving last Saturday, April 4th. She was there for the purpose of recuperating from a fall and pneumonia. She requested a private room and since the only one available was on the nursing home side, she took it.

Our experience at your center. on the whole, was not a positive one. There were some people there who were lovely and helpful, and the therapy that Mom received was very good. However, some of the nurses were rude and less than professional. The odors of urine were so overwhelming in the hallways that we stayed in Mom's room as much as possible. Is this situation due to having too few people on staff, or are the staff not keeping up with what they should be doing?

Mother is something of a picky eater. So, we brought food from home which we had to microwave. The microwave was absolutely filthy. We put paper towels on top of and underneath her food. Mother's sheets, it seems, were supposed to have been changed every day. However, they were changed only three times over the course of two weeks.

Mother's night nurse was very sullen whenever my sister and I approached her with any question regarding Mother's care. She would give us the answer that she felt that we wanted to hear and then not follow up on the request as she said she would. Mother was to receive acetaminophen for pain at 6PM every evening. Often she didn't receive this pain medication until after 7PM and one time not until after 8PM. Finally, with only a couple of days left at your facility, she told us that she had to come back from working in the dining room; so, she was unable to get Mother her medication at 6PM. We wish that we had known that earlier. Another time, this same nurse tried to have Mother take several medications at once. Mother asked what the pills were and was told that they were her usual pills. Again, Mother asked what they were. She was advocating for herself and wanted to be sure that she was being given the correct medications. Mother asked this nurse why she was always so mean to her. The reply was that she wasn't mean to her and then turned and left the room. If she wasn't mean to our mother, she was, at best, rude. We realize that she may have been used to dealing with people who could not speak or make themselves understood. My mother is/was quite able to communicate clearly.

We can't imagine that anyone would want his/her mother or father to have to endure what my mother did at thisfacility. Under no circumstances would I ever recommend this center to anyone. It seems to me that whoever is in charge would strive to create an environment that is respectful of the needs of those who need the care that this facility professes to deliver.