Review of Dunwoody Health and Rehabilitation Center

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Wow, where do I begin. Was admitted at 6 pm on a Friday night, April 27, 2018 one hour before shift change. We did not see any staff for 2-1/2 hours. A female staff came in and told us some things . . . not much of any on boarding. We were told her meds were ordered per the hospital records and would arrive around 9 pm. That did not happen. Her meds arrived at noon the following day. She was in tremendous pain from three fractures and had come out of a hospital stay of 9 days. She was placed in a room on a wing of all men . . . some very verbal while sitting in wheelchairs in the hallway. I actually slept with a gun under my pillow that first night. Her shower scheduled was Tuesday and Thursday of which she got neither. On her discharge day we asked for a shower and did not receive. The food was deplorable to say the least. On Tuesday, mom got a roommate at 9 pm. There were multiple empty rooms so why did we get the roommate. My mom has medicare and Humana as supplement. Most everyone at this facility was on Medicaid . . . so why did WE get the roommate? No one could answer that question for me except we did not ask for a private room. No one even asked what type of room we wanted. On Wednesday she got pork (again), a small scoop of mashed potatoes, and three pieces of zucchini for dinner. She did not get her roll, her fruit, dessert or something to drink. I took the tray back to the cafeteria and they said if she's on the third floor (of which she was), then they always run out of food. Not once in the 7 days at this facility did we ever get the food that was posted in the hallway menu. Supposedly there was a doctor on staff. We never saw her nor did she make contact with me or my sister. If you go on their website, there is no way to leave a review. There is a phone number to call 866-300-3257 to give a verbal review. Try it . . . you'll get the same attitude that most of the staff had at this facility. Rude and uncaring. The only saving grace was the OT and PT department which is its own separate company. They were awesome and my mother was able to get out in 7 days. The director of mom's assisted living facility came for a care plan meeting (which was on our 5th day!) and decided that this place looked and acted like a homeless shelter and she didn't feel it was safe for my mother to stay. So we moved her three days before the facility wanted to release her. My question is "how is someone suppose to get well" in a facility that can't even provide a good meal? If you have to put your loved one at this place, make sure you are their advocate and you can visit during the day and in the evening.