Review of Abercorn Rehabilitation Center

1 Star User Review

I was sent here after surgery at St. Joseph's Hospital for rehab. Let me say firstly, that I have NO complaints about the rehab services provided. The rooms are teeny, tiny, and way too small for two patients. There were some staff members who went above and beyond expectations, and others who seemed to just be making time. I was provided with a bed side commode which was squeezed between the bed and the wall, and usually changed only after multiple requests and many hours had passed, and after the odor was intolerable. There were many problems about

getting my medicines when I was supposed to. I had no place to sit except for my wheelchair or a straight backed chair, which I could not sit in because of my back. If the bed had not been so bad, I believe I would have improved much more quickly. I was only "allowed" a shower twice a week. My bed was never changed the whole time I was there. I believe many of the problems were caused by under staffing. Once again, many of the staff members did excellent jobs, however, the system made that difficult.

There were long term patients yelling, threatening, wandering around in and out of my room. This is just the tip of the iceberg.